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Howard Leight Quiet Corded Reusable Shooting Earplugs

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Howard Leight Quiet Corded Reusable Shooting Earplugs.

  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • EASY NO ROLL DESIGN: Patented “no-roll” design makes for easier handling and an overall better fit; it eliminates the need to roll the earplug between your fingers to make it smaller before insertion
  • SECURE FIT (NRR 26): The bell shape matches the contour of your ear canal to ensure a secure, comfortable fit; Noise Reduction Rating of 26 provides good hearing protection for shooting
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT & HYGIENE: Smooth vinyl skin is non-irritating for easy wear and all-day comfort; vinyl is easy-to-clean to promote better hygiene and extend the life of the earplug
  • EASY-GRIP INSERTION STEM: The built-in insertion stem is easy to grip between thumb and forefinger for quick, no-fuss insertion; the polycord allows for easy carriage around neck

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Howard Leight Quiet Corded Reusable Shooting Earplugs.
Product DescriptionHoward Leight by Honeywell Quiet Corded Reusable Shooting Earplugs provide comfortable, reliable hearing protection for shooting. The bell shape and patented “no-roll” design makes for easy insertion and a quick fit. The smooth, easy-to-clean skin is non-irritating and provides hygienic, all-day comfort. Suitable for use as shooting earplugs at the range or hunting earplugs in the field. 2-pack comes with a convenient carrying case and high-visibility orange cord so you can easily access hearing protection when you need it.From the ManufacturerFor great protection and comfort from a reusable earplug, Quiet provides consistent attenuation for all day wear. Quiet requires no rolling, its built-in flexible stem adds in ease of insertion and immediate comfort. Uses body heat to adapt to the shape of the ear canal for a comfortable, personalized fit. With its patented soft shell around a pocket of air, airsoft ensures maximum protection, comfort and extended wear in a multiple use earplug. Three soft flanges offer a better fit in the ear canal for a tighter seal and better attenuation. Features 26-db noise reduction rating. Comes with carrying case. Includes 2 pairs per case. Available in orange color. Measures 5-8/9-inch length by 3-8/9-inch width by 1-1/5-inch height.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Howard Leight Quiet Corded Reusable Shooting Earplugs.

Question Question 1

Is The Cord Detachable?

No, cord is molded to the ear plugs.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after purchasing and using the product, or based on some research work) on Howard Leight Quiet Corded Reusable Shooting Earplugs, these might be useful for better understanding.

These are the earplugs we reached for by choice when we worked in manufacturing and we still love them for riding in a car full of noise on trips. We have a pair in the house and two in the car. Love them. One caveat – they fit some ears better than others. We get a tight, comfortable fit but our husband can’t get them to seal at all. Still recommend them because when they fit, boy do t.

Have used similar earplugs from this manufacture for years when we travel. Like they are corded for using on airplanes and hotel rooms so don’t lose. This newer batch though do not seem as well made. For one set, the ear plug broke off from the cord after only a few uses. Hopefully, this was a fluke.

Our husband uses these for his afternoon nap. We burned something on the stove and the smoke alarm went off, right above the open bedroomdoor. He never woke up. They could be dangerous in the case of fire, but otherwise they are amazing.

We have boxes of ear plugs in a variety of styles that we have accumulated over the years, and these are the only ones we use. We wear them for motorcycling, and since they are reusable, they do not require rolling them to fit in our ear, and they don’t cause irritation making contact with our helmet. Being corded they don’t disappear, and they are all day comfortable. They may seem a little pricey, but considering you only need to replace them if you lose them they are actually a bargain when compared to the use and toss foam ones.

We love these because these are the only ones that’ll stay in while we sleep. And they are really good and blocking out sounds. Our husband gets up every night and it used to wake us up. But now we don’t even know that he’s left the house for work sometimes till we wake up. So basically we finally get a good nights sleep because we are very light sleeper.

We have been searching high and low for these ear plugs. Our introduction to them was when they came with some eyeshades, but we couldn’t find them separately. We started using them when we started having trouble staying asleep whenever we heard any noise. These are fit our ears and the stem helps with perfect placement. The cord and the orange color make it easy to find them if we pull them out when we are sleeping.

These are well made and you cant lose them. It helps muffle all the noise around me. That way its more barable. Short of regular head phones that would block out all the noise these little ear pieces do a decent job. We live in an area with a lotof children and dogs and it gets noisy, these ear pieces help out. They are also helpful on the bus when you have a busload of people and the noise gets to be too much. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for this type of product.

They work well.

These are great ear plugs. They are basically as shown with a solid core to help insert them into the ear. We use them for shooting, going to concerts and when the grand kids are around. Note these are multiple use, they are bit dear to be throwing away after every use.

You can pay a lot more, but these are the best.

Excellent product: ear plugs very easy on the ears and do not cause itching. But they are made only in orange color, making them too noticeable.

We use these while doing video at drag races where we are almost next to the cars with open headers. No ear ringing after using these and much better than the generic foam ones. The bright orange color helps us find them in our bag when we haphazardly throw them in without putting them in its case. Not sure how they would do for firearms, but for our needs, they get the job done at a decent price.

These ear plugs work great for us. They are very handy because of the rubber string enables us to wear them around our neck and have them always available. It’s a noisey world when you have tinnitus.

We love them. We have bought quite a few of these. Once they start getting “hard”, they hurt your ears and you just have to start on a new pair :)it’s to the point now where we can’t sleep without these plugs.

We use them on a motorcycle and it makes it very clear listening to the radio while cutting the wind noise. We hve reordered them several times.

We wear these with our howard leight electronic ear muffs and its great for an indoor gun range.

They’re decent for the price, but they’re not the sturdiest. They fit pretty well, but again, not the best. A second little container for the second pair would make sense as well.

Came packaged as shown on the site. All intact. Works well. Good material. Quality. Does the job.

They really work for stadium noise.

Just fine.

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