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M.V. Trading - Japanese Bamboo Ear Pick

M.V. Trading – Japanese Bamboo Ear Pick

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of M.V. Trading – Japanese Bamboo Ear Pick.

  • Made in China
  • Ear Spoon Size( Approximate): 6 x 4mm/ 0.24″ x 0.15″( L * W)
  • Product: Bamboo, Wood
  • Weight: 80 g
  • Bundle Material: 2 x Earpick

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More Info:

Here are some more information on M.V. Trading – Japanese Bamboo Ear Pick.
Japanese typically tidy the wax from the within their ears with a little bamboo hook or scoop, called a “mimikaki”– and there’s actually a classification of “mimi-kaki fetish,” males who like to have their sweethearts or better halves clean their ears. Now you can clean your ears in real Japanese design, with this set of 2 truly cool standard Japanese mimi- kaki cleaners. Among the cleaners is smaller sized than the other and has a little wood “Daruma” figure on it; completion of the longer cleaner has a soft, luxurious end for carefully touching your ear. Really good product from Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on M.V. Trading – Japanese Bamboo Ear Pick.

Question Question 1

What Is The “Soft, Plush End” Made From? Plume? Cotton? Synthetic?Is It Washable?

It’s a soft fuzzy, our company believe, cotton fluff ball. Its about the size of a little cotton ball. Yes, you might most likely clean it. we do not utilize that end. It’s truly too huge. These are the very best product there is. It does a fantastic task. You can simply clean it off with a child clean or whatever you select

Question Question 2

Is The Wood Coated, Painted Or Entirely Bare?

It is bare bamboo.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on M.V. Trading – Japanese Bamboo Ear Pick, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We at first bought this ear pick in an effort to stage q- ideas out of our life and end up being more eco-friendly. We have actually had this product for a little under 2 years now and we rather like it. It took some time to get utilized to in the start, and for somebody with sticky earwax like me, it’s not ideal for ear cleansing. We need to state we have actually just utilized the long ear pick with the pompom. We provided the much shorter one away as a present to somebody else who likewise wished to attempt an ear pick. It’s somewhat scratchy and we certainly am a lot more mindful utilizing it on our ears than we would be utilizing a q- pointer or much shorter ear pick. We have likewise found it works excellent for squeezing out blackheads on our nose. This is maybe our preferred usage of the product.

Grandfather cleaned our ears whenever he visited us which is two times a year for number of months. We still remember his worm hand after 50 years. All household in japan have mimikaki and we enjoyed to find it. Now we talked japanese pal about this.

Bamboo is more forgiving to your ears than a stainless-steel pick.

Among the very best. Hard to find great ones, however this is among the very best.

We find these chooses to be well made and simple to utilize. We are pleased with our purchase.

Simply what we required.

Great product.

This is a fantastic product and a fantastic worth. Functions excellent and we enjoyed that it included 2.

Well, we do not believe a great deal of individuals even understand what a mimikaki is, however we matured with our mother cleaning our ears with one when we were a kid. Excellent product if utilized securely and properly. You get 2 to a pack, we believe these need to last a minimum of 2 life times. No problems with craftsmanship or quality of this product.

Bought 3 various types/brands given that these things are quite low-cost. This was the only set that didn’t have splinters/cracks on them that would scratch your ear. Gon na buy another to see if it was simply luck or really better building and construction.

Not popular here in the states, however completely efficient for cleaning up ears. We have actually been utilizing them for several years. For usage just by grownups, as they are really little, scoop- shaped, can injure if utilized thoughtlessly. We like my own.

We require more of these.

Product is great and there are 2 sizes to utilize. The taller pick with the puffball is smaller sized, while the much shorter pick is larger. Simply a little dissatisfied that we saw that this is a product of daiso, which is generally a dollar shop. So the rate you spend for this is a ripoff. You’re generally spending for this thing to be delivered to you. Even if you have prime.



Lovethese Suggested by a good friend. Dream we had actually learnt about them years earlier.

Excellent product to tidy ears.

These are so handy. For many years we battled with ear wax, no q ideas then docs recommended this wash for our ear, and none of it worked for us. This was ideal given that we had the ability to truly manage and digout Extremely advise.

Precisely what we desired. This is what you utilize. Q- ideas are no no. You can clean them off and utilize them over. This is what japanese usage.

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