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Lobe Wonder Invisible Earring Ear-Lobe Support Patches

Lobe Wonder Invisible Earring Ear-Lobe Support Patches

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lobe Wonder Invisible Earring Ear-Lobe Support Patches.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Lobe Wonder Invisible Earring Ear-Lobe Support Patches.
Lobe Wonder Lobe Wonder offers relief to females who struggle with the undesirable enhancement of earring holes, an issue triggered by heavy earrings. Simply as essential, Lobe Wonder assists safeguard healthy ear lobes versus tearing from the weight of earrings. Lobe Wonder is an undetected, hypoallergenic clear spot that is used to the back of the ear lobe. When pierced by an earring, the spot bears a huge part of the earring weight, alleviating the ear lobe of the pressure. 60 patches per box.Lobe Wonder Support Patches work to fix the look of torn harmed and extended ear lobes quickly. Used behind your ear lobe, these invisible patches are the ideal solution to the issue of heavy pierced earrings tearing and streching you ear lobes. Each self-adhesive oval spot is upper-reinforced with a criss-cross network to reinforce and support ear lobes. Your ear lobes will look natural, not extended and dragged down by the weight of heavy earrings. Lobe Wonder patches are breathable and the unique medical adhesive does not aggravate the skin. With Lobe Wonder, you’ll have the ability to use your chandelier earrings, hoops and preferred studs. And the very best part? No more fret about tearing and extending.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lobe Wonder Invisible Earring Ear-Lobe Support Patches.

Question Question 1

The Bundle Images Reveals It Consists Of 60 Patches, However The Title Is For 300Patches Exist 5 Boxes Of 60 Patches Consisted Of In The Rate?

Yes, when we have actually purchased in the past it has actually been 5 boxes of 60 each. we likethese they work terrific since we have 1 earlobe where the hole is a little extendedout our earring hang uniformly utilizing these and they make the earrings so lightweight, we actually utilize them on the other ear too.

Question Question 2

Will They Work For An Entirely Torn Lobe?

we would believe so.ONe of our piercings is rather lengthened (not totally torn) and it works extremely well.we had surgical treatment years ago to fix it, however the impacts of surgical treatment did not last.we would absolutely attempt it – – they are ‘invisible’ on the rear end and hold very well, even through a shower and swimming.Go for it.

Question Question 3

Do These Fit Snug Enough For Fine Thin Posts? A few of Our Consuming Posts Are Skinnier Than The Others.?

we do not believe the size of the post will matter too much.These are clear adhesive patches used to the back of your ear, including support to any pierced ear ring. we utilize hoops & studs withthese we can even shower with the & they remain well gotten another day.we would not lack them.

Question Question 4

Im Wondering If These Would Work For Gauged Ear Hole That Never Ever Closed Correctly?

we think it would depend upon how huge the hole is. They have to do with the size of a penny however oval. we began utilizing these since we had one ear where the hole was extended out to a slit so earringhung method too low and the bottom of the hole was thin so we hesitated the lobe may tear.Using thesei can put the earring thr we think it would depend upon how huge the hole is. They have to do with the size of a penny however oval. we began utilizing these since we had one ear where the hole was extended out to a slit so earringhung method too low and the bottom of the hole was thin so we hesitated the lobe may tear.Using thesei can put the earring thru the Lobe doubt the appropriate area where the hole need to be and earring hang uniformly. They have actually worked terrific for us forprobably 10 years now. we use them every day.LOVE THEM.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Lobe Wonder Invisible Earring Ear-Lobe Support Patches, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Love these little people. They assist safeguard our ear piercings when using heavy earrings. In truth, we now utilize them anytime we use earrings. We have one earlobe which has a hole that is somewhat lengthened and these patches have actually assisted keep it from stretchy even more. Super simple to utilize and you can get more than one usage out of spot. Likewise appears to aid with earring backs falling off or earrings fallingout We are thinking that’s since your earrings do not move around in your piercing as much.

We purchased these patches since the holes in our ears are extended due to children pulling our earrings years earlier. The holes would end up being scratchy and tender after using earrings for a while. We likewise had an issue with our earrings falling out of our ears since of the bigger holes. We were considering having the holes surgically closed and after that re-piercing the ears later on. We saw this product promoted on t. V. And believed we would attempt it. We were a bit stunned at the cost, and when the product showed up, our preliminary idea was, ‘wow, we paid $26 000 for this?’ nevertheless, when we used the product to us ears we were really surprised at how incredibly they worked. We simply eliminated a set of patches from our ears that remained in location for about 5 days. If they do not get damp, they will remain attached to the ears for days. We are extremely happy with this product. Our earrings remain in location and they offer terrific security for the ear lobe. We no longer struggle with discomfort, itching or bleeding from our ears. Terrific product.

Terrific product. Prior to getting, we were so scared that our extended earlobe was going to slit, we began just using studs. However not any longer because this purchase, we use all our earrings with self-confidence.

Our relative has her ears pierced and the holes where her earrings go through her ear has actually grown than it was initially. She was frenzied since she was going to the beach and wished to use her earrings when she went out to consume at night. We were taking a look around and saw these lobe marvels and believed we would purchase them for her. Wow. They were delivered right out and we got them in about 3 days. She had them for the beach. When she returned we asked her how she like them and she stated they were terrific. They worked ideal. Thanks for a great product. She will absolutely buy them once again.

We will have cosmetic surgery on our bigger earring holes however decided to attempt this basic however remarkable product. It is magic. You wear t see or feel them however they are strong and work completely.

We acquired these little marvels after seeing them on tv and desired something to support much heavier earrings. We like to use huge chandelier earrings or often larger earrings that would trigger weight and leaking. Among our pierced ears is somewhat stretch so our earrings might hang a lower on one side. This specific lobe wonder stuck on the back of our ear assists support bigger earrings. Extremely advised.

We are so pleased with these we talk our good friends.

These sticker labels work marvels. Like the label. Lol. We have actually been buying these at clair’s for many years and saw had them for a lot less expensive. Our left eye lobe is absolutely divided, so having the alternative to continue to use pierced earrings is remarkable. Thanks lobe wonder. Outstanding product.

We have actually been utilizing these for numerous years and can use earrings once again since of them. We will buy these for life:-RRB-.

These are so basic, and make such a big distinction. We can’t think we didn’t understand about these quicker. These are need to if you are preparing to use heavy earrings, not just do they support your earrings better, they likewise safeguard your ear piercings from extending out – we are a supporter of avoidance, and we extremely advise utilizing these.

These are blessing. Our best ear is divided (from a kid tugging an earning out of our ear) so we have actually been not able to use pierced incomes for many years. We use among these to the front of our earlobe and one to the back and voila, we can place any pierced earning once again.

Happily amazed by the efficiency of these sticker labels. Earrings sit closer to ear as we had actually hoped with this product.

We more than lovethese We were an 80’s lady and used the long huge hoops. We are extremely happy for lobe marvels since they enable us to use pierced earrings. We utilize 2 per ear even if it’s double security from pulling on the pierce.

These are amazing. Among our ears has a pierced hole that has actually almost pulled through our lobe. These enable us to have additional support without needing to have surgical treatment.

These are wonder for our ear, and all the earrings we own, and love to use every day. We are so, so thankful we purchasedthese They are simply ideal to enable us to keep using our earrings after our ear split. We reccommend them extremely to anybody with a split earlobe that they can’t manage to have actually surgically fixed. Get them– you will not regret it.


We like this product. It assists avoid your ears from being torn and streched. You can use almost any earrings. If your ears are currently torn you can where them with earrings and nobody will understand. Itis a should to have. We have actually currently informed numerous individuals and they are extremely interested. We prepare to inform more.

We removed one star just since these are difficult to place, and our ears get delicate if we use them more than a few hours. However they sure work in keeping our aging earlobes from drooping. We stopped using hoops and hangs years earlier, so we do not understand if they would work all right for us to use them once again, however we are content with what they do.

Never ever use an earring without them. They assist support heavy earrings and raise studs for an ideal appearance.

Great product. Will continue to buy.

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