Reverse My Tinnitus Review

Reverse My Tinnitus
Reverse My Tinnitus

The Reverse My Tinnitus healing protocol has illuminated healthy living through the use of the most natural and safest techniques of treating and completely reversing tinnitus. It is highly-rated and mostly-recommended because of its proven effectiveness and overall result in removing all the signs and symptoms of the disease.

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On this Reverse My Tinnitus review, we will discuss in details all the necessary information you can learn from this self-help manual – what its benefits are, how effective it is, and which pros and cons should you consider when making your final decision.

What Is Reverse My Tinnitus All About?

Developed by Alan Watson, a senior sound engineer and a long-term tinnitus sufferer, and Dr. James Phillips, in conjunction with a revolutionary research done by a team of experts and doctors in an outstanding University research-facility in England; Reverse My Tinnitus Program is a breakthrough product of its kind.

It uses a 100% natural, safe and proven tinnitus-healing system that is backed by time-proven science. It includes a specific combination of certain foods that can be applied in a variety of meal plans; ensuring tinnitus sufferers get the right amount and combination of food, which guarantees amazing results in a matter of 14 days.

So, How Did The Product Came To Life?

While Alan was seeking for a natural and safe treatment strategy that can put an end to his constant pain and never-ending stress brought by tinnitus, stumbled upon Dr. James Phillips interview.

During the interview, Dr. James – an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist consultant of more than 25 years – talked about a completely different method on how to cure tinnitus, which caught Alan’s full attention and curiosity.

Alan and Dr. James met and made a collaborated research, which revealed that the real root cause of tinnitus is due to the damage in the myelin sheath. The good news is, this damage can be reversed and so is tinnitus through a certain antibody that our body produces.

For that reason, Alan and Dr. James formulated a treatment method that can help tinnitus sufferers fight the disease through a step by step plan that contains the combination of the most powerful tinnitus-destructing foods and its exact amounts, which when included in the diet for two consecutive weeks can totally eliminate the disease.

How Can Reverse My Tinnitus Help You?

Within the manual is all the crucial information that can help victims of this woeful disease get a permanent solution. Through a simple combination of the most recommended foods that are often easily accessible and super affordable in any local grocery stores, sufferers are healed in about two weeks.

When these foods are properly combined and are eaten at a right serving daily, they hasten the production of that certain antibody that can repair the myelin sheath, thus removing tinnitus for good.

Below Are The Key Information You Can Learn From The Guide:

  1. The Mechanics of Hearing and the Structure of the Ear
  2. Everything about Tinnitus: including its cause, symptoms, and connection to mental health.

Beneficial foods to Tinnitus Sufferers: Tinnitus can be difficult to deal with, but sufferers can keep it under control and even do away with it when they know what to put inside their body.

Some examples of the most recommended foods are fruits (bananas and blueberries); vegetables (broccoli, spinach, and mushroom); grains; legumes (black and white beans); healthy fats (found in avocados, peanuts, and olives); herbs and spices (paprika and black pepper); dairy and eggs; fish and seafood (tuna, seaweeds, crabs, etc.); lean meats; desserts and wines; tea (Ginkgo Biloba) and so on..

Habits to Avoid: Like in any other diet, sufferers need to avoid the bad habits and harmful substances that can bring more damage to myelin sheath and to the nervous system. This includes coffee, smoking, salt, alcohol, drugs, and other recreational drugs.

The Seven-Day Diet Plan: This is the most important part of the program and should be given much commitment and devotion. It contains the most natural, non-intrusive and healthy treatments for your hearing disorder. Through this diet, all the symptoms of tinnitus will diminish. When you continue the plan for seven days more, your tinnitus will surely be gone forever.

In-Depth Review – What Are Its Pros And Cons?


The Reverse My Tinnitus healing protocol has illuminated healthy living through the use of the most natural and safest techniques of treating and completely reversing tinnitus. It is highly-rated and mostly-recommended because of its proven effectiveness and overall result in removing all the signs and symptoms of the disease.

The seven-day diet plan will not only help you alleviate or even heal your tinnitus permanently, it will also make you a more active, productive and happy person. Not only will you have a better hearing condition, but you’ll also have a better relationship with your friends, family and colleagues.

This revolutionary tinnitus-destructing plan is not a scheme or a hyped-up product. It is merely a combination of healthy foods, fitness regimen and correct state of mind that will make any victims of tinnitus a better and healthier person.

The entire program is specifically designed for everyone. This is not a typical diet plan as what you can commonly see on the web. It is far beyond those types of programs that implement strict rules that can’t be carried out by regular people because of their active lifestyle.

With Reverse My Tinnitus, regardless of your age, gender, status and lifestyle, you will not have a problem adhering to the seven-day diet plan. It is so flexible that it can be used on a daily basis, even after a hectic schedule.

The plan is not only very systematic and carefully presented, it uses a simple language all throughout the process as well – making it easy to understand and implement even for starters.


While the Reverse My Tinnitus promises amazing results in a span of 14 days, you must have to be patient and keep yourself motivated throughout the diet plan. So, if you are not used with strategic diets, home cooking, and physical fitness program, you might find the entire protocol difficult.

Unfortunately, the product can only be accessed online. However, with its increasing popularity, there are many phishing websites you should be cautious of, or you might end up purchasing a fake product.

Features And Bonuses:

In addition to Reverse My Tinnitus digital book, there are two wonderful bonuses inside the system:

1. Tinnitus Sleep Solution:

Even with your dreadful disease, you can have a good night sleep when you follow the four simple steps that are meticulously formulated by Alan Watson and Dr. James.

2. Tinnitus Stress Soothers:

Know the different stress-busting tricks and techniques that can ease your tinnitus through the use of alternatives that are readily found in the comforts of your home.

Money-Back Guarantee:

The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. In case you see no results, or you are not satisfied with the outcome, or perhaps for no reason at all you feel that your product is not worth your investment – you can then ask for an immediate refund. The team will absolutely return your money up to the last cent in no time.

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