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LOBE MIRACLE – Lobe Miracle Ear Lobe Support Patches

Where To Buy?

Find out the relevant products below and buy LOBE WONDER – Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Assistance Patches.

Alternative Product Link:

Click Here if you do not find LOBE WONDER – Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Assistance Patches in the above list.

Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LOBE WONDER – Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Assistance Patches.

  • Makes torn, extended ear lobes no longer noticeable
  • Undetected, clear adhesive spot
  • Makes earrings more comfy and takes weight of earring off the hole itself
  • Assists avoid tears from weight of earrings
  • Avoids earrings from moving down

Better Alternative:

We found these products are better alternative or related to LOBE WONDER – Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Assistance Patches.

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Hearing X3Synapse Xt
Overall Rating:  9.5/10 Overall Rating:  9.2/10 
Cost: Starting from $49 per bottleCost: Starting from $69 per bottle

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LOBE WONDER – Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Assistance Patches.
Lobe Wonder offers relief to ladies who experience the unattractive enhancement of earring holes, an issue triggered by heavy earrings. Lobe Wonder is an undetected, hypoallergenic clear spot that is used to the back of the ear lobe. When pierced by an earring, the spot bears a huge part of the earring weight, alleviating the ear lobe of the pressure. Light and versatile, Lobe Wonder enables ladies with torn piercings to use earrings at the top of the holes, by supporting the weight from behind the lobe. Considering that earrings no longer rest on the bottom of the holes, even more tearing is prevented. Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Assistance Spot work to fix the look of torn, harmed and extended ear lobes quickly

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LOBE WONDER – Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Assistance Patches.

Question Question 1

What Is The Distinction In Between The Base And Non Metal Type?

No one appears to have actually addressed this question.we bought the “non-metal” spots not recognizing that it had that description.we buy these all the time and we do not remember ever seeing the “non-metal” description.we simply got them and they are the exact same as the ones we have constantly ordered.The just thing we can figure is No one appears to have actually addressed this question.we bought the “non-metal” spots not recognizing that it had that description.we buy these all the time and we do not remember ever seeing the “non-metal” description.we simply got them and they are the exact same as the ones we have constantly ordered.The just thing we can figure is that possibly individuals were unintentionally bought these believing they were getting those metal earlobe backs that are expected to support heavy earrings.The other option that does not state “non-metal” does actually seem various – it states “surgical” so possibly they are thicker or something.we simply double up and utilize 2 or 3 spots when we have a specifically heavy earring.

Question Question 2

Will These Deal With Ear Wire Earrings?

Yes.Helps support weight of those kind of dangling earrings

Question Question 3

You Need To Buy The Base?What Is The Distinction In Between The Base $1795 And The No Metal Type $1089, To Make The Ear Looks Excellent???????

we put on t think the base is needed. we utilize the product as is and simply connect our earrings.

Question Question 4

The Earlier Question Makes Good Sense – What Is The Distinction In Between The Base And No-Metal Types? The Bases Expense 17.95 And The No-Metal Is $1089?

The product works. our child now 25 tore our earlobe. It will never ever fit. For several years we would not might not use earrings. we attempted clip ons. hard to find and injure. This job is genuinely a wonder.

Question Question 5

Does It Consist Of Latex?


Question Question 6

Do These Deal With Little (3Mm-5Mm) Studs?

They do not operate at all. Do not squander your cash.

Question Question 7

When Purchased You Can Pick Base Which Is $1795 Or No Metal Type Which Is $9.91 What Does Base And No Metal Type Mean?


Question Question 8

How Do You Keep The Spot On The Ear When Your Pressing The Earring Wire Through Your Ear?

Its snug, adheres well to the ear with pressure.

Question Question 9

Where Is This Made?

This is what is on package: Made in the USACoreCareAmerica This is what is on package: Made in the USACoreCareAmerica65 Opposition Roadway, Ridgefield ParkNJ 07660, USA1-800-595-6230

Question Question 10

Will They Work For 2 Earrings In Each Ear?

They do not operate at all. Conserve your cash.

Question Question 11

Have This Altered, We Got Our Order Today And Our Earrings Fall Straight Off??

Ensure to pierce the real support sticker label with the earring post, likewise ensure that you press the earring back on strongly. In some cases the glue moves down, making earring fallout Ensure to alter after each usage, after smart to ensure that the sticky glue does not diminish onto your ears, earrings or earring backs.

Question Question 12

What Is The Distinction In Between Base And Metal? We Saw That Numerous Lots Of People Asked The Very Same Question However No One Addressed What Individuals Were Truly Asking?

we believe it’s simply there since of the method produces the design template for listingproducts There are no base or metal choices for this product.we hope it assists.

Question Question 13

Earlobe Repair Work Glue?

no its not a repair work glue its an assistance for the earlobe it workds fantastic

Question Question 14

Can They Supportlightweight Dangle Earrings?

Yes. They are strong enough to support heavy dangle earrings.

Question Question 15

Can They Be Utilized More Then One Time?

No, they are one-time usage.

Question Question 16

What Is The Distinction In Between Lobe Marvel & Lobe Wonder. They Both Seem To Do The Very same Thing.???

Sorry we do not understand. we just have actually acquired the love wonder. Love wonder is fantastic. It sticks effectively and the assistance is best.

Question Question 17

Is It Water Evidence?

we would state that when you have the earring in you need to be great to enter water. Mine last a few days of bathing and are still on. However we can t state it s water evidence. Hope that assists.

Question Question 18

We Have Hoop Earrings. Do These Work For Hoops And If Not, What Is?

Yes they do

Question Question 19

Are The Wonder Ear Lobes Easier And Better To Utilize Versus Hypoallergenic Ear Lifters? Why?

Yes, extremely simple to utilize, tidy and private. we find they likewise alleviate the pressure of clip on s. we have used extremely heavy earrings in the last few months utilizing these and our earlobes have not extended nor do they appear extended when using

Question Question 20

Can T You Utilize This If You Have Gauges And Wish To Conceal Them?

It depends upon how huge it is, our ear is split and we close our ear up and use our earrings

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LOBE WONDER – Lobe Wonder Ear Lobe Assistance Patches, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We didn’t anticipate much from this product, however we were soooo incorrect. This works astonishingly. The earrings on the photos are very heavy since of the accessory at the bottom; check out the in the past and after photos.

Fantastic. Actual life savers. We enjoy our heavy kendra scott earrings, however we are quite sure they re the offender of why our right earring hole has actually ripped a little. Utilizing these assistance spots, it s as if the earrings put on t even exist. We are going to talk of our good friends to get these for their heavy declaration earrings.

We have actually been trying to find this kind of product for a few years. We have one love that has actually extended. This sticker label goes on the back of the earlobe to assist support the earring. It works completely for us. The sticker label even remains on after showering so we can utilize one for a few days.

For several years, we have actually been troubled by among our ear lobes which, with our diamond stud in it, would sag a bit down. We chose to try to find a service, and even thought about dermal fillers to assist fix the problem. We believed we need to attempt lobe marvel prior to forking our all that money. We are so pleased we did. It was the best option.

Supported our very heavy earrings all the time and late into the night. At the end of the night we took one assistance spot off and put our earring back on. After a few minutes we found ourself tilting our head to the side so the earring might rest on our shoulder. Extremely suggest.

Our very first hole on one ear is very extended out and would injure when we used earrings, so we needed to begin utilizing the 2nd hole rather. A couple weeks ago we were getting our cartilage pierced and the worker informed us about these and we are so pleased that she did. Now we can lastly use our double earrings on both sides. We have actually likewise showered and swum with it on and had no problems, they last for days.

These are fantastic little things. Our ears are assesses to 00 and we can t manage surgical correction today. We actually put one on front and one on back, presto we can use routine earrings once again. Not awfully apparent. Does assistance the earrings well. We are delighted.

Okay so we have actually attempted these out for a bit now and actually like them. You are expected to use them on the back of your ear however these earrings are incredibly heavy and we need to support them from the front in addition to the back. We simply utilize a post to punch through and after that can use our heavy dangly earrings. You can focus and see them on the front however it’s hardly obvious. Our partner didn’t even see them when he was sitting beside us up until we pointed themout Plus our ears injure less using these supports. Simply believed we would share if you have the exact same issue as we do.

Our preferred. We attempted a various brand name and wanted we would adhered to these.

These are definitely the very best lobe assistance spots 9n the marketplace. They have the greatest hold and do write irratate our lobes.

We enjoy how these hold together our ripped lobe. We are lastly able to use earrings in our bottom hole once again. They last all day and we do not need to stress over anything.

We utilized to have our ears determined at a size 00, they have actually most likely diminished to about a 4 or 6 and we utilize these to use routine earrings once again. We utilize them for hoops, studs, hangs, whatever. Due to the fact that our ear hole is so big its a little difficult to get them on ideal, nevertheless even if we do not cover the whole hole, they still hold up our earrings effectively. Our mother now utilizes for her extended earlobes, and our makeup and hair artists from our wedding event are utilizing them too. Great for heavy earrings for additional assistance. And we can use each sticker label for about 2 days.

We are shooketh. We attempted these based upon the evaluations, however we weren’t anticipating them to deal with these specific earrings. Other brand names that looked stronger would not deal with screwback earrings though, so we chose to provide these a shot. This earring was almost parallel to the flooring in the past, and these little spots pulled it right up. We might barely think it. Using it was a little uncomfortable for us, because we weren’t actually able to see if it was over the hole and needed to go by touch alone; however it wasn’t genuinely challenging. Plus, they’re little and clear, so no matter what design earring you use, you can’t see it from the front at all. We never ever dreamed they would work so well, and we are so pleased we bought them.

Fantastic. Our ear lobe has actually been totally torn because2008 We almost handed out our preferred revenues. Even informed good friends we do not use pierced revenues any longer. Your product made a world of distinction. Its fantastic, we canwear earrings once again. Thank you for this fantastic product. We will be purchasingmore Maintain the great.

We extended our ears out several years earlier and although they have actually diminished a lot, the holes are still too huge for routine earrings. We wished to find an alternative up until we get them surgically fixed. These work quite well however are bit uncomfortable. We established our own technique which we choose to the one they recommend. We believe if your extending is small simply due to using heavy revenues, these would work fantastic. For our, they are still a great buy.

We were a little reluctant to attempt these, however we have actually been irritated with our earring holes extending with wire/dangly earrings and much heavier post earrings. We had actually determined our ears (on the smaller sized side, to about a 4) however took them out around 8 years earlier. We didn’t see any enduring damage, now that we remain in our 30 s which great ol’ collagen is beginning to reduce, we are getting the earring hole slit appearance (omg we are our mom.) and we can feel the earrings pulling on our lobes. We could not think of these worked effectively however it was difficult to find anything else that works for wire/hook earrings (without a support). Well. Let us simply state, these were so easy to utilize (simply stick on the back of your lobe and carefully poke the earring through) and they raised our little earring hole slits back to a routine hole. They are stickier (feels practically like medical tape?) and stronger than anticipated. Approved, we have not attempted to work out or swim or anything with these on, however who uses dangly or heavy earrings to do those things anyhow?.

We ensure we keep this in stock. We have extremely little earlobes and when we remained in our 20 s we used extremely low-cost heavy earrings that extended our earlobes. When we put this product behind our earlobe it is not noticeable and naturally now we use genuine hoop earrings which are not heavy and this tape holds the earring in location and supports our earlobe from hanging.

These actually work. We confess we were uncertain when we initially purchased the lobe wonder pads however at 74 yrs old we had lots of earri us that no longer appearance appearance great hanging at the end of an extended or torn ear lob however on our extremely first shot we put the little pad behind our er and attached the earring and voila; best once again. Do not go another day without lobe wonder assistance pads.

They work well, however if you leave them on longer than one day they leave a gooey residue behind year ear. We need to utilize just hypoallergenic products and we had no unfavorable rash responses with this product.

Among our earlobes is divided and this is truthfully the only brand name that actually sticks. We enjoy these spots. They permit us to use practically any earring. Will absolutely buy once again.

Last update on 2021-04-07 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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