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SOUNDLINK – Mini Squeeze Ball Pump Duster Ear Mold

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of SOUNDLINK – Mini Squeeze Ball Pump Duster Ear Mold.

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  • 1.Mini size – Suitable for user to bring in pocket or handbag while house or taking a trip.
  • 2. Beneficial to get rid of dust from optical Lens, accuracy instrument and IC circuit AND SO ON
  • 3. Assists keep ear molds and tubing clear from wetness, dirt and particles for clear, unblocked noise.
  • 4. With an independent consumption valve, efficiently avoid dust from building up inside the blower

Better Alternative:

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More Info:

Here are some more information on SOUNDLINK – Mini Squeeze Ball Pump Duster Ear Mold.
Size: Blue( Plastic) Spec: Product Call: listening devices and video camera lens duster Product: PVC + plastic opening suggestion Measurement: 40 *100 mm Color: Blue Accreditation: CE, RoHS, REACH Use: Suitable to get rid of earwax and wetness in ear molds and tubing. Little however effective. Accord with RoHS requirement. Functions: 1. This is a mini dust blower. Dust cleaner is much easier to manage, and more exact than canned air. Strong bursts of air blow dust and particles out of computer systems, cams, and other electronic devices. Ideal for cleaning up dust on computer system keyboard, DSLR Cam Lens Keyboard video camera lens, Camcorders, DV, hearing help and ear mold. 2. Made from high quality natural and ecologically- friendly rubber soft and flexible. This cleaner can enter locations the canned air can’t, and has no poisonous chemicals. With removable extremely jet stream tube. The nozzle is safeguarded with plastic. Easy to utilize and does not run out like canned air does, eventually conserving cash. Plan: 1 x air dust blower Our service: 1. For all your e-mails, we will respond you in information within 12 hours. 2. If you have any issues about our products and service, please do not hesitate to call us the very first time. We will do our finest to please you and offer you the very best customer support 3. Have a great shopping. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on SOUNDLINK – Mini Squeeze Ball Pump Duster Ear Mold.

Question Question 1

Where Is It Made?


Question Question 2

The Number Of Mm Wide Is The Hole Where The Plastic Nipple Goes?

The base of the plastic nipple at the top of the rubber bulb is 8.65 mm

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on SOUNDLINK – Mini Squeeze Ball Pump Duster Ear Mold, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We purchased this little person to assist with watch repair work, blowing parts and our work station without dust and other scrap. It works fantastic. The thin metal suggestion makes the air flow extremely unidirectional, so you can blow near other parts and not blow them away. Amazing for the rate.

Squeeze, jack, or pump this “hor(ologic) ball” and view it blow out a big heap of air to tidy of your moist, damp, or creaour dial surface area. Keeping watch surface areas is a a fundamental part of horologic pursuits. This ball is utilized to assist get you there to the climax of your work, while not letting that amazing minute take place prematurely, or method too late.

We utilize this product to blow dust and whatever else off of the lens of our video camera. We were trying to find something compact that gets the job done well, and this fits the costs completely. We have actually purchased a 2nd one, to have as an extra.

It works to get wetness out of your listening devices tubes.

Functions fantastic on hearing help.

Air blower works fine, not exactly sure that it transcends to the listening devices brushes bought individually.

It is simply what we required to blow out wetness out of our listening devices.


Functions fantastic.


This works well with our listening devices gadgets, thank you.

Precisely blows air. Air speed is great. Product is made from strong rubber. Helpful for tight areas. Rubber gets filthy quickly and difficult to tidy.

It is excellent, we like it.

Up until now so great, we have actually utilized it many times for our ear piece at work currently, it ets the task done. Thanks.

It works.

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