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Urbanears – Plattan 2 On-Ear Headphone

Where To Buy?

Find out the relevant products below and buy Urbanears – Plattan 2 On-Ear Earphone.

Alternative Product Link:

Click Here if you do not find Urbanears – Plattan 2 On-Ear Earphone in the above list.

Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Urbanears – Plattan 2 On-Ear Earphone.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • Frequency reaction – 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Prepare your ears for next-level noise: now pre-tuned and rebuilded for a clearer, more distinct listening experience
  • The integrated microphone and remote let you get calls and avoid in between tracks without missing out on a beat
  • ZoundPlug makes music sharing simple: simply plug in another set of earphones and take pleasure in

Better Alternative:

We found these products are better alternative or related to Urbanears – Plattan 2 On-Ear Earphone.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Urbanears – Plattan 2 On-Ear Earphone.
Color: White Plattan 2 is the exact same timeless earphone, now upgraded with a brand-new, smooth appearance, and next-level ergonomics for listen-all-day convenience (thanks 3D hinge.). Do not stress, you can still depend on all those renowned additionals like the material headband, tangle-free cable television, and music sharing ZoundPlug. And the noise? Sweet as ever.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Urbanears – Plattan 2 On-Ear Earphone.

Question Question 1

Can These Be Utilized With An Iphone 5?


Question Question 2

Can You Utilize These These On A Computer System With Rosetta Stone?

Definitely. we utilize them for DJ-ing

Question Question 3

Are They Great While Exercising??

we use my own while cutting and doing lawn work. we envision you might utilize while working out in a regulated setting, however out in nature or on the streets we would not utilize them. They are great at cancelling outdoors sound. So we would fret about security.

Question Question 4

Does It Feature A Case Or Bag?

No it does not.

Question Question 5

Any Case Suggestions For This Set?

we do not have a case forthese Sorry

Question Question 6

The Length Of Time Is The Cable?

Approximately 120 mm or 47 inches as determined by the customer support associate at Urban Ears on website.

Question Question 7

Is It Darker Than The Image?

Mine were darker and had a more powerful blue tone.

Question Question 8

Are These Suitable With Samsung Galaxy Note 10+?

As far as we understand, as long as there’s an earphone jack, it must work with any gadget.

Question Question 9

We Keep Getting The Incorrect Set Of Earphones ?? We Have Gotten The Active Hellas Ones Two Times Now When We Have Plainly Bought The Plattan 2 In White.?

Inspect out others reviews.Sometimes it can be a dubious 3rd celebration seller.

Question Question 10

Can You Change The Wire We Have A Set That You Can Do That Is No Longer Offering Then And Im Searching For A Set For Our Bro?

Well, ideally you’re speaking about the cable that is removable at both ends.This is our very first set of this kind. You might attempt calling the Urbanears business if you can’t find it on. Or go to a shop that offers iPhone charges/headphones.

Question Question 11

The Length Of Time Is The Cable?

we do not understand. we make certain it’s discussed in the description.

Question Question 12

These Are Wireless?

No, these are plug-in earphones, however the exact same brand name makes a cordless variation, you can search their various designs here: we personally like the non-wireless, since we believe the sound quality and sturdiness is better.

Question Question 13

Suitable With Iphone7?

we are not exactly sure. we would believe any gadget with an earphone jack with work.

Question Question 14

Are These Truly Proficient At Cancelling Sound? We Are University student With A Roomie With Dreadful Allergic Reactions. Would This Muffle Smelling And Sneezing?

we believe all earphones drown out some sound, depending upon the volume, we utilize this set when cutting at a golf course. GREAT FOR AN HOUR or two then ears begin feeling the tight fit.Nice phones

Question Question 15

Are These Headphones Wireless?


Question Question 16

How Do We Link To Our Iphone?

You simply require to confirm if your iPhone has a Jack 3.5 mm port (typically older than the iPhone 7). If your iPhone does not have one, you require the adapter from Lightning to Jack 3.5 mm

Question Question 17

Does The Mic And Remote Deal With Android Phones?

there is no mic on these earphones

Question Question 18

Does This Headphones Ship To Philippines?

Uncertain? Possibly examine reddit.

Question Question 19

This Ones Are Not Wireless, Right?

This ones are not cordless, that is right.

Question Question 20

We Were Wondering If This Product Is Available In The Initial Urbanears Box/Packaging?

Yes. Mine were not re-packaged, if that’s what you’re asking. They remained in a box from with other products.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Urbanears – Plattan 2 On-Ear Earphone, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We got our very first set of urbanears as a present around2011 We utilized them mostly on cross-country flights and while vacuuming your house. We were blown away by our old set from the start. We had actually never ever experienced or believed it possible for such abundant, round noise to come out of such a little plan. Our old faithful earphones lastly established a brief where the wire satisfies the ear (prior to the cable was completely removable) and we didn’t be reluctant to buy a brand-new set of plattan twos. After 6 years, we are still blown away with the quality and richness of sound urbanears has the ability to pack into the size and rate point of the plattan. We have not looked around much for earphones (why would we when we have these?), however we understand a good friend of mine paid approximately two times the rate for another brand name of cans that have tinny noise, a trash mid-range, and a cumbersome, heavy cable that continuously obstructs. The plattan 2 is an amazing worth. Our only criticisms of the plattan 2 are:- they’re uneasy if you use glasses, as we often provide for reading. The earphones truly crush our ears if we keep our glasses on. – we do not like the best angle where the cable plugs into the gadget. We understand it’s implied to reduce the threat of shorting out the wire, however that was never ever an issue for us and we choose the old, completely straight cable. The best angle cable gets in our method when attempting to hold our iphone. (sound quality is our # 1 concern, which is why we decline to utilize bluetooth earphones, which would certainly remove a cable obstructing. )- we acquired the plattan 2 in “indigo,” which is imagined on and the urbanears box as a deep teal. In truth, indigo is more of a dark, grayish-blue. We like the color, however it’s not what we were anticipating. Understand that the colors are most likely to differ from the images. In general, the urbanears plattan 2 are an outstanding worth and we can’t think of discovering earphones in this rate variety that can touch this sound quality.

We did our research after attempting about 3 sets of earphones since they were all big on our head, heavy, careless fitting and simply self-important. We googled earphones for little heads. These got terrific evaluations on a number of google strikes so we found them on. We desired smooth & easy with good noise at a low rate. We are that lady that can’t use a baseball hat since they do not change little enough for them to remain on our head. We have an under armor one that fits terrific, it’s a youth size. We prepare to utilize these for pc video gaming and some listening to music. We will need to report back on the video gaming considering that we have not had the possibility to utilize the mic yet. Really comfy, tight enough to remain on however. The ear cups fit on over your ears, not around them. That may push glasses into the sides of your head if you use them. The snow blue color is real to our expectations, a light icy shade of blue, like a glacier. The products are really soft textured & versatile, however sit tight. We like the hinge style, easy and covert. The braided cable feels good, is tangle complimentary and must be long enough for many people, about 45″. We often sit at our pc to play and the maker is not genuine near to the television screen we utilize with it, so another foot would have been good. It will be overkill when utilizing our laptop computer or phone. We believe you might utilize a various cable if you desired, since it plugs into the earphones, it’s temporarily wired. In general, the platten 2 earphones are smooth, elegant, soft & versatile. The size is best for smaller sized head size, though it is really adjustable, and the sound quality is great, specifically for the rate.

We definitely like these earphones. These are our really first set of over-ear earphones, so we fidgeted in the beginning since we have actually just ever utilized earbuds, however they’re terrific. Very comfy, fantastic sound quality (in our viewpoint, as great of quality as our bose earbuds. ), and adjustable. We like how we can fold them up and stick them in our knapsack, though we typically keep them around our neck. These earphones are so great that we seldom utilize earbuds now. We like the soft probe our ears and the noise. Worth the rate. Certainly advise.

We have other urbanears, however a brace wire ended up being loose. It snapped back on, however we chose to buy another set, simply in case. The image reveals whatever light blue. Upon arrival, the cable is light blue. The earphones were light grey. Regardless of them fitting good, they were delivered back at our expenditure.

The jury is out on these – like the colour and they obstruct out sound quite well. However, our gosh, they make our ears sweat. We provided to our hubby since if he believes the sound quality surpasses the heat, more power to him. Plus (the benny for us) when he is listening to those youtube videos on how to repair a diesel motor, we do not hear anything originating from them and can concentrate on our yelling females while viewing genuine homemakers; so we think we both win.

We have actually just had these earphones for a few weeks now, however up until now so great. We didn’t wish to invest a fortune since we are self-admitted breaker of earphones. We drop off to sleep with them on, push them in our bag as we are leaving the train in a rush, drop them regularly. However these have actually held up up until now. For me, the sound quality is great. Nevertheless, we are not an expert artist or anything like that. Simply a typical individual that listens to podcasts in bed or spotify on the train. For me, these are ideal. Would absolutely (and most likely will) purchase once again. We are likewise checking out the urbanears earpods and house speakers (we like the styles).

We are fan of earphones and had a great deal of them in our life time. Considering that we saw that our last 2 earphones from sony didn’t last a year (. ), we understood that we required to choose another brand name. Urbanears earphones attracted us with their modern-day, elegant, yet simplified style. They have this “city” feel to them, which we definitely love as a graphic designer. Urbanears are very comfortable. The cushions are so soft, that we can listen to music (or asmr) in them for hours, even when we are using glasses. Most likely, the most comfy earphones we have actually ever had. When it comes to sound quality, it’s great, however we are not an expert, so we do not understand what to search for because element. Lastly, we were pleased with the rate. Relatively inexpensive earphones turned out to be really comfy and elegant. P. S. Have actually utilized them for about half a year, will upgrade the evaluation if they break.

We have actually purchased this earphones since of our colleague who let us check it and informed us how great sound cancellation it had. We were likewise inpressed and purchased 2 pieces of the comparable product on: one for us and the 2nd among our sweetheart. It’s been around 7 months and already whatever is still terrific as this is mt daily earphone. One little disadvantage of our urbanears is that it does not feel effectively when we have it held on our neck as it is a little little for our neck and if you are an arour and muscular male with the thick neck and you like to have earphones like that then attempt to look for another one. If it is not the case for you then this terrific swedish product is ideal worth for cash.

These are terrific wired earphones, however they begin to feel uneasy if you are using them for hours. That is our only problem though, otherwise they are terrific in every method. The 2nd plug where somebody else can plug their earphones in and listen with you, is a really good function. In addition it is remarkable just how much outside sound they obstruct out, regardless of being on-ear earphones and having no active-noise-cancelling function. They likewise fold really well. We have actually owned these earphones for about 2 months and they still look, feel, and sound similar to they did out of package.

We simply got these so we will attempt and upgrade once again later down the roadway however these earphones are method more comfy than the the skullcandy grinds we got in the past (though this might depend upon head and ear size). They likewise appear to passively obstruct out more noise than the mills too. The sound quality on these, from an amateur’s ears, is quite damn great. Though, these might be a bit bassy (something we especially like however others might not). We believe the function that permits you to share your music with somebody else is quite cool however we question if we will ever utilize it (xd possibly when we get a sweetheart?).

We have actually had these earphones for a while now however didn’t leave an evaluation since we didn’t understand simply how great the bass levels are. We just recently began playing bass with an earphone adapter plug rather of an amp (donner’s basement amplug, to be accurate) and these earphones produced a much deeper, cleaner noise than the set of $100+ over-ear earphones our hubby had. Kinda random however we believed it deserved discussing.

The very first 2, purchased 4 years ago still work, however the ear piece fallsout The one purchased in 2015 does not appear to have that problem. Simply purchasedthese The noise is great, without overemphasis on low, mid or highs -a great balance with great clearness in the bass and mid varieties. The greatest are smooth, and not piercing. An excellent worth in general.

We like these earphones. They cancel out sounds so that you can focus on what your listening to. We a lot that everybody in our household has a set. They likewise let you listen to what somebody else is listening to by insert the jack into somebody else s earphones. These earphones.

Fantastic set of earphones. The sound quality is crisp and we like that the wire is material covered for better sturdiness.

2nd purchase ofthese Very first set one side went dead so we utilized the service warranty we likewise acquired to buy a brand-new set. Do not believe it was urbanears fault, our 4yo pulled on the cable. However. Our 16 yo child definitely likes these, preferred ones he’s ever had and we got ta state the indigo color is freaking remarkable lol. It’s not a real purpley indigo, more like a steely blue. He utilizes them for video gaming and routine usage on his phone/music. Really versatile.

Much better than our relative’s 500$ elegant earphones.

These are remarkable earphones. The ear part is really soft and we believe they have great noise. Quality made.

Remarkable. Super cool function that permits numerous individuals to listen simultaneously without a splitter. And this is a quite color.:-RRB- a little more spendy that we utilized to pay, however kids are older and must have the ability to look after them. They must good and fit well on all sized heads and ears. Will buy one more for when buddies are here.

These are the only earphones that we will utilize. Due to the fact that of our ringing in the ears, we can not utilize in-ear buds any longer. We have actually attempted other over-ear earphones and the quality has actually never ever been as terrific as urbanears. They re elegant, very comfy, and worth every cent.

We like that we can simply fold these up and put them in our knapsack without them using up excessive area. They’re really comfy and the sound quality is respectable without visible sound leak while using them. We deffinetly advise them if you’re a college student like us and like to study with some music on to obstruct the sounds around you.

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