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Honeywell – High Visibility Disposable Foam Earplug Refill

Where To Buy?

Find out the relevant products below and buy Honeywell – High Exposure Non Reusable Foam Earplug Refill.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Honeywell – High Exposure Non Reusable Foam Earplug Refill.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your design number.
  • LASER LITE HI-VIS COLORS: Dynamic yellow & magenta color is extremely noticeable from a range to assist make sure worker compliance and hearing security; it likewise assists avoid loss or misplacement
  • OUTSTANDING SOUND DECREASE (NRR 32): Self-Adjusting foam earplugs broaden in the ear upon insertion to develop a safe seal for exceptional hearing security in loud offices and jobsites
  • PERFECT FOR SMALLER & LARGER EARS: Little size of earplug provides ideal fit and ear security for smaller sized ears, however low pressure foam broadens to fit essentially any size ear and ear canal
  • CONVENIENCE & HEALTH: Contoured T-shape enables simple insertion and elimination; Smooth, soil-resistant, closed-cell foam skin assists avoid dirt accumulation

Better Alternative:

We found these products are better alternative or related to Honeywell – High Exposure Non Reusable Foam Earplug Refill.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Honeywell – High Exposure Non Reusable Foam Earplug Refill.
Design: 500 Laser Lite Earplugs Refill Validate at a look that workers and coworkers are using ear security with Howard Leight by Honeywell Laser Lite High Exposure Disposable Foam Earplugs. The yellow and magenta color pattern make sure these foam earplugs stand out, even throughout a hectic store flooring. The contoured T-shape produces simple insertion and elimination, and the self-adjusting foam is developed to fit many ear canals. Office dirt accumulation is hindered by the soil-resistant, closed-cell foam skin. 500- set refill box for usage with the Leight Source 500 Earplug Dispenser (LS-500)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Honeywell – High Exposure Non Reusable Foam Earplug Refill.

Question Question 1

So, When We Open Package, Exist Going To Be 1000 Loose Earplugs?Or 500 Pairs Packaged Together?

1000 loose earplugs.

Question Question 2

Does This Include Earplugs?

Ididn’t acquire the dispenser, just package of 500 sets of earplugs, so we can’t actually provide a conclusive ansswer.Sorry.

Question Question 3

Is Every Set Is Seperately Loaded?

Great early morning, No they aren’t. These are provided in a box and there is no product packaging.

Question Question 4

It States 500 Pairs.Just Wished To Confirm There Are 1000 Pieces Then?

On package it states 500 x2.

Question Question 5

Worth Purchasing?

Yes, they can be used for hours without harming your ear. Since they aren t as thick as others they roll quickly and broaden quite fast so they get the job done well. Emmet

Question Question 6

Exists Any Sound Made When The Crank Is Relied On Give The Earplugs?


Question Question 7

Do These Have 2,000 Pairs Per Order, Or 500?

Jim. It appears that combined the ASIN representing the MAX-1-D (500 pr) to a various product. Ours is a box with 500 pr. Regards.

Question Question 8

Do You Have These Wholesale Separately Covered? Thanks?

The bulk pack comes unwrapped so they can be utilized in a earplug dispenser. The only product packaging readily available covered remains in a box of 200 couple with 10 boxes per case. Thanks

Question Question 9

Does It Include Earplugs?

No, it does not included earplugs

Question Question 10

Does The Sticker Label State Pvc-Free And Made In U.S.A.? Thanks.?

There is no marking on the plan that specifiesPVC-Free. It does show the source is U.S.A. and packaged in Mexico, That has to do with it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Honeywell – High Exposure Non Reusable Foam Earplug Refill, these may be helpful for better understanding.

These ear plugs are terrific for noise and they are little for smaller sized ears. We need to provide a 4 star since we believe they have latex in them since our ears are scratchy and have blisters or rash. However they do keep out noise and they are fairly comfy (just due to the inflammation, they are terrific otherwise). They are packaged loosely in a box, they are for a refill for their dispensers they offer, however they cost less by doing this, they are simply not separately covered so you require to put them in a baggy or something to keep tidy while bring them around. We do not understand if they have latex, we keep missing it if it is published or identified.

We have actually utilized these plugs for many years for bike riding; they suit our ear canals better than others. Though the plugs are ranked for 30 db, we do not pick up any distinction in between these and ones ranked for32 The 4-star score is since the 500- set box has loose plugs, which is not specified in the description plainly enough. The 200- set boxes that we normally buy have sets of plugs crammed in specific plastic bags – the method we require them; this box has simply plugs. Bear in mind this if you bring earplugs in your pockets.

They’re comfy, simple to place and eliminate, can be recycled numerous times, and they obstruct sound too or better than any other earplugs we have actually utilized. We purchased a giant box of these to utilize while sleeping and likewise for dealing with loud devices in our workshop. When we purchased these, we were anticipating to utilize one set per night, so we purchased numerous years worth. Now that we understand they can be recycled numerous times, it appears we have something near a life time supply.:–RRB-.

Utilize them all the time – foundation of the store. Go terrific in the leightsource. If you do not have a dispenser – that seems like an individual issue. They are not covered so buy a dispenser to keep them tidy. The plastic leightsource is really high quality and not really pricey. If you appreciate your ears which of those around you, make the financial investment.

We have actually utilized these max1-d earplugs for many years to assist us sleep through the night. We are hypersensitive to sound and the smallest will wake us up. It took us some time to discover how to properly place them into our ears, however with appropriate insertion it obstructs out all noise and we can sleep throught the night.

We want we had actually checked out the evaluation from the other commenter prior to. This product packaging is developed to be discarded into an earplug dispenser, so the sets are not separately covered. They are the very same plugs, however, so if you do not care about that then they are excellent cost. Package is tough enough to utilize as a dispenser, as long as you have space for it someplace.

We utilize these generally for sleeping however bring some around any place we go; for taking a trip, taking a snooze in the automobile (as a traveler), in hotels, at shows, and so on. They are bit less “large” than some other brand names that made us fret they would not work too, however they do. They remain ‘crushed’ enough time to enter little ear canals, and you can get them in much deeper than you require to, which can be bad if you’re not mindful, however that actually assists the sound reduction. We will buy them once again when we run out – however at 500 set, it’ll be a year or 2 prior to we require to.

We use plugs nearly daily for work and whatever else that makes sounds. These are without a doubt our favorite. They have the very same sound decrease score (nr33) as many designs and brand names out there however are much more comfy to use for extended periods. They compress really quickly making them simple to set up and utilize. We sleep with them frequently, use them under snowmobile helmets, work for 12 hours, shooting sports. We liked them soo much we purchased a dispenser for our garage. We takes us over year to eliminate among the huge boxes.

We evaluate emergency alarm and fire lawn sprinkler everyday and constantly utilize ear plugs. These fit terrific and no concerns werefound Great product.

These are the very best ear plugs we havefound Utilizing “hewtt light-weight” ears plugs over 4 years. Great for peaceful sleep. Much, more affordable to acquire in big amounts. Constantly put a set of earplugs on missions bed. We have actually gotten numerous compliments from our missions & relative.

Excellent plugs, lot. We recycle one set numerous times. They are permeable enough so ultimately (5+ utilizes +/ -2 depending upon just how much earwax you have) they keep a little wax do not compress well. Still functional however think about changing them at that point. At the expense per set, you can definitely manage to.

Simply roll up little to get them to fit. They do fall out if you oversleep them because they are long. You can cut them a little to fix this.

Excellent product, simple to utilize and comfy.


Easy to utilize.

Great cost for the amount. Great for sleeping near hectic roadways.

These fit well. The cost was affordable. Exceptional sound decrease. Will buy once again. These were loose loaded so the variety of earplugs is higher compared to packages that have sets in specific bags. The 3m e-a-rsoft yellow neon blasts, corded or not, are another exceptional earplug.

We enjoy this design of earplug however did not capture the truth that they are “loose” in the container. Not as sanitary as the packaged sets, however we will search for those as soon as these are gone.


Partner utilizes for sleeping. Work well.

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