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Howard Leight Women Earplugs

Where To Buy?

Find out the relevant products below and buy Howard Leight Women Earplugs.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Howard Leight Women Earplugs.

  • Be certain that this fitsby coming into your mannequin quantity.
  • Tremendous Leight for Women Earplugs – 14 Pair

Better Alternative:

We found these products are better alternative or related to Howard Leight Women Earplugs.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Howard Leight Women Earplugs.
Manufacture ID: R-01757br>br>Excellent for blocking loud night breathing or different noise whereas sleeping or finding out. Provides safety from loud garden mowers concert events or sporting occasions. Smaller measurement earplug specifically designed for girls’s ear />br />Options:br />br />- Distinctive bell form is contoured like an ear canalbr />- Petite measurement provides a more snug match and better efficiency for smaller ear canalsbr />- Gentle foam adjusts for a customized fitbr />- Contains handy carrying casebr />- Single use earplugsbr />br />Amount: 14 Pairs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Howard Leight Women Earplugs.

Question Question 1

How Efficient Are These At Blocking The Noise Of Women?

There isn’t any such factor as “blocking the noise of women” as a result of ladies should not the supply of noise. Males are the supply of noise, and for blocking them, these are efficient. Women ARE the music of the world.

Question Question 2

Decibels Degree?


Question Question 3

Are These Smaller Than This Different Sort? Https://Www. .Com/Gp/Product/B008936Ea0/Ref=Ppx_Yo_Dt_B_Search_Asin_Title?Ie=Utf8&Psc=1?

They’re smaller. we unto solely buy these, however a few years in the past they should have modified the fabric that they’re made with as a result of they not blocked out sound like they used to do. we don t buy them anymore.

Question Question 4

Are These Earplugs Made Out Of Polyvinyl Chloride (Pvc) Or Polyurethane (Pu)? Thank You?

Their web site doesn’t say however the fullsize Tremendous Leight which look precisely the identical says, “Soft, non-irritating polyurethane foam”, on their web site.

Question Question 5

After Inserted Is It Whole Silence?

Sure, whole silence. They’re one of the best ear plugs we have now ever had. we have now small ears and most do not stay put. These are implausible.

Question Question 6

We Are Confused By The Portions Here.”One Size” Is 1/Three The Worth Of “Two Pack,” Which Doesn’T Appear To Make Sense.Is “One Size” A Pack Of 14?

They’re all alike, so don t’ll lose some to indicate up later.Very delicate.

Question Question 7

Will We Nonetheless Hear Our Alarm With These? Simply Trying To Block Out A Roommate Coming Again Drunk At 2Am.?

Sure. It blocks out our boyfriend’s loud night breathing so we sleep a lot better however we nonetheless hear our alarm proper subsequent to our mattress

Question Question 8

What Is The Anatomical Distinction Between Males And Women’S Ear Canals? We Assume Ear Canal Measurement Has More To Do With Physique Measurement In Common, Not Chromosomes?

Chromosomes have an effect on ear canal measurement. Women, as a bunch, are smaller and have smaller ear canals due to their chromosomes. Ergo, these are marketed to ladies. Ergo, they’re pink. It is a thang; no have to name out the loss of life squads. Most individuals do not measure their ear canals and do not know if theirs are massive or small. G Chromosomes have an effect on ear canal measurement. Women, as a bunch, are smaller and have smaller ear canals due to their chromosomes. Ergo, these are marketed to ladies. Ergo, they’re pink. It is a thang; no have to name out the loss of life squads. Most individuals do not measure their ear canals and do not know if theirs are massive or small. Going by the percentages, these will match most girls better than the bigger ear plugs. This can save more ladies cash since in the event that they buy these as an alternative of the common ones, they will not have purchased ear plugs that will not work for them. Possibly it is a feminist factor in spite of everything. However then, it’s going to save males cash, too, since most males will not buy these and will not, then, get caught with nugatory earplugs. So perhaps it is actually patriarchy. we dunno; it is an actual head-scratcher.

Question Question 9

Are These Reusable?

Sure, for some time. we discover we will use the identical pair each evening for a minimum of three days, typically virtually per week, earlier than they begin carrying out and never staying in our ear as nicely.

Question Question 10

Can This Merchandise Be Shipped To Ny?.We Observed In The Description It Says Many Of You’Re Objects Can’t Be Shipped To The Following States.?

It’s possible you’ll need to test with the completely different sellers, however we do ship to NY.

Question Question 11

Can Males Use These Too?

Sure, we consider both gender can use them. They are not tremendous small for the tiniest of ear canals. They will increase or contract to acceptable sizing.

Question Question 12

Are These Smaller Than The Howard Leight Max Small Foam Earplugs? Thanks.?

we appeared up those you referenced they usually appeared as small as these ladies’s earplugs.From our private expertise with these ladies’s earplugs, they’re too small and do not fully seal the ear to dam noise.we have now small ears to the purpose individuals have commented how cute and small our ears are and these earplugs d we appeared up those you referenced they usually appeared as small as these ladies’s earplugs.From our private expertise with these ladies’s earplugs, they’re too small and do not fully seal the ear to dam noise.we have now small ears to the purpose individuals have commented how cute and small our ears are and these earplugs do not block noise, so we use the Howard Leight common measurement earplugs.The one factor with the common measurement, vs the small, is individuals may not like the texture of the earplug increasing of their ear and the stress towards the within of the ear canal.Nevertheless, that is what it takes to fully seal the ear to dam noise.After utilizing the common, then the small, we went again to the common measurement.Some individuals have complained in regards to the plugs irritating the within of their ears.we found this as nicely, and found there was some type of a powdery end or coating on the plug that was actually irritating our ears, as a result of now we simply wash the subsequent set of earplugs we’re going to use, earlier than utilizing them.Since washing every ear plug earlier than utilizing them (of which we get weeks price of makes use of per set), we have now by no means had an issue with the earplugs hurting or irritating the within of our ears.Clearly there’ll nonetheless be that stress once they increase in your ear.

Question Question 13

Are These Smaller Than The Inexperienced Howard Leight Earplugs? Simply A Bit Smaller Than The Inexperienced Ones However The Similar Materials Would Make These Excellent For Us?

we expect they’re much smaller, not just a bit small

Question Question 14

I Want Ear Plugs To Hold Water Out, Showering Ect.Will These Work?

No, they will soak up some water so we do not suppose they might be superb for blocking water. A silicone plug could be better for that.

Question Question 15

What’S The Nrr Ranking On The Again Of The Field For These?

Noise Discount Ranking: 30 Decebels30dBThe field comprises 14 Pairs of Gentle foam earplugs with carrying case

Question Question 16

Are These Sufficient When Utilizing Firearms?

These are light-weight and shorter earplugs, meant for a girl’s shorter ear canal. we do not suppose they might be sufficient for correct ear safety when utilizing firearms.

Question Question 17

Why Is A Two-Pack 5 Instances More Cash? Bulk Ought to Be Much less Than 2X More.?

we aren’t certain. You re proper, although. That s often the way it works. we might go for the cheaper one.

Question Question 18

What Variety Of Foam Are These Made Of?

It simply says Non-Irritating foam. You would name producer Honeywell Security Merchandise 1800 682 0833. we’re tremendous allergic to the whole lot & we have now used these for years, no drawback. Nice match and noise discount

Question Question 19

Are These Comfy To Sleep In? Additionally, Will We Be In a position To Hear Our Alarm In The Morning?

These are made of froth and are very snug to sleep in and sure you’ll be able to hear your alarm within the morning

Question Question 20

Are These Smaller Than The Macks Model ‘Dreamgirl’ Or ‘Slimfit’? Thanks?

Sure – we expect they keep in your ears better as nicely.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based mostly on our personal expertise after buying and utilizing the product, or based mostly on some research work) on Howard Leight Women Earplugs, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We’re an ear plug connoisseur. We’d like ear plugs and we have now to be choosy. Now we have small ears which might be simply irritated and a husband who snores (stay awake apnea, not allergy symptoms, we have researched and seen medical doctors). Sleeping subsequent to somebody who seems like a drunk, offended wild animal working from a prepare will get previous. Enter our seek for the best ear plug, disposable ones since we unfastened issues. Now we have two that we go between, each made by the identical firm. We had been utilizing laser lite foam earplugs ( they’re pink and yellow, however not marketed in direction of ladies) that are smaller than many customary ear plugs and simpler to squish. With sufficient twisting we will match them in however they bulge out as a result of they’re too lengthy for our smaller ears. Due to the bulging out, they have a tendency to fall out at evening, and we wake, must rummage via our evening stand for the bundle for a brand new pair, get them in, then fall again asleep. We additionally found we have been more liable to irritations in our ears after any extended use of them. Most likely not due to the precise ear plug however as a result of the dimensions was mistaken for our ear. So enter these, the howard leight ladies earplugs, in pink. These are strong pink and visibly a lot smaller when subsequent to the opposite pair. Product of a special kind of froth than the laser lite. We’re in a position to match these in our ears a bit simpler. As soon as in they don’t fall out. They do permit us to listen to a bit more noise, nonetheless their noise ranking is barely decrease when in comparison with the laser lites we have been utilizing (30 decibel vs 32 decibels). To date, after a few months of standard use (thanks subscribe an save. ) we discover minimal irritation which is a large bonus. This is the reason a smaller measurement (not the colour) of these is necessary. So the pink difficulty. We’re ladies, we have now no drawback with them being marketed in direction of me. We hate the colour pink, an excessive amount of of it as a child however these go in our ears. We do see the place it is a advertising and marketing difficulty, we all know why they do it however we do suppose it’s price revisiting. Make them teal, or do a swirl of colours just like the laser lites. Name them petite, compact, one thing like that. We all know our tween boy would like to not put on pink ear plugs, however these do match him better than any others for now. Nevertheless, the “for women” and “pink” will not cease us from shopping for them as a result of our gosh, they work a lot better and the distinction is big (or, small. ).

Where standard-sized earplugs have us waking up feeling as if our ear canals have been violated by a spastic rhesus monkey throughout the evening (sore, stretched-out, moist, and customarily funky in a nasty approach), these earplugs match comfortably. They undoubtedly cut back most noises to an appropriate stage, and assist us get an excellent evening sleep at house, on in a single day trains, lengthy flights, accommodations with skinny partitions, mother and father’ and buddies’ homes, and so forth. Anybody else discover that each one their kin and buddies snore? simply me? keep on, then. We take them with us at any time when we journey. They even assist us destress on daytime prepare rides after we find yourself caught close to somebody who feels the inexplicable want to show their tinny music as much as eleven while enclosed in a metallic tube with different weary travellers. They will not fully drown out the dulcet tones of somebody shouting into their cellphone as they describe aunt martha’s kidney stone, or how horrible their final date was – however they’re going to provide help to really feel much less stabby about it, because it will not really feel as if that particular person is driving each syllable instantly into your ears. Now we have used these for years, and can proceed to make use of them so long as they hold making them. Edit: we have now seen a remark or two referring to how these needs to be for brief ladies or some foolish nonsense like that. Similar to how shoe or bra cup measurement aren’t depending on top or body (or gender, hee. ), so too are our ear canal sizes not depending on top or body or gender. We’re 5’11”, female, with fairly broad shoulders, and need to use smaller ear plugs. We are not particularly a fan of pink (nor do we understand why things marketed to women must be pink), but as we don’t look at them when they are in use, we don’t particularly care that these are fuschia. Makes them easy to find in the sheets the next morning if we pull them out in our sleep. The carrying case is also handy for travel; we stick that inside our folded eye mask (along with a travel-sized toothbrush and tube of toothpaste), and off we go.

We have tried a lot of diff ear plugs. Our husbands snoring is completely out of control & he is a stubborn you know what (lol) he won’t wear his cpap machine & those nasal strips hurt his poor, “tender” nose skin. Sorry for the sarcasm, can you hear the bitterness? lol. His snoring hurts every cell in our body if you know what we mean. Holy buckets of anger on our side of the bed. We are sure some can relate. If you are an unfortunate soul who co-habitates with a snorer, male or female we feel your pain people, we really do. Sooo instead of a divorce or separate bedrooms, or perhaps something worse ( we are kidding) we think? we have sunk some dough into ear plugs. Some are too big, some too small & nothing we have tried so far can halt the frustration we feel nightly. These were pretty dece honestly. Fit was better than most, noise reduction was about the same. We sleep back to back so we can feel the snoring, the rumbling of a mac truck is about the right description. Been married forever (35 yrs) love the guy, just wanna sleep at night. Sooo give these a try, they aren’t worse than anything we have tried, better than a divorce or other alternatives hee hee & possibly fit better cuz they are shorter & wider on the outside.

We are so glad we chose these. We used earplugs in the past and always found them very uncomfortable. So much so that we would take them out almost immediately and just tolerate whatever. In the past, we pretty much always mocked /basic/ items that were gender specific (i. E. Bic pens for women) and it never occurred to us in the past that we needed earplugs made specifically for women. Oh how foolish we were for not trying these sooner. They work perfect. They actually fit and don’t make us uncomfortable. Because they are correct for our ears, they expand and function as they should. We are really shocked at the difference the right size makes in an item like this. We will say this. If it were our company, we probably would not have made these pink and labeled them as women’s. Although we do actually love pink, we would have at least marketed them in sizes instead of genders. Like, large, medium, small or even regular vs small, etc.

We wear earplugs because our husband is a terrible snorer. We used to have to wait till the snoring woke us up -again – around 3 in the morning to plug our ears because the other styles of earplugs would hurt our ears too quickly to make it till the morning. We mean pain that would definitely wake us up, worse than snoring. We tried every brand we could find. This brand, leight, was the one that worked the best with the “regular” types of plugs, but when we saw they came out with a special woman’s version we decided to try them, though we were skeptical. But, they work. With these we can put them in before sleeping and wear them all night and actually sleep through snoring. They do let in more crashing types of noises than the general purpose leight ones, like our cat knocking something large over in the night. We actually like that, because we do want to know if something crazy is happening in our house. We don’t wake up from snoring sounds though, so woohoo. We have been using them for more than a year, we just started buying them through recently though.

We have a sensitivity to sound and these are great for our small ear canals. Most earplugs are far too large and really hurt our ears when wearing them for extended periods of time, but these are so comfortable that we forget we are wearing them. As at least one other reviewer mentioned, these are priced higher than some other brands, but they’re the only ones we have been able to find that are this size (although please let us know if there are identical ones that might be a different color but cheaper). Women tend to have smaller ears than men so it was actually helpful that these were marketed towards women. We have purchased these consistently for about 4 years or so and we use about one pair every week even though they’re a one-time use product. Haven’t had any ear health issues by using this product in this way and we have been getting a clean bill of health from our ent specialist. They’re not strong enough for a firing range or a loud factory-type facility but they’re perfect for a snoring spouse, noisy office, road noise and even pretty good about handling subwoofer noise. They’ve also helped us enjoy arena-sized concerts without getting a migraine afterwards.

We have the hearing of a dog, every loud sound hurts our ears. We use big earmuffs when at the range but we still get bothered by the sounds so we double up with earplugs and then we are comfortable. Most ear plugs either fall off or hurt the inside of our ears but not these ones. They’re pretty comfy to wear and don’t bother our ears. We tried using them for sleeping but they’re so-so for that, they stick out a bit and that’s enough for them to catch on the pillow or hair and fall off or loosen a bit and having one ear more muffled than the other is annoying. One downside to these plugs, and really, it’s not the plugs fault, is that . Tmwe warning in case you’re grossed out easily. They fit so well that heat gets trapped and since we have overacting ears that produce sticky ear was well, sometimes we get that ear wax sticking to the end of plugs and it’s not a pretty sight when we take them off. We don’t care since that’s just our biology but we could see how that’d be embarrassing to some if in a group setting.

These can be really good ear plugs for you depending on your needs. We are very light sleeper and when we are woken during the night we become fully alert. Wearing these helps us in subtle ways. You wont be dead to the world wearing these — which as a mom is comforting. When we are not wearing ear plugs we would wake up as we hear our child walking towards our door. With these we stir when she’s at the foot of the bed. When we have tended to her needs our sleepy state often remains and it’s easier for us to fall back asleep. When a tantrum becomes anxiety inducing we pop these babies in. It’s our personal experience, but you get the picture. Our first child was colicky and our sanity was often tested. We are expecting our second and we are planning on having to dampen the deafening sound during care. When wearing these we can also hear a muffled alarm clock. The ear plugs are smaller, which we thought would work perfectly for us because we only fit into kid hats. However, these ear plugs are prone to fall out or work their way out during the night and their a tad itchy (it quickly became a non issue for us). The flat ends make side sleeping comfy. As a final note we would say the pink washing of this product is just plain silly. If we wanna be dead to the world we wear our howard leight ll1s. These larger ear plugs are less likely to fall out, the foam is a little comfier and it gives maximum noise protection for nights when we wanna sleep a solid, unencumbered eight hours.

We have insomnia, 4 little dogs, and laminate flooring. When we finally get to sleep, the last thing we want is to be woken up by the spastic pitter-patter of 16 tiny little feet (64 tiny little toenails) when the dogs decide to throw a dance party. These ear plugs do the trick. We have been using them for years. We wear them all night and they never get uncomfortable. One pair will last us about 2 to 3 weeks. Each box comes with a little ear shaped plastic holder we use to keep them from getting dusty when we are not using them. It’s a nice touch. We usually buy several boxes at a time and we have never had a box go bad on me, even after sitting on a shelf for a year.

We typically dislike the idea of “women-specific” products. Wish these were not pink, and not marketed towards women, but just for people with smaller ears. 5 stars because they were a lifesaver when we moved to a busy street in the middle of a city when other earplugs would cause our ear canals to ache from the pressure or annoy us if we were sleeping on our side. We have been buying these ones for over 5 years now and won’t get any others.

Foam earplugs work the best for us. We purchased these thinking maybe they would function better when sleeping with them in– that is, that there would be less hitting the plug on the pillow. Findings: they definitely fit that bill. However, since there is less foam size, the noise cancelling is not a stout as the full sized earplug. We would suggest getting this size if you find the standard size putting too much pressure on your ears or frequently falling out. <-- we are no expert, just saying. =).

These are good replacement for the hearos pretty in pink earplugs whose redesign are now too bulky and uncomfortable for our small ear canals. They are the right kind of soft; they squish and then expand inside the ears nicely and hold up to multiple uses. We wear them every night. They don’t block noise as well as some other brands, but they’re comfortable enough we are willing to trade off for a bit less efficiency.

We are night shift nurse so we sleep during the day. We suffer through a plethora of outside noises: landscapers cutting grass at early af in the morning, neighbors building pools and gazebos in their yards, people power washing their roofs and fedex delivery persons ringing our doorbell in the afternoon, just to name a few. We have small ears so regular sized earplugs fall out of our ears a lot of times, but these are perfect. They fit in our ears just right and we hear zero environmental noise. The only thing we hear (and it’s barely audible) is our phone alarm at top volume on our nightstand. We have been sleeping all afternoon through without noise interruptions from our rude neighbors.

Comfortable because they are adjustable with just a squeeze of the fingers and then expand for a custom fit in your ears. We teach a global health course for university students where we travel to finland every year. There is maybe about 2 hours of dusk at that time of year. When you are use to going to bed in the dark and getting up with the sun, it can be difficult. You need a way to block noise with some eye covering guard. Now if you aren’t traveling towards the north pole, these are great for airplane travel or to block out environmental noise. Now you might be thinking. We will just use our earbuds. There is a problem. As you move when you sleep, they become dislodged. Listening to music non-stop does not help your brain turn off to get the restorative sleep that you one needs. So pack a set in your bag next time you travel or use them at night. You will notice a difference in your quality of sleep.

We call these our “marriage savers”. 😉 it’s great to find yourself in a situation where your spouse’s biggest fault is their snoring. These ear buds are comfortable and allow us to sleep through things like snoring and a low volume tv, but still allow us to wake up to our loud smartphone alarm. They fit comfortable and one pair will last us around a week before it gets dirty and too soft to use. They do fall out sometimes but that’s to be expected with a soft squishy thing that goes in your ear, so we won’t take off a star for that. We love these ear buds. We wish they came in a larger pack.

These ended up being significantly too small for us, so just rattled around in our ears, and didn’t block noise. We are taller but small boned and thin. The laser lite pink and yellow earplugs are tad too big for us. They work great but will hurt our ear canal after wearing them several nights in a row. So we tried these women’s small ones but they are only about half the length of the others, and more narrow. We guess we will still give them 4 stars even though they didn’t work at all for us, because they do say they are small. They work okay for our sister, so we gave them to her.

We prefer the leight brand earplugs because their tapered shape makes them easier to insert and the soft foam is more comfortable than some of the harder materials. We have smaller ear canals and the standard size puts considerable pressure on our ears leaving them sore. We ordered these not sure if they were actually smaller or just silly “pink is for ladies” advertising and marketing. We’re completely satisfied to verify that they’re certainly smaller each in size and diameter and are a lot more snug. Now we have included an image to indicate the distinction between these earplugs and the leight max earplug. Resulting from some early morning noise disturbances in our neighborhood we have now needed to put on ear plugs all evening for a couple of wee and our ears have been turning into fairly sore. After two nights with these smaller earplugs our ears really feel a lot better. Being smaller we have been involved that they might not block noise as nicely however we have now been in a position to sleep via the noise issues simply in addition to we did with the bigger plugs.

These are the very best earplugs we have now ever owned. The one factor we do not like is that they market them as ladies’s earplugs, as a result of males can completely put on them. Each our boyfriend and our dad have talked about how a lot better these earplugs match their ears than customary earplugs. The fabric is sturdy and squishy, and never uncomfortable in any respect. Blocks an excellent little bit of noise, however we will nonetheless hear our alarm within the morning.

Oh candy aid. We do not love sleeping with ear plugs in, however we sleep with a deaf canine who snores so loudly. We used to make use of the common howard leight ear plugs, which simply by no means match comfortably. They have been a problem to get in our ears, and would usually fall out within the evening. These candy little pink ones made for girls’s ears are the right answer. They slip into place simply and comfortably, and stay in place all evening. We sleep peacefully because of these, and by no means really feel or discover them as soon as they’re in place.

We’re not certain why these are listed as ladies’s earplugs. We’re man, they usually match our ears completely. We suppose they’re marketed for girls simply because they’re pink? for the decreased value, we’re completely snug carrying pink earplugs.

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