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Magicteam – Sound Machine Noise Machine, Non Looping Natural Soothing Sounds

Where To Buy?

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Magicteam – Sound Machine Noise Machine, Non Looping Natural Soothing Sounds.

  • 20 Non-Looping Sleep Sounds: White noise, Brown noise, pink noise, blue noise, fan, brook, rain, ocean, bird and Bonfire, ideal for for Infant and Children and Grownups.
  • Accurate Volume & Timer Settings: With 32 Levels of Volume, it is best for infant sleeping.And you can set 1 hour,2 hours,3 hours,4 hours,5 hours and constant play, manage the convenience level for your own environment.
  • Special Style & Adaptive Sound Technologies: Strong- state style with 6.3 inch * 4 inch * 2.4 inch, it is portable for house, workplace or travel.With adaptive sound innovations, can offer you a best sleep.
  • Function & Security: Memory function instantly restores your previous volume, sound and time, it is powered by A/C or USB.The machine is authorized by FCC, CE and RoHS, do not require to stress over mishaps.
  • 18 Months Guarantee & 100% Complete Satisfaction Assurance: 18 Months Service warranty for the white noise machine from the date of purchase.Any problem simply wear t think twice to call us.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Magicteam – Sound Machine Noise Machine, Non Looping Natural Soothing Sounds.
Your Personal White Noise Machine– Ideal for infant, kids and grownups. With quality assurance, the white noise machine has actually passed the expert test. For All sort of Individuals– It appropriates for everybody to listen, particularly to the infant who weeping and individuals who is nervous. Without any– looping sounds, it uses you an excellent bedtime. Whether you wish to utilize it in your home or in travel. With Magicteam white noise machine, enjoy yourself. Your Finest Present– Are you constantly in problem with selecting presents for your good friends or kids? Consisting of the Birthday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas. Yes, Chocolate is quite and delicious, and flowers are sweet and aromatic, however they die rapidly that can not stay for long. 2020 Most popular white noise machine is your finest choice.Give your friends and family a better sleep. Far from sub- health, produce a healthy way of life with the one you liked. Requirements Machine Weight– 0.37 lbsDimensions– 2.64 inch * 2.64 inch * 2.83 inchNoise–20 no- looping sounds Volume–32 levels of volume Timer– 1 hour,2 hours,3 hours,4 hours,5 hours and constant play.Box Contain– 1 x Sleep Sound Machine, 1 x A/C Adaptor, 1 x USB Cable television. No-Looping Sounds With the most sophisticated innovation of no- looping.Protect your hearing and forbid noise pollution.Give the most comfy sound’s environment to individuals. Automobile- off 5 Timer Setting Setting 1 hour,2 hours,3 hours,4 hours,5 hours and constant play. You can set the timer you require, do not require to get up to turn the machine off.It is best for you and your infant sleeping. Memory Fuction Immediately brings back the previous volume, sound and time.Intelligent innovation, user- friendly timer setting. It is portable for house, workplace or travel. 32 Levels of volume With 32 Levels of volume, simply manage the comfy level.Mask undesirable noise, produce a serene environment to sleep.Compact and pleasurable relaxing sounds. Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Magicteam – Sound Machine Noise Machine, Non Looping Natural Soothing Sounds.

Question Question 1

We Are Attempting To Set Mine On Constant However We Lost The Guidelines. Mine Doesn T Have A Traffic Signal Like We See In OtherQuestions Assist?

When you push the on button to turn it the variety of blue lights lit is the number of hours it will run. keep pushing it for as numerous hours as you desire it to play. If you keep pushing everything the lights will go out, When all lights are out it will play constantly.

Question Question 2

For How Long Does It Play A Sound Prior To Altering To The Next Sound? Is It A Pre- Set Time Or Random Times?

you set it for whatever sound you desire (waves, rain, fire, whatever) and it plays that over and over or a pre- set time or constant if you choose. it does not alter from one sound to the next by itself

Question Question 3

Does This Have A Thunderstorm Sound?

Yes however all the best discovering it on the machine for one. Ideally you wear t lose the little brochure and remember it for 2 and 3 it isn’t an excellent thunder storm sound. More like a noise of a thunderstorm.

Question Question 4

Does This Machine Makes Sounds Of A Thunderstorm? We Are Trying to find Something That Makes The Sound Of Rain With Thunder.?


Question Question 5

Does It Have Crickets, Frogs, Or A Feline Purring?

No feline purring or frogs. might have crickets on one

Question Question 6

Any Frog Sounds On It?

Remarkably no frogs, excellent little machine.

Question Question 7

Can You Set An Alarm That Wakes You Up?

dear customer, No, the timer of this product just for setting the 1 hour,2 hours,3 hours,4 hours,5 hours and constant play.Thank you.

Question Question 8

Can This Machine Play More Than One Sound At The Same Time? For Instance Birds Chirping And Ocean Wave Sounds.?

No we does not. Simply one sound at a time

Question Question 9

Exists A Head- Phone/ Ear Phone Jack?

No there isn’t. sorry

Question Question 10

Will This Product All Of A Sudden Interrupt The Sound?

No, it will not This sound machine of Magicteam is no- looping, thank you.

Question Question 11

Can You Utilize It Without It Being Plugged In?

No, it should be plugged in.

Question Question 12

We Utilize It For Sleep However It Stops Immediately After A Few Hours. How Can We Make It Not Stop Throughout The Night?

There are comprehensive guidelines consisted of with the machine. To address your question to the very best of our understanding, when you turn the machine on you can click the power button once again. While taking a look at the bottom edge of the gadget you will see a single light brightened showing a set run time of 1 hour. Clicking p There are comprehensive guidelines consisted of with the machine. To address your question to the very best of our understanding, when you turn the machine on you can click the power button once again. While taking a look at the bottom edge of the gadget you will see a single light brightened showing a set run time of 1 hour. Clicking power button once again will brighten a 2nd light at the bottom. You can set the gadget from 1- 5 hours or click it one more time so that there are no lights lit up and it needs to run till you physically turn it off. Hope this assists

Question Question 13

Does This Have Thunderstorm Sound?

Sorry, it does not. It has the white noise, brown noise, pink noise, blue noise, fan, brook, rain, ocean, bird and bonfire.Thank you.

Question Question 14

Can We Utilize Plugs Ears And A Bluetooth?

No, not blue tooth ability and no plug in for earbuds.This is strictly a fundamental plug in in the outlet sound machine.Works excellent for our requirements.

Question Question 15

Exists A List Of The Sounds In Order Online To Print Out?

it has 20 soothing sounds.1 * white noise,1 * brown noise, 1 * pink noise,1 * blue noise, 4 * fan,2 * rain,1 * rain on the glass,3 * brook,3 * ocean,1 * bird,1 * bonfire,1 * train.Thank you.

Question Question 16

Does This Have Thunderstorm Sound?

Yes. It has 3 various storm sounds.

Question Question 17

Guarantee – Our Machine Has A Malfunctioning Cable Or Plug. The Charging Cable Doesn T Remain In So The Machine Keeps Going Off. We Would Like A Replacement.?

If that s what you choose and like it. we would desires our cash back

Question Question 18

It Appears like It Has A Blue Light Around The Leading. We Can’T Have Any Additional Lights In Our Space. Does The Light Turn Off?

It s not a blue light, it simply has a piece of blue plastic trim around the top.But it does have lights that begin if you set the timer on anything however constant play.( we just utilize constant play so lights aren t on when we utilize it.) They are REALLY SMALL indication lights.There is one light that begins if you set It s not a blue light, it simply has a piece of blue plastic trim around the top.But it does have lights that begin if you set the timer on anything however constant play.( we just utilize constant play so lights aren t on when we utilize it.) They are REALLY SMALL indication lights.There is one light that begins if you set it for one hour, 2 lights for 2 hours, etc.They remain in front and REALLY dim. If we utilized the timer and didn’t wish to be troubled with the lights we would simply set it and turn it around so it wasn t facing me.

Question Question 19

Does This One Have Crickets Or Frogs Chirping?

No, it does not, thank you.If you require thecrickets or frogs chirping, you can purchase the B1, the B1 have crickets or frogs chirping, any question, simply do not hesitate to call our customer care, thank you.

Question Question 20

The Number Of Watts Does This Put Out?I Required To Determine Wattage With A Smart Plug And The Machine We Have Does Not Pull Enough To Determine?

Hello?the watt of this product is 0.1- 1W. Beacause the output voltage of this product is 5 volts, and themaximum sound output current is less than 200 mA, that the watt of this product is 0.1- 1W, if you have any concerns, simply feel freeto contact us, thank you.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Magicteam – Sound Machine Noise Machine, Non Looping Natural Soothing Sounds, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have actually suffered loud contamination for months, our good friend suggested us to buy a sound machine. We checked out a great deal of white noise machine prior to we found this one on, then wound up purchasing it, therefore far we are extremely delighted. This is simply what we desired and required. Great product style and incredible cost, the most notably, it works excellent. Certainly a terrific product. 5 star.

We like the feel and look, and we like the sound of the fire and beach sounds. This has a huge punch for something little adequate to suit your hand.

We utilize sound devices all the time- especially for our kids (however our hubby and we enjoy them too), so we have actually purchased a number of (4, we believe) brand names from. This is our preferred. Firstly, we are searching for easy, soothing white noise (actually brown noise, which is lower, however it s all normally called white noise in these devices). We wear t desire or require the elegant things- lullabies or pets barking or whatever. This has an entire lot of options and they re all the easy, serene things (our fav resembles a box fan). Likewise, we can not bear to hear repeatings or patterns in the track. This has definitely nothing like that visible. Last, we like to take a trip with ours (it is so excellent having the ability to tune out hotel noise from outdoors or loud visitors), however that suggests we require something little and quickly portable. This is actually a little box that suits our hand. Oh. It s likewise simple to set a range of timers or leave it on all night, which is what we like to do. Love it.

This little system is incredible. We are going to purchase another simply for back up in case it ever stops working as we are addicted to it. It has a variety of sounds that our company believe would please anybody who likes to sleep or unwind with white noise. Prior to this system we utilized a bedside fan for noise. We now utilize this system along side our fan as it has a sound choice that resembles a fan an now with this box noise improvement we wear t wake at all for 6- 8 hrs. We wear t keep in mind ever sleeping so sound. We found this system simple to set an we are not very tech savvy. The question a response area here on this website is handy in addition to the composed guidelines with the system. This little box has exceptional volume variety in addition to a good depth of sound. It has memory so you essentially simply strike the off button when you awake an then strike the on button when your all set for sleep and it remains on your very same setting. We are surprised on all the options of white/ unwinding sounds a possibly one day we may attempt sleeping with a various noise like beach waves or babbling brook. There great deals of various rain noises an fan/ a/c unit options. In addition to birds. None of the recordings repeat or loop that we can hear that makes it especially great if you simply wish to play the chirping birds in your house throughout the day simply hangingout We find that noise option joyful an it makes us feel stimulated also so like we state this little box has something for each requirement. Even a train clic- clacking on the tracks. Just con is you will require some type of lighting to utilize the button tab console to make modifications in a dark space. We can turn it on or off in the dark so we mored than happy they positioned that button control on the outer edge a due to the fact that it does have memory that s all we require normally. You can t beat the cost for such a well sounding flexible little system. Makes a good present also.

Does what it states that it does. We have misophonia, so the fan sounds assist us rather sidetrack ourself from other troubling sounds. The gadget can get quite loud and we do not believe we have actually evaluated its max volume. It’s resting on a rack in our college dormitory today. We do not truly utilize or like a lot of the other sound settings besides the fan sounds; while we like the sound of rain, the audio track for it on this gadget in some way feels recurring in a disruptive method. The tracks likewise appear to have a sort of fan noise underlaying the audio. A kind of loud “ssshhhhhh” or “ffshhhh” if that makes any sense. This might assist obstruct more outside noise, however we personally do not like it quite as it’s quite visible. We do get quickly troubled by some sounds so take that as you will. When it comes to other information about the product, we simulate the easy style. It has some blue coloring to it that does not radiance however sort of offers the impression that it does. It’s kinda great looking. The gadget itself just produces a little blue light from the back when its plugged in. It’s not extremely brilliant, so if you do not desire light while you’re sleeping you most likely will not observe it. Another feature of the product is that when you push the buttons on the front it clicks type of loud; a stylish sound. We have not evaluated other noise devices so we can’t state if this one is better than other products on. This product does do what it states it does however, a minimum of from our experience with the important things.

This product is little and portable, that makes it great not just for taking a trip, however for placing on the night table, given that it does not use up much space. It has a fantastic variety of sounds, and the ones that we delight in one of the most are waves on the seaside and the bubbling of a mountain brook. We believe it will take batteries, however the majority of the time we plug it in to a usb connection. The usb does not charge the system, however just powers it while it is plugged in. If something might be altered about this system, we would ask for that it be rechargeable, so that no cables were required while utilizing it. Still, it is a good relaxing method to drop off to sleep.

This machine is extremely little. It uses 20 various sounds, nevertheless a number of are extremely comparable so the total choices of distinct sounds to select from are less than you would anticipate. It does not use alarm, night light or any of the frills however it is proficient at masking sound and providing you something that promotes a relaxing sleep. Our child has actually been oversleeping our space throughout her go to and she has actually fallen in love too. Will add to 5 hours and after that switch off, or you can set it to run till you actually turn it off. Easy to take with you if you take a trip. We have actually not been dissatisfied.

We will likely just utilize the fan sound that this machine produces, finest cash we have actually invested in a while. Another person discussed this background sound also. The very first 3 nights we discovered an odd background sound nearly like high pitched wind chime and we could not sleep well through it. However after the 3rd we have actually ended up being unsusceptible to that and wear t notification anything however the white noise. We like this thing. Actually little adequate to being in the palm, less than a pound, great volume variety, and will be best for taking a trip. Throughout the years we have actually most likely purchased half a lots fans to run while we sleep. And when we travel we utilize youtube box fan sound on our mobile phone which normally eliminates the battery prior to we are indicated to get up or you need to have it charging and the screen light on all night. Won t be a problem any longer.

We intentionally selected this sound machine since it had timers, however might likewise run till you turn it off. Our infant is a really light sleeper so we have this running all the time. It’s been on for weeks and still works best. Plus, it’s extremely small so we have it concealed up on a leading rack where it’s totally out of our method (we put a pacifier on top of it for size recommendation.) excellent worth for the cash.

We definitely like. Love. Love. This product. Our fav sound is the ocean waves. Really soothing & soothing. We utilized to need to listen to the television to drop off to sleep however wasn t a fan of that choice. We likewise like. Love. Love. The size doesn t use up up a great deal of space on our bureau. We purchased a 2nd one & we have that in our camper for weekends away.

This sound machine is so little. We like that. It actually suits the palm of your hand. It takes no space at all on your nightstand, this thing is little however magnificent. The sound gets great and loud regardless of it s little size. It has a good quantity of various seem like rains, plane cabin and white noise. We removed one star even if we believe there might be more of a range in seem like various rain and rumbles sounds however we still believe this little machine is excellent. Our hubby requires it in order to sleep. We may simply need to get another one for our boy s space.

Got this little machine for our baby’s nursery to assist her stay asleep throughout the night given that the noisemaker sheep we had for her only went to 45 minutes max. It’s little, smooth and effective. Functions excellent and after checking out the guidelines, it’s simple to utilize. Terrific noise choices and volume levels. Great buy for the cost.

Really little, so excellent for travel. Little person has a great deal of power and can be loud. It s a streamlined style so you require to check out the instructions to find out the downplayed controls once you do it s simple as pie.

We like this the sounds are genuine not digital.

Over the previous year our hubby has actually started to snore during the night. Really loudly. We keep a fan beside the bed and he eclipses the fan. So in desperation we began searching for a white noise machine. We chose to attempt this one since we had quite good evaluations. On the favorable side there are lots of various sounds you can select, and a terrific range on volume. We are still cycling through to select simply the best sound to drown our hubbyout That stated we have actually began to sleep once again during the night when we get the ideal noise on. Our only unfavorable on this is it has a sleep timer cycle thing. Where after a particular quantity of time it’ll instantly turn off if it’s on that. And we never ever understand when it’s on that till it’s all of a sudden shuts off and our hubby wakes us up. And it is beside difficult to figure out which button manages that. Or how it got switched on it to start with. Some nights we have the ability to ensure it’s off and after that other nights we all of a sudden recognize it should be on since we have no sound machine. Mine didn’t featured guidelines so it’s type of a thinking video game. If we might get rid of that unusual time turned off cycle this would be the best machine.

Love it. Never ever believed we would ever like anything like this however we like it. Now that we have actually utilized it so there is background noise during the night when attempting to sleep. It works completely. Likewise one day the white noise at business workplace broke it was painfully peaceful in there colleagues switched on fans an pointed them away to have noise however it was cold. So the next day we brought this to deal with us an it was best everybody liked it. And thanked us for giving workplace we utilized it there for a month till the white noise was repaired in the workplace. An our colleagues liked mine better then what we usually had. So now 2 of them bought it likewise.??????.

Our infant is certainly depending on a sound machine. She requires one that is loud enough to obstruct out other sounds. This one is little, compact, however the volume settings are excellent. The buttons are extremely little, although. Likewise, we utilize it on a constant mode (no timer) however if you unintentionally press the on button more than once it will set a timer for one hour. It s tough to inform if you wear t select it up and take a look at the area in between the bottom of the buttons and the bottom of the sound machine. Little red dots appear- one dot per hour- all the method as much as 5 or 6 we can not keep in mind. We ensure there are not red dots so it keeps playing all night.

Pros: the gadget is plenty loud. There is no looping visible for the few sounds we have actually utilized. We like that it keeps in mind the sound and volume setting even if we disconnect it and move it elsewhere. Really compact and stylish. Cons: to turn it off you need to long- press the power button. A brief press will trigger the automobile- off timer. Bothersome style choice in our viewpoint.

This little sound machine has much better sound quality than we anticipated for the size and cost. Our only dream would have been that all 20 sounds of the machine be noted someplace. So, for anybody else questioning what the extra 14 sounds are that this machine needs to use, they are: * different tones, pitches, sound clearness and frequencies of rain and/or white noise (one setting seem like rain falling on a tin roofing system) * a train travelling through a rr crossing (uncertain who may believe that a person is unwinding. Unless you’re utilized to that sound and require it for comfort/sleep * what seem like a clothes dryer drying clothing (sounds type of like clothing thumping in the clothes dryer) we like the truth that this little machine has the choice of running all night in addition to having the ability to set it for single hour increments as much as 5 hours. We want the machine likewise had a sound choice that consisted of the sound of frogs. In general, we are extremely pleased with this purchase and might even buy an extra one for a 2nd bed room and/or for taking a trip.

Bies far finest sound machine we have actually ever had. It s small (suits the palm of your hand) however the sound is very effective. Remarkable white noise sound with various choices. Smooth and easy style, no frills. Perfect for travel.

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