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Honeywell Quiet Band Supra-Aural Banded Earplugs

Where To Buy?

Find out the relevant products below and buy Honeywell Quiet Band Supra-Aural Banded Earplugs.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Honeywell Quiet Band Supra-Aural Banded Earplugs.

  • Make certain this fitsby entering your design number.
  • PERIODIC SOUND STYLE: Lightweight & portable trademarked band style enables earplugs to rest conveniently around neck for fast and simple insertion & elimination in periodic sound environments
  • HEALTH & SECURITY: Keeping the earplugs around the neck likewise assists avoid loss or misplacement, and keeps the earplugs far from work environment dirt, liquids and other pollutants
  • SUPRA-AURAL FIT: Soft pods rest partly in the ear canal for a supra-aural fit that uses a great balance of hearing security and convenience; Sound Decrease Score 25
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: 10 set of earplugs per pack

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Honeywell Quiet Band Supra-Aural Banded Earplugs.
Product DescriptionHoward Leight by Honeywell Quiet Band Supra-Aural Banded Earplugs provide perfect hearing defense for periodic sound environments. The trademarked band style enables the earplugs to rest conveniently around the neck. This keeps them constantly at-the-ready as sound levels change, or as employees transfer to and from loud sound locations. The banded style likewise assists avoid loss or misplacement, and promotes better health by keeping the earplugs far from dirt and other work environment pollutants. The Soft pods rest partly in the ear canal for a supra-aural fit that uses a great balance of ear defense and comfort.From the ManufacturerQB2HYG banded earplugs are an excellent option for those who operate in periodic sound. The soft pods rest partly in the ear for a balance of convenience and defense. The trademarked band style avoids ear pods from touching filthy or polluted surface areas. Its light-weight and portable style makes it simple to utilize in environments with periodic sound risks. Consists of a set of replacement pods for extended usage. NRR 25.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Honeywell Quiet Band Supra-Aural Banded Earplugs.

Question Question 1

We Are Taking a look at The “10” Plan For $3729 Is It For 10 Bands And Each Band Has One Set Of Replacements Buds. Or Is It 10 Sets Of Replacement Bud?

we purchased the single one, however the method we read it, the set is 10 bands, each with one set of replacement buds.we have actually purchased all 3 designs of these and they all come one band with buds and one additional set of buds per plan.

Question Question 2

Where Can We Get Replacement Earplug Tips?

They feature an additional set. The selling shop has actually constantly had replacement buds readily available.

Question Question 3

Does Size 10 Mean We Get 10 Products?

Yes, this is a pack of 10.

Question Question 4

Do These Be Available In 1 Huge Bag Or 10 Different Bag For Each Set?

They are available in different bags with one set of replacement ear pieces. They are not for consistent use as they will begin to put pressure on your gourd and end up being uneasy. we use them in a store that has periodic loud sound so we put them on and take them off 20 times a day.

Question Question 5

Are The Ear Tips Exchangeable On These?

Yes, the ear ideas are replaceable.Mine have actually constantly included an additional set of ear ideas.

Question Question 6

The Number Of Sets Of Earplugs Feature This Product? A lot of The Reviews Indicate Just Getting 1 Set Rather Of 10 As The Desription Header Indicates.?

10 sets, each with an extra set of foam inserts. These are suggested to use all the time, however come in handy to simply drop off when typical hearing is possible.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Honeywell Quiet Band Supra-Aural Banded Earplugs, these may be helpful for better understanding.

They do a remarkably great task of sound seclusion, however do carry out a disruptive quantity of sound when the band contacts clothes, rifle stocks, and so on. They are extremely convenient to handle and off, not large, and extremely light. They do not, in our experience, change the requirement for plugs and muffs when shooting high power rifles or pistols, or being stationed beside a shooter with a muzzle brake (aka loudener). The rate was great, and they fill a certain specific niche, specifically in the canine days of summer season, where they work well with hats and caps. Our company believe they will work well with power devices likewise. The muffs and plugs will come out when the boomers remain in usage, however these will motivate defense when utilizing less energetic gadgets. By purchasing package of 10, the rate is less than $4 and we will hand them out to our good friends.

We are unsure what the other evaluations are describing, however in june 2013 we purchased this product and we got 10 banded earplugs, each in a different bag with extra foam ideas, all evacuated in an initial howard leight container. These earplugs work well, however we can not use them behind our neck when trimming as the rubbing of the band versus our collar triggers sound in our our ears. Having them suspend under our chin works completely. These work along with (or better than) the ear-muff design that we utilized to use. Unlike ear-muffs, these do not interfere with sunglasses or hats. After placing the foam ideas into your ears, it’s great to let them settle in for 30 seconds to get a great seal.

This is a box of 10 head bands; terrific product, efficient and comfy for high/ sharp sound environment,, howard leight qb2hyg peaceful bands sanitary banded earplugs resealable bag box, pack of 10,,.

We purchased these due to the fact that they are what hickok45 on youtube usages. We figured if somebody like him who shoots almost every day, is not deaf yet, then they need to work great for us and our periodic shooting. We purchased a box of a lots, and offered some to good friends.

These take a little getting utilized to, as we have actually been utilizing over the ear defense already. These are lightweight and our ears do not sweat like they make with the over the ear head set. They do not attenuate the noise along with over the ear, however they work enough for our woodworking requirements.

Our preferred aspect of these is that you can hang them on your neck and you do not even understand they exist. Then, when you require them, it takes simply a few seconds to put them in your ears. The only thing we have found unfavorable about them is that the ear buds are getting a little soft and mushy. That might be our fault as we utilized mosquito repellent which might be impacting the product. Likewise, sitting these in the control panel of our truck might not be assisting. Besides, they feature an additional set of earbuds which is great.

Excellent product.

Gets the job done.

We utilize them in our store and on variety – not as great as complete ear defense however extremely convenient and less interfering.

Finest rate for this product. Far better than other ear bud alternatives.

They work as anticipated.

This set of ear defense is extremely comfy to use, however we believe it truly depends upon what application you are seeking to utilize them for. We desired these for going to the indoor weapon variety, however we hesitate that they do not rather moisten the sound enough for that. They would be terrific for an outside variety, yardwork, or dealing with loud equipment. They are extremely well made, simply not rather what we were searching for.

These are our “go to” ear plugs and are terrific when you require defense for brief durations. They ride around our neck when not required however rapidly slip on or off. The only unfavorable is if we need to use them for longer durations our ears harmed from the squeezing pressure. They are the very best hearing defense we have found that you can rapidly place on or remove.

Well, we have actually constantly utilized the soft foam ear defense. We desired something that would twist around the back of our head, for that reason, being out of the method also. Pros: certainly, certainly does damper, lowers the bang, shock of a 230 gr. 45 acp out of our auto-ordnance m1911 a1. Great for the rate and the defense you will get. Now, for the cons: little bit uneasy if you use them for extended periods of time, for us it had to do with 30 minutes, however we were taking them on and off to lower the sensation. We have just used them a few time’s, so little more break in duration, it needs to be all great. We would advise this product to anybody desiring great ear defense.

Our hubby is a union carpenter and he stated these are better than any other brand name out there. He handed a few out and they concurred.

Excellent quality & rate.

We have actually been utilizing these ear plugs with our tree cutting service for about 8 years. They are lightweight, easily shop (hang) around your neck till required and last a very long time. One employee has actually had his for the whole 8 years. We will continue to utilize these.

Excellent ear defense. Purchased for a handful of good friends for nhra leading fuel occasion. Work terrific, simple and fast on/off– plus each set had a replacement set of end pieces. Completely advise.

Purchased for our pal he likes them. Resilient.

Precisely what we were anticipating.

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