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King Products - Ear Protector

King Products – Ear Protector

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on King Products – Ear Protector.

    Question Question 1

    What Are The Dimensions Of This Product?

    oval shaped – largest measurements are 8 1/4 X 5 1/4. The hole is 2″ X 3″ It was terrific to utilize.

    Question Question 2

    How Does It Remain on The Ear When You Change From One Side To The Other Throughout Sleep?

    It does not adhere to the ear.You need to move it with you.It’s extremely comfy, though.

    Question Question 3

    Why Did The Foam Turn Yellow?

    Mine did not turn yellow, possibly it is a creme or oil you use.we were off all makeup prior to bed, and make certain we move our hair, prior to laying on it. we wish to buy another one one, it works so well.No more unpleasant ear.Please assist us transfer the site.

    Question Question 4

    Is It Washable?

    we have not utilized it, so we have not cleaned it, however it is foam and we do not see why you could not clean it by hand and lay someplace to dry.

    Question Question 5

    There Are No Guidelines. Which Side Contacts The Location Around The Ear And How Is It Connected For Usage While Sleeping?

    It isn’t attached.It’s like a pillow.The rough sides contacts the location around the ear, with the hole where the ear goes.The flat side contacts the bed.

    Our Insights:

    See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on King Products – Ear Protector, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

    When we got this product, we actually chuckled out loud. It’s big and extremely strange looking. Since the “hot spot” on by ear had actually ended up being intolerable, we chose to offer it a shot. Initially– it is way expensive for convenience, a minimum of for us. So, we sufficed in half horizontally. This worked well, and now we have 2. Our ear is 100% enhanced, that makes this product practically ideal. If you attempt it, comprehend it will take some effort on your part to make it work correctly for you (we punch a “hole” into our plume pillow so it has a nest to rest in, and likewise so our neck and head will not be too raised). It will likewise take a number of nights approximately to get utilized to precisely how to be in a convenience zone. We have actually utilized it now for about 2 months, and would not lack it. We are delighted we have 2. Best of luck– if your ear injures as much as mine did, you will wish to attempt this product.

    We had this sore on our ear lobe for a long period of time. A dermotologist lastly turned up in our town. He stuck a needle in our lobe to ease us of discomfort, as he eliminated the sore. His nurse informed us that in setting we put pressure on the cartilige on our ear lobe, hence the sore. She informed us to find us a”ear donut” Said we may find it in walmart. The only one they had, you rested on it. Hmmm. Then we got on the web, and there were sites that had ear donuts. This business had one. And we picked the one we have and we like it. We utilize it when we lay on our ideal side (which is most the time). $25 appeared expensive. However it deserves the cash. We are delighted we found it.

    The only thing that might make this pillow any better is if it were larger. We would enjoy a much larger pillow with the very same texture and the hole for the ear in the center. The pillow is extremely comfy versus the face and has an ideal area for our ear. We utilize this to avoid putting pressure on our recovery cartilage piercings in our ears. It works completely and has actually assisted us sleep a lotbetter Would advise to anybody who requires to ease their ears.

    We have actually been searching for this product for a long period of time. Our medical professional stated we required something for the pressure marks on our ears. We utilize this every night and the pressure mark disappeared. We will buy more when we require them.

    We established an open aching on one ear and the skin specialist suggested we buy an unique pillow with a hole in the center to sleep on. We inspected around and found the pillow he pointed out was costing an extremely high rate. Then we encountered this cool ear protector pillow for a portion of the expense. We figured it would most likely do the very same thing as the more costly pillow and even if it didn’t we would just lose a little quantity of cash attempting it. We have actually been sleeping on this little donut for over 2 months now and find it extremely comfy and it does safeguard our ear without rubbing out the medication. The only factor we didn’t offer it 5 star is that we needed to improvise a cover for it. We cut off the sleeve of an old long sleeved t- t-shirt, pressed it through the donut hole and turned it back to cover the whole donut. Gets the job done and is washable as required. Our skin specialist stated this ear condition resembles a bedsore, triggered by our needing to sleep on our left side constantly. Since of cancer surgical treatment we are not able to sleep on our ideal side.

    This is expected to be for an ear, however our senior good friend had a bad elbow from constantly leaning on one side. The skin had actually used through, and would not recover. This was the option. Meant for ears, however resolved an elbow issue.

    A little too tough versus the side of our head to be comfy. The hole is a little small, making it challenging to constantly put your aching ear in the ideal area.

    Outstanding product.

    It is simply what the medical professional bought. It has actually been of incredible advantage in the recovery of our ear. We are grateful for this product.

    Lightweight, particular for ear defense throughout sleep. Red swollen ear recovered over a 2 week duration preventing surgical treatment per md.

    Pillow was simple to utilize, comfy, remained in location. Our ear was much enhanced and sleep was better after the opening night.

    This was much better than we anticipated. It safeguarded our ulcerated ear and is simple to transfer when we take a trip. Our only frustration is that there is no cotton case or some washable cover for the pillow. If the seller had this readily available, it would double his sales.

    We have actually suffered for a number of years with the edge of our ideal ear getting raw, aching, and even bleeding sometimes, generally since we sleep with a air device (c- pac). A mix of the c- pac strap, pillow and our ear was now a great mix. Nevertheless, with the ear protector our ear was recovered in 3 nights utilizing it to sleep on. Thank you a lot. Don.

    Serves its function however the ear hole might be a little bigger. It has egg cage foam for pressure around the head however a strong piece of foam may have worked also. Delighted up until now. We had a scab that established on the leading edge of our ear edge that harmed when laying on our side. This assisted it recover however you need to focus your ear since for us the hole was a little small for us and must most likely be a half inch bigger. Up until now, so excellent. It’ has egg cage foam on one side and flat foam on the other similar to an egg cage bed mattress pad. A lot bigger and thicker than the photo revealed.

    Fit well around our ear, clearing the lower lobe and tragus cartilage which is what we were attempting to safeguard. Was a bit thick which put some stress on our neck, however it might have been essential to keep pressure off of the ear.

    It di d gall us that it cost more to deliver than purchase. However it has actually assisted our pressure aching on our ideal ear, so it deserved it.

    Had an stuborn infection on our external ear, attempting not to sleep on it was challenging. Purchased the ear protector at the reccomendation of our medical professional, lastly relief. It’s comfy and gets the job done, so pleased to have found it.

    Worked fine.

    Has actually truly assisted our spouse after some deal with his ear. Would not have actually recovered without this terrific pillow – thank you.

    We were having an aching grow on the external part of our ear as an outcome of constantly sleeping on one side all the time. We attempted whatever such as attempting to sleep on our opposite or our back, however might never ever get to sleep. We never ever had the ear aching issue up until this previous 6 months however, once it began, absolutely nothing worked for us. The put on our ear constantly was red and burning and even topical prescription antibiotics did not work all that well. When we searched for ear protector when approaching to see if there was a possibility of your having something that may assist, we were so grateful to find that you did have a possible option, and chose to buy and see if they would work. And, it did – it is great. It is not uneasy at all. We sleep well utilizing it. Our ear issue has actually cleaned up totally, and we have actually bought and gotten more of them so that, must we not have the ability to find them in the future, we will have plenty on hand to which to turn. You folks out there who have the very same issue we were withstanding requirement to attempt this ear protector. We ensure you’ll be happily shocked and pleased.

    Last update on 2021-01-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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