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Honeywell Quiet Band Inner-Aural Banded Earplugs

Where To Buy?

Find out the relevant products below and buy Honeywell Quiet Band Inner-Aural Banded Earplugs.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Honeywell Quiet Band Inner-Aural Banded Earplugs.

  • PERIODIC SOUND STYLE: Lightweight & portable trademarked band style permits earplugs to rest conveniently around neck for fast and simple insertion & elimination in periodic sound environments
  • HEALTH & SECURITY: Keeping the earplugs around the neck likewise assists avoid loss or misplacement, and keeps the earplugs far from work environment dirt, liquids and other pollutants
  • INNER-AURAL FIT: Smooth, ergonomic pod style supplies a protected, inner-aural suitable for optimum hearing security with a Sound Decrease Ranking of 27
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: 10 set of earplugs per pack
  • ADVISED INDUSTRIES: farming, chemical, building, police, production, military, mining, local, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, steel, metal, transport

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Honeywell Quiet Band Inner-Aural Banded Earplugs.
Product DescriptionHoward Leight by Honeywell Quiet Band Inner-Aural Banded Earplugs use perfect hearing security for periodic sound environments. The trademarked band style permits the earplugs to rest conveniently around the neck. This keeps them constantly at-the-ready as sound levels change, or as employees transfer to and from loud sound locations. The banded style likewise assists avoid loss or misplacement, and promotes better health by keeping the earplugs far from dirt and other work environment pollutants. The smooth, ergonomic, pod style provides a protected inner-aural fit and optimum ear protection.From the ManufacturerQB1HYG banded earplugs are a fantastic option for those who operate in periodic sound. The smooth ergonomic pods suit the ear canal for optimum security. The trademarked band style avoids ear pods from touching unclean or polluted surface areas. Its light-weight and portable style makes it simple to utilize in environments with periodic sound dangers. Consists of a set of replacement pods for extended usage. NRR 27.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Honeywell Quiet Band Inner-Aural Banded Earplugs.

Question Question 1

Will We Really Get 10 Banded Ear Plugs?

Hello – Thank you for your questions. Yes it will be 10 banded ear plugs. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Honeywell Quiet Band Inner-Aural Banded Earplugs, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We like the simple on simple off. We utilize them mainly when cutting the yard and blowing leaves.

Great product.

I do end up woodworking, we have these around our neck all the time. Quickly slip on and do a great task of cutting the sound. Pretty comfy, all the time in our ears may endure us however. I take them out, depending upon what we are doing.

Perfect for our spouse who works out in the heat constantly running a loud maker. It offers him the sound security without the pain of complete protection ear silencers.

What can we state, they get the job done as marketed.

We work as a vehicle professional and usage these as hearing security every day. We have actually attempted many other brand names and types, however truly, none are more comfy or more practical. We can use them for an hour and they will not make our ears injured. A few of the other types are exceptionally unpleasant even after 5 minutes. So, if you remain in an environment where you require hands complimentary ear security, these things are excellent.

If you require to secure your hearing, you require to utilize a technique that is comfy and hassle-free. Howard leight quietbands are the response.

Work excellent. Lightweight and simple to monitor.

The ideal cost gets the job done, lightweight, our guys like them. We like the truth they send out replacement ear plugs.

Provided out one box out to staff members and got another box for spares. They are simple to monitor with the brilliant color.

Love these ear security set. The very best.

Lot. Thanks. Really high quality. We are big guy and the fit is best. Seller did a fantastic task on supplying the marketed amount.

The howard leight qb1 hyg earband is among the most comfy and practical hearing security gadgets we have actually ever utilized. Unlike the qb2 and qb3, the qb1 inserts into the ear canal for enhanced db stopping (around 27 we believe it is ranked for), equaling its bulkier ear muff rivals. The lightweight and pressure complimentary style are more effective to somebody like us who discovers the pressure on temples and earlobes of ear muff really unpleasant. The earband style serves to make putting them on and off in a periodically loud environment simple. We use my own right around our neck all the time at work. The non reusable plugs are even washable and reasonably long lasting for numerous days of usage, and the entire product is inexpensive enough for anybody to pay for. There are truly just 2 disadvantages. Initially there is the dirt aspect. Given that the plugs place into the ear canal you require to be additional mindful to keep them tidy. Second of all, while the band itself is really long lasting, the blue caps which connect to the band, which the plugs connect to, tend to snap. This issue, nevertheless, is treated in the truth that all replacement plugs featured a brand name brand-new set of these blue caps, which are really simple to get rid of and connect to the band.

We went to the producer sight and purchased nearly each of their hearing band types and this one is the very best. It is the most comfy and supplies great security. If you are searching for a band, after attempting about half a lots, we can state this one is the very best for woodworking. We used this while shooting some weapons too and we would get a “regular” inner ear foam and the headset design on top of that for that particular application. The band alone (any band) is inadequate security for loud weapons, however is wonderful for power tools.

We too am a surface carpenter, we got tired of those plugs you need to take out and find some location to keep them. They ultimately get lost. These remain around your neck all the time, and slip on and off without any issue. We have actually attempted other brand names, however they either stick too far in your ear or they do not remain in at all. These do a fantastic task of cutting the sound down. Our colleagues desired us to get them some, now all of us are using them. A pleased woodworker from south dakota. P. S. We purchased some to put in our store. Todd smith.

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