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Hearprotek – High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs, Hearprotek Noise Reduction Music Earplugs

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Find out the relevant products below and buy Hearprotek – High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs, Hearprotek Noise Reduction Music Earplugs.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Hearprotek – High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs, Hearprotek Noise Reduction Music Earplugs.

  • Preserve High Fidelity Audio ‘Hearprotek Music ear plugs do a reliable task of reducing the general volume, obstructing background sounds at a comfy level while protecting the sound clearness and sharpness. You will not experience any smothering with these plugs as you would foam- based ones and you will have the ability to hear various sound frequencies and speak with individuals without needing to stress of smothering.
  • 20 db Noise Reduction ‘Includes 2 sets of 20 db ear plugs in various sizes (little & basic), cutting up a remarkable 20 db’s of sound volume which is a respectable quantity for a concert or band wedding rehearsal, and you can constantly have your extra plug in case any plugs are fallen out sadly or missing out on.
  • Developed For Convenience ‘Made from high quality silicone product that offers convenience from extended use. If you have little ear canals, the little size of ear plugs are your finest option, they are created to have an ergonomical curved body with 2 flange suggestion that follows the shape of your ear canal, which offers a snag and comfy fit.
  • Discrete & Portable ‘Low- profile style with clear or frosted plug shells which are unnoticeable and a less obvious look on phase, at the concert, at the club or in the workplace. Can be found in a resilient aluminum case with carabiner which clips quickly to belts and bags to bring anywhere you go, in this manner, there’s no requirement to stress over losing your plugs.
  • Warm ideas ‘The earplugs will not obstruct all the noise entirely, however they will protect the quality of the music and make the volume within a more secure listening level. So they re not suggested for sleeping, searching, shooting, motorcycling and so on

Better Alternative:

We found these products are better alternative or related to Hearprotek – High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs, Hearprotek Noise Reduction Music Earplugs.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Hearprotek – High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs, Hearprotek Noise Reduction Music Earplugs.
Color: Blue Brand: Hearprotek Color: Blue Though the music may be great, the noise produced by a band, orchestra or DJ can be exceedingly loud and possibly hazardous. Artist ear plugs are a terrific method to secure your ears while practicing and carrying out. They have the following adventages: Lowers sound levels uniformly so that music and speech are clear and natural, not stifled just like other earplugs Lowers threat of hearing damage for numerous loud professions and loud places, such as airshows, parades, athletic occasions and automobile racing Improves the music experience for audiences while securing hearing Lets artists hear their own instrument and their mix with others Who should use music ear plugs? Expert or amateur artists of any kind Trainees in band or orchestra class and marching band Music trainers and conductors Concert and music celebration guests Bar or loud bar guests Show business personnel and concert teams Why Pick Hearprotek Music Earplugs? Lowers sound levels uniformly so music and speech are clear and natural, not stifled. Consists of 2 various shape convenience plug sizes in 20 db Super low- profile style for unnoticeable wear Soft flanges make sure optimum convenience Washable/reusable Consists of a milled quality aluminum case for simple bring Plan Consists Of: 2 sets of 20 db ear plugs (little & basic size) 1 aluminum case 1 carabiner 1 user handbook

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Hearprotek – High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs, Hearprotek Noise Reduction Music Earplugs.

Question Question 1

What’S The Nrr Score?

The NRR is 14, thanks.

Question Question 2

Hi Hearprotek, Among Our Earplugs Is Seeming Like A Damaged Sub. It Is The Exact same When We Change It To The Other Ear, Can You Assist United States With This?

Obviously, please contact our assistance group at with your order ID and the issue you have, they will assist you to resolve it appropriately. Regards

Question Question 3

Will These Fit A 13 Years Of Age Kid?

our boy is 14 and they fit him. He’s not above average in size. The main set is too big for our 12 year old child, however the smaller sized set that includes fits her. Sorry. nobody is precisely 13 as we type.

Question Question 4

How Do You Tidy Them? We Wished To Look After These For Lots Of Concerts To Come. Do They Feature An Owners Guide?

There is an usage and care guide that includes them. we can’t remember the guidelines for cleansing however they do feature the products.

Question Question 5

Where Are These Made?

Made in china

Question Question 6

Do You Have An Accessory To Hold Them Around Your Neck.For Example When You Are Requiring To Put Them On Off Quick? We Appear To Loose One??


Question Question 7

Can You Oversleep Them And Do They Work Well For Loud Snorers?

Sorry, this product is music earplugs and is created for those individuals who go to shows or clubs and so on they can filter the noise however keep the sound clearness. They’re inadequate to obstruct the snoring, if you’re searching for the earplugs which can obstruct the snoring, please choose the sleeping earplugs. Even with the Sorry, this product is music earplugs and is created for those individuals who go to shows or clubs and so on they can filter the noise however keep the sound clearness. They’re inadequate to obstruct the snoring, if you’re searching for the earplugs which can obstruct the snoring, please choose the sleeping earplugs. Even with the sleeping earplugs, the snoring noise can’t be obstructed entirely however it can be lowered a lot for better sleep, please note. Regards

Question Question 8

Are These Earplugs Latex- Free?

Yes, these are latex- totally free. Thanks.

Question Question 9

We Are Searching For An Earplug To Use While Riding Our Bike. One That Obstructs The Wind Noise B Doesn’T Keep it So We Cant Hear OurMusic How Are These?

There trash would not advise.

Question Question 10

Why Make Them With Interchangeable Filters? Do The Filters Fall Out? Where Do You Buy Filters?

No, the filters do not fallout And you can t truly buy brand-new filters so you would need to buy another set if in some way it does fall out.

Question Question 11

Would These Work To Secure Your Hearing At The Weapon Variety? Can You Utilize Them For Shooting?

We recommend not to utilize to secure your hearing at the weapon variety as the noise reduction rate is just 14 which we believe that it’s inadequate for shooting, please buy the earmuff or the earplugs which specifically created for shooting. Thanks.

Question Question 12

Description States 20 Db Reduction, Nevertheless Somebody Discussed A Nrr Score Of14 These Information Points Contradict One Another. What S The Real Nrr Score?

Dear Valued customer, Sorry for the confusion, the real NRR ranking is 14 and the SNR is 20, hope this makes good sense. Thanks

Question Question 13

Will These Fit A 9-10 Years Of Age?

There are 2 sizes. The little ones should.

Question Question 14

Does It Feature An Adapter Cable?

Sorry, no port cable consisted of. Thanks

Question Question 15

Will We Have The Ability To Hear Our Saxophone While Utilizing These?

Yes you will have the ability to hear your saxophone simply not as loud

Question Question 16

Can These Be Utilized While Driving An Industrial Lorry? We Simply Wish To Lower The Noise Level A Bit.?

If used correctly, these minimize the noise a fair bit. we can hear discussion simply great with them in with somebody right beside me, however we are unsure if they would avoid you from hearing emergency situation lorries as they approach or anything else that you may require to hear while driving.

Question Question 17

It States 2 Sets Of Filters? Simply Wish To Make Certain It Would Feature 2 Total Sets (4 Plugs And 4 Filters?)?

2 little plugs and 2 huge plugs plus iron box

Question Question 18

Will These Secure Our Ears While Practicing Drumming In The House?

Yes. You will still have the ability to hear. It simply decreases the noise to a more bearable level without that stifled experience.

Question Question 19

How Do You Know If They Are Working Properly? Exists A Sound Test?

we used them to a really loud concert and evaluated them there. Not just did they minimize the noise, the ear plugs enhanced it. we would advise them.

Question Question 20

We Have Truly Little Ears. Will These Fit?

we do also and a lot of ear buds truly trouble me, however these do not.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Hearprotek – High Fidelity Concert Ear Plugs, Hearprotek Noise Reduction Music Earplugs, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

As an artist the ear plugs didn’t silence the noise out entirely, however rather lowered the volume to a half level, and we might still hear all our band mates and we didn’t have that bothersome ringing in our ears. Incredible product and simple to tidy.

Bought these on suggestion to secure our hearing as we have ringing in the ears. Excellent for loud movie theater, shows etc – can hear discussion plainly. simple to utilize and the little keyring case for them is so convenient and shops them securely.

We purchased these as a present for our relative, who has some hearing loss and wishes to secure her hearing from more loss. We go to shows both inside and outdoors throughout the year. Our relative is small and has smaller sized ear canals. She had the ability to use the smaller sized size hearprotek earplug and was surprised at the fidelity of the music she heard, yet at a volume that is safe for her hearing. We can use the bigger size and secure our hearing likewise. These are genuinely remarkable and worth much more than they cost when you think about how well they secure your hearing.

We were truly surprised when we got this product that it was actually 2 sets. One for bigger and one for smaller sized ears. And the smaller sized set had a plastic box so we have those to our sweetheart. Terrific product. Functions outstanding.

We lastly went to our very first 5 finger death punch concert and had the ability to see them at an outside music celebration and we are so grateful we had these ear plugs. We enjoy our music loud however our ears on the other hand do not. These ear plugs permitted us to get up close and not be in discomfort, however we still got the complete experience that ivan moody offers his fans. The bass still came through together with all of the other instruments and vocals with fantastic clearness however at a far more comfy level. We are so pleased we gambled and boughtthese Absolutely a should when it concerns securing your hearing while still taking pleasure in terrific music.

We struggle with ringing in the ears that intensifies when we are exposed to high noise levels like at a concert. We are delighted with the efficiency of this product. We just recently participated in the jonas brother. Concert with our child. A lot of shouting women. These earplugs filtered out all the screams and we had the ability to take pleasure in the music without activating our ringing in the ears. Extremely extremely advise this product. It is perfectly packaged with a metal tube for saving your earplugs on your keychain. It likewise consists of a carabiner. 2 sizes of earplugs are consisted of.

We may simply not be utilized to utilizing earplugs like these, however it’s type of challenging to put these on. The instructions discuss to bring up on your external ear with your other hand while putting these in; we have found that this is a really essential action, since otherwise it for some factor simply type of falls out of your ear. In regards to whether they actually work. We believe so? when we talk while these earplugs remain in, the tonality of our voice sounds rather unusual, and we do undoubtedly sound quieter. Nevertheless, these aren’t truly efficient for minimizing the sound level of peaceful sounds (if we had some rather music playing on our laptop computer, for instance). We didn’t truly see any various in noise for noises around within- voice level. They are much more efficient for much louder sounds, which we expect is what they’re promoted for. However if you wish to utilize these to sleep, we would advise searching for another brand name. They feature a plastic case, a metal case with a keyring, and some additional smaller sized caps.

Truthfully we didn’t understand how to feel aboutthese We are artist and wasn t sure if these would do much. However let us inform you. Young boy was we incorrect. These were so good and just how much actually comes for what youbuy They provide you 2 sizes little and basic. A knapsack clip, a little container, and an aluminum container. Would advise.

Bought these since we are 53 years of ages, and we can’t survive a heavy metal rock concert like we utilized to. Without ear security, we would have ringing and an “underwater” sensation in our ears for days after a loud concert. Bought these to go to an iron first concert this summer season, and we are grateful we did. Our ears were more comfy with the smaller sized set, so we lent the bigger set to our bro (who experiences ringing in the ears after years in marching band, rock bands, and the armed force.) we both had the ability to take pleasure in the concert. Every note from the band and every word spoken by bruce dickinson came through simply great. It didn’t feel soft. It was still loud adequate to take pleasure in as a rock concert, however not so loud to have sticking around results afterword. Throughout peaceful durations, our bro and we had the ability to speak in regular tones without eliminating the plugs. And if anybody is questioning, our boy didn’t go unguarded. He plays drums in a marching band and currently had excellent ear security released by his school.

We have actually been going to shows for practically 20 years and have actually constantly battled with ear plugs. We disliked that they d constantly fall out, or we could not hear our buddies beside me, or that they d stifle the sound quality. These wear t do any of that. In truth these were so comfy, we forgot we were using them at the end of the celebration. Which is amazing. We might hear everybody plainly and the sound quality of the music wasn t adversely impacted at all. For the rate, these deserve it. And they feature 2 sizes so if you re like us and have little ears and a partner with huge ears, you each get a set for the rate. We likewise liked the case they was available in that we were quickly able to clip onto our bag.

Got these for walking a metropolitan school where we’re bombarded with cars and truck horns, jack hammers, and street entertainers playing their instruments complete blast. Although we have earplugs that obstruct out a great deal of noise, it is necessary when walking around outdoors to still have the ability to hear– simply without getting your eardrums rattled to dust. Up until now, we have actually simply attempted them around our apartment or condo and found that they are extremely efficient. When running the cleaning maker (which is inconveniently in the middle of our system. ), these convenient earbuds obstructed out the worst of the noise, however we might still listen to the news on the radio at a sensible volume at the other end of the space. Couple with some earphones and you can continue your cleansing jam session through vacuuming. Likewise assisted when our next-door neighbors were getting brand-new floor covering set up. We found the big set fits well and they’re comfy. Having actually never ever utilized something like this prior to, it’s definitely exceptional how you can hear better simply from obstructing out loud background noise. We took the carabiner off the case and utilized the keyring to connect it to our knapsack strap for simple gain access to– it’s little enough to keep out of the method while still being available. Eagerly anticipating providing a shot when classes begin once again.

Seriously remarkable product. We purchased these while searching for a method to make our early morning motorbike commute a little less loud. We desired something to moisten the noise however not obstruct the noise for security factors. These get the job done completely. We truly attempt not to leave 5 stars for products however these are going to need to be an exception and ill break down why. 1.) these things are comfy and low profile. They do not stick out of your ears (other than a little tab part for elimination) personally we see this as a substantial advantage due to our helmet having the ability to move over them without eliminating them from our ears or pressing them in to far. There are 2 sizes consisted of so ideally they have a size that fits you the smaller sized size fit us completely. 2.) they are more filters than they hold true earplugs, and this is certainly a reward for security minded people like ourself. Throughout our trips we might hear whatever essential to me, other automobiles, our own pipelines, horns and even made our helmets integrated in speakers sound clearer at greater speeds. 3.) these feature a little metal tube and carabiner clip for simple saving. We leash these to our tank bag and have them ready each time we require them. We formerly discussed this however its extremely good to have these in and have the ability to utilize the integrated in speakers of our motorbike helmet at high speeds. Prior to utilizing these the wind noise would drown out the speakers of our helmet whenever we reached greater speads thatn 50 miles per hour. 4.) these things are inexpensive and will last a very long time. You share the rate of rivals and you recieve two times the product albeit in various sizes. Me and our riding partner advise these to all the riders we understand. Do yourself a favor and get a set, you wont regret it.

Utilized these for the very first time at the queen + adam lambert concert in d. C. A couple weeks back. Was happily amazed at just how much “noise” they safeguarded our ears from, practically excessive truly. We are long time live music fan and have actually observed for many years (we are 58 years of ages.) that we have actually lost some of our hearing, more than likely from going to live shows. Likewise, fed up with having calling ears for a day or two later on, which can not be a great indication. For the very first time in a very long time we did not have that problem after going to a loud concert. We would have liked to have actually had the ability to hear al’s vocals a bit better utilizing the ear plugs however that was a little sacrifice to make in order to secure our ears.

In basic, we enjoy with this purchase. They are more comfy than most earbuds for prolonged time periods. They do soften the decibel levels. We can hear still film discussion simply as plainly as we can without them, however the basic din of noise is discreetly lowered. We actually dream it would minimize itmore It’s a 2- hand insertion procedure (one hand pulling your ear canal open from behind your head), so that’s a little bothersome, however we comprehend the thinking for the accuracy of it. The cylinder is quite practical for holding them and it’s fantastic to have a clip to connect to our secrets. We did have them get jammed into the bottom of the cylinder as soon as however.

We purchased these since our relative and we participated in a concert and we were intending on being truly near the phase. We were stressed it may get to loud, so we purchased these and was truly pleased we did. They assisted a lot. The metal case they are available in was truly practical too, we simply clipped that to our knapsack and ignored them up until we required them. When the concert got a little too loud, we utilized the huge ones for ourself and our relative took the smaller sized ones. It’s truly incredible that there’s 2 sizes therein. You get 2 sets of earplugs for the rate of one. They lowered the noise below an uncomfortable level to a typical level without losing anything. We might still completely comprehend the lyrics, hear the tune and hear the entertainers’ small talk throughout the breaks in their set list.

We purchased a set for our child who normally has trouble with earbuds and earplugs fitting in her ears. These have actually worked fantastic. She uses them in church (which is sadly constantly too loud), and they assist normally with sensory concerns. Extremely advise.

We used these earplugs to a really loud metal concert and found that they worked well to reduce the volume while still enabling us to completely take pleasure in the program. They do stifle the sound rather (as anything will if you push it into your ear canal) however we found that if you pull them out simply somewhat after placing them they obstructed noise an ideal quantity for us. Just providing 4 stars since we offered 1 set to our spouse and he stated that the sound filter in among them might have ended up being somewhat loose and was “buzzing” in his ear with the bass so he needed to take itout Pros:2 pairsnice little bring case with keychain includedvery efficient at obstructing noisecomfortablenearly undetectable- you will not appear like a dweebuscons: muffles sound when completely placed (duh) loose filter problem in among them (see above).

We bought these to secure our hearing at shows. The volume level is typically far beyond pleasurable and certainly destructive with time. We desired something that would still permit us to take pleasure in the music without the damage, and these get the job done. They do minimize the clearness of the music to a little degree (anything you stick in your ears will do that), however at an appropriate level to where we can still hear the various instruments and the majority of the vocals. For me, its an appropriate trade- off to conserve our hearing. The fit is respectable and we have actually used them for 2 hours directly with just some small pain. The only con up until now is that getting them to come out of the bring case can be a discomfort as they are smooth and quickly stay with the within the aluminum barrel – we make sure some other concertgoers have actually been puzzled as they see us intensely attempt to tap/shake them out prior to the band begins. We advise these and will buy once again.

These earplugs do what they promote. We purchased them after going to a home program and coming away with ringing in our ears that lasted for something like 2 days — figured that was a bad concept in the long term. Next time we went to a program, we popped these kids in. They are comfy to use, simple adequate to put in (particularly if you check out the guidelines), and minimize the volume without misshaping the music or making it sound stifled. We likewise found that we might still hear individuals talk quite plainly, offered they were speaking loud adequate to be heard over the music regardless. At the end of the program, we took them out and might hear plainly without any evident ringing. Precisely what we desired. The problem (and the factor for the 4/5) is that after about 3 or 4 usages, among our earplugs established a problem. The little gadget produced a staticky, crackling noise as it attempted to manage loud bursts of noise. This was type of sidetracking and unpleasant, and we found ourself fidgeting with the earplug rather than taking pleasure in the music. We solved the problem by switching out our 2 little electronic pieces with the 2nd set that was available in this box, and now we no longer have 4 working earplugs and we certainly can’t provide a set to a pal in requirement. That’s not a substantial offer for $16/ box, it’s simply not outstanding either.

These are fantastic for riding your motorbike and minimizing wind noise. We utilize a sena to interact with buddies while riding and this assists enormously in addition to listening to music while riding. Among the filters develops a fixed noise, nevertheless. We got in touch with the seller both through and emailed customer assistance and they have not called us in return so their client service is nonexistent. We took among the filters from the little set and changed the staticky one in the big earplug because you simply utilize one size anyhow. Edit: they sent us an entire replacement order and all is well.

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