TinniFree Vita Sciences Tinnitus Relief

TinniFree combines the most effective ingredients proven through clinical studies to support noise-free auditory functioning. TinniFree is recommended by otolaryngologists across the United States.

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Vita Sciences has created TinniFree as a natural and healthy preventative treatment. All ingredients have been tested implementing our trademark standards for maximum safety and high quality.

Following are some of the main features of TinniFree:

  • TinniFree was formulated using results from emerging clinical studies.
  • Product tested for safety by independent 3rd party laboratory.
  • It replaces over 26 supplements with one capsule.
  • It can safely be used with most prescription medications.

Directions for usage: for the first three months, take two (2) capsules twice each day. Thereafter reduce dosage to one (1) capsule twice each day.

TinniFree is the best solution for you to live a life of peaceful noise-free hearing!

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