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Sound Oasis – Amplified Pillow Speakers with High Volume Stereo Sound

Where To Buy?

Find out the relevant products below and buy Noise Sanctuary – Enhanced Pillow Speakers with High Volume Stereo Noise.

Alternative Product Link:

Click Here if you do not find Sound Sanctuary – Enhanced Pillow Speakers with High Volume Stereo Noise in the above list.

Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Noise Sanctuary – Enhanced Pillow Speakers with High Volume Stereo Noise.

  • High quality noise. 2 ultra-thin magnified stereo speakers fits under your pillow.
  • In-line volume control for uncomplicated volume control.
  • USB powered, consists of USB cable television and United States power adapter.
  • 1/8″ (3.5 mm) plug fits most electronic devices consisting of Noise Sanctuary Noise Treatment Makers, tablets, MP3 gamers, CD gamers, Televisions, and so on
  • Functions with any type or size of pillow.

Better Alternative:

We found these products are better alternative or related to Noise Sanctuary – Enhanced Pillow Speakers with High Volume Stereo Noise.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Noise Sanctuary – Enhanced Pillow Speakers with High Volume Stereo Noise.
Did you understand that everybody has a various trigger that assists you shift from wakefulness to an unconscious sleep state? The Noise Sanctuary PA-100 Enhanced Stereo Pillow Speakers permit you to wander into a tranquil rest to your particular trigger. Whether you choose a nighttime program, soundtrack, or perhaps white sound to cause your sleep cycle – any of these choices end up being possible with the Noise Sanctuary PA-100 Just slip the ultra-compact mini speakers into your pillowcase and permit the integrated amplification of the 2 high fidelity speakers surround your head for boosted sleep noise treatment. The PA-100 is the ideal nighttime gadget for those who struggle with sleep or acoustic conditions using relief for conditions such as Ringing in the ears. For those who take a trip frequently, the PA-100 is a perfect device to neck pillows or those who just can not oversleep unusual hotels. No matter the usage, it is specific that the Noise Sanctuary PA-100 will change the method you sleep. High Volume Stereo Noise Noise Sanctuary Enhanced Stereo Pillow Speakers are the supreme noise treatment tool for relaxation and convenience. The ultra-thin stereo speakers integrated amplification and high volume sound output carefully surround your senses in noise for boosted acoustic treatment, a satisfying sense of personal privacy and a richer sleeping experience. The set of smooth high-fidelity speakers is perfect for those handling ringing in the ears, sleeping disorders, loud next-door neighbors, night-shift sleep schedules or anybody wishing to attain much deeper sleep. User Friendly For Simple and easy Relaxation These easy to use speakers are as simple to take pleasure in, as they are to establish. To switch on, plug the speakers in to the supplied USB cable television and power adapter. Tune in to your preferred tones by plugging the audio jack into your picked gadget and utilizing the in-line volume control to set playback level. The 3.5 mm plug fits most basic audio jacks consisting of Noise Sanctuary Noise Treatment Makers, tablets, mobile phones, iPhones, iPods, MP3 gamers and CD gamers. Streamlined High Fidelity Speakers

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Noise Sanctuary – Enhanced Pillow Speakers with High Volume Stereo Noise.

Question Question 1

Is The Sound Loud Enough From The Speakers To Work Under A Memory Foam Pillow?

They provide for us.we have actually attempted a few others, these are the only set we have found so far to be able to resolve plume or memory foam pillows.

Question Question 2

Our Television Is More Than 73″ Inches Away. Are Longer Cables Readily Available?

You utilize basic earphone cable extender.

Question Question 3

Can You Feel The Sound/Vibration?

we can just feel the sound/vibration if our hand is straight touching the speaker( s). we can not feel a vibration when the speakers are appropriately positioned underneath our pillow.

Question Question 4

We Simply Got These We Cant Get Them To Work?

Hi John W, we are sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting the pillow speakers you acquired to work. If you might please call us straight on or if you might send us an email ( we more than happy to offer you with help and guarantee that we fix this for you right now. Hi John W, we are sorry to hear that you are having trouble getting the pillow speakers you acquired to work. If you might please call us straight on or if you might send us an email ( we more than happy to offer you with help and guarantee that we fix this for you right now. we anticipate talking with you. Finest Regards,Haley@SoundOasis

Question Question 5

For How Long Is The Cable television?

Hello Nancy, thank you for your inquiry.The cable television is 73″ in length.Best ~ Noise Sanctuary Customer Service

Question Question 6

Do The Speakers Need To Be Linked Straight To The Television? Or Are The Speakers Wifi.?

These speakers permit an individual to hear music or radio without that sound affecting another sleeper.The speakers are meant to be positioned under one’s pillow with the the plug end linked to the sound source which is set nearby, for instance, on a night table.

Question Question 7

Will This Deal With An Iphone?

Yes. Functions simply fine.

Question Question 8

How Thick Are The Actual Speakers?

About 1/2 inch and pillow shaped, thinner on the edges and thick in the middle.

Question Question 9

Is The Continuous Volume White Sound Regular? We Hear It No Matter The Volume Or Whether Anything Is Plugged In.?

we discovered exact same when not plugged into our tablet so we disconnect it from power when not utilizing. Do not hear it when utilizing

Question Question 10

Does This Usage Bluetooth Or A Regular Earphone Jack?

typical earphone jack. we purchased a bluetooth receiver and plugged it into that to get in touch with our (now jackless) phone. works terrific.

Question Question 11

Will This Work For Cd Gamers?

It does have a requirement audio jack.

Question Question 12

Does This Deal With Radio Am/Fm.?

It need to work if your radio receiver has a plug for earphones.

Question Question 13

Will They Deal With The Kindle Fire?

They deal with any gadget that has a headphone output.

Question Question 14

How To Return Product?

we didn’t trouble.

Question Question 15

Does It Have Like A Curent Protection.Dont Want Our Pillow To Ignite.?

we have no concept about existing security, however we have actually been utilizing this for over a year without any concerns.

Question Question 16

Can You Feel The Sound/Vibration?

Not pleased. Noise is too low and distorted

Question Question 17

Does This Pillow Speaker Requirement To Be Plugged In To Utilize?

Yes.A USB plug supplies the power for the magnified speakers. And the 3.5 mm jack supplies the audio

Question Question 18

Can You Utilize This To Hear The Tv With A Blue Tooth Adapter?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Noise Sanctuary – Enhanced Pillow Speakers with High Volume Stereo Noise, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We bought this for ourself as we like to listen to drizzle noises during the night. We have actually been utilizing a bt speaker however then our hubby likewise needs to listen even if he does not wish to. These speakers are great, little, thin and loud. What more can we request. We extremely suggest if you like to sleep to sound every night.

We are tough of hearing, our household experiences our television volume a lot during the night so we purchased this. Finest thing we purchased in a while. We can hear it however they can not. We can enjoy television during the night and it troubles nobody. If you listen to music or television in bed, or perhaps the computer system we would state get this, you wont regret it and your household will thank you.

These speakers are precisely what we required. No grievances here.

Lastly a pillow speaker we can hear. We enjoy this thing. The only thing we would alter would be to make the cable in between the speaker and the amplifier longer. It does not work so terrific for us under the pillow, noise is stifled and misshaped, however we stuck these speakers inside the thin pillow part of another set of pillow speakers which works terrific.

Great compact size and actually loud. Excellent speakers for under pillow, or connected to headboard.

Does what it assures.

We have ringing in the ears and utilize a sound app and these speakers to assist us get to sleep. These were advised by our audiologist and work well.

Little and flat speakers. The cables are long.

Great. Functions terrific.

Work as explained.

We are really tough of hearing. We eliminate our listening devices to sleep however require noise to switch off tenitis. This pillow speaker permits us to hear and comprehend the television without driving our relative mad. Volume is great and adjustable. Sound quality is better than anticipated for a gadget like this. The bad? we want the volume knob had a bit more drag. When it bumps versus anything, the volume modifications. Likewise, the usb port need to have been on the very end where the noise jack is. They put it on the plastic piece that holds the volume. Last but not least, the long string of speakers, volume, jack and linking wires is a little bit of a discomfort. That stated, we own a drawer loaded with these things and this one puts them all to pity. The others will be trashed now, we have one that works well – not exceptional however well.

Bought for our relative – rigged it up, she went to sleep practically instantly and slept well the majority of the night. Better than sleeping tablets, the noises are well crafted and the style is really easy to use. Downsides – the electrical wiring can be a problem, the clock backlighting is too intense and has no light level (she turns the clock face down). Tim halabama.

These are exceptional little speakers for what they are developed. We listen to both music and spoken word and the noise is terrific -once again, considering they are purposed for playing thru your pillow, independently so no one else needs to hear them. Little sufficient so we do not feel them through our one pillow.

Mama enjoyed this for under her pillow, as she was tough of hearing. She had the ability to show up volume and not interrupt anybody else. We believe this was a great financial investment for her.

Functions terrific, however misshaped at high volume. However we do not turn it up really loud so not a problem.

These speakers are terrific. We utilize them all night long with our sound sanctuary noise device. We are sleeping all night.

Extraordinary tone quality, and great amplification– not the weak noise you obtain from other pillow speakers.

Does whatever other than slides out from under the pillow. Could utilize some velcro? on 1 side.

Last update on 2021-04-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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