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Flents - Ear Plugs with Case

Flents – Ear Plugs with Case, Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Flents – Ear Plugs with Case, Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring.

  • HEARING PROTECTION: for Sleeping, Loud Noise, Concert events, Development, Heavy Equipment, Music, and different loud environments. Additionally nice for creating silence
  • CONVENIENT: 10 Pairs + Case, Simple to Take Wherever
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Easy, Comfy, Additional mushy and additional mild foam that tapers to your ear canal for a customized match
  • 33 DECIBEL NRR (Noise Discount Charge)

Better Alternative:

We found these products are better than Flents – Ear Plugs with Case, Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Flents – Ear Plugs with Case, Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring.
The Flents Quiet Contour ear plugs provide listening to safety from development, heavy equipment, hand instruments, music and different loud environments. Additionally nice for creating silence when focus or focus is required.CONTOUR SHAPE & COMFORTABLE FIT – The ear plugs are made from a mushy foam that sits comfortably within the ear. Ear plug foam compresses shortly for simple insertion. Specialised contour form creates a comfortable and comfy slot in your ear20 PACK – Product is available in a handy pack of 10 pairNOISE REDUCTION RATING – Ear plugs rated for 33 decibelsSAFE TO USE – Product is protected to make use of and designed to maintain your interior ear protected when inserted

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Flents – Ear Plugs with Case, Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring.

Question Question 1

Will These Be Comfy For Facet Sleeping?

This are the perfect ever, they’re comfy and actually efficient for an excellent sleep

Question Question 2

Ear Plug Itching Points After A Few Days Of Use. We Really feel Our Ears Itching Generally Throughout The Day. Any Solutions Of How To Resolve Thisissue? Thks?

we guess it is as a result of your ears are too small or the ear plugs are too massive. Nonetheless, we do not really feel comfy sporting it whereas sleeping. It’s fairly giant evaluate to others.

Question Question 3

Hey Guys, Do These Earplugs Harm Smaller Ear Canals After A Few Minutes In? (All The Earplugs We Have Tried Don’T Harm Till About An Hour In.?

we have now small ear canals and these are the perfect and most comfy of all those we have now tried. The earlier ones we preferred had been the flange-sort silicone ear plugs, however they damage after some time. These do not, and so they keep in. So glad we found these.

Question Question 4

Are These The Identical As The Moldex Meteor Earplugs?

They appear the identical. we just like the lip on the inexperienced ones so we will pull them out simpler

Question Question 5

These Are To Lengthy Can They Be Lower?

we minimize mine to suit our ears. After that they labored nice

Question Question 6

Does It Block Out Canine Barks And Whining?

Sadly, no. You d need to be deaf. we have now been utilizing ear plugs for 15 years and we will t sleep with out them, however our canines nonetheless wake us up after they bark and whine.

Question Question 7

How Do We Put Them In?

Roll it right into a small cylinder, pull again in your ear with the alternative hand, insert, and hold your finger on it till it expands (30 to 60 seconds)

Question Question 8

Where Are These Manufactured?

Bag says “Made in USA”.

Question Question 9

Can You Nonetheless Hear Your Accomplice Snore With These?

we have now a noise machine subsequent to our mattress and still have within the earplugs (noisy neighbors) and we will hear little or no. No downside sleeping

Question Question 10

Are These Secure For Airplanes ?

Sure. It’s protected.

Question Question 11

Would We Nonetheless Be Ready To Hear Our Iphone Alarm?

Most likely so so long as the alarms are turned all the way in which up. One of the simplest ways to know is by testing. Strive setting further alarms reminiscent of two or three per day for a few weeks. we purchased these for our eldest son and he simply loves them as he will get a fantastic night time’s sleep now.

Question Question 12

Would These Match Younger Youngsters?

we love these for ourself. Nonetheless, we significantly doubt they’d match a younger little one.

Question Question 13

We Purchased From “Fun Stuff For Sale” Why Did Not Come With The With Clear Plastic Journey Jar?

we do not know.our order included the journey container

Question Question 14

Is There One Case Oe Ten?

Only one

Question Question 15

Title On Web page Cites 10 Pair As Nrr 29 But In Description It Cites Nrr 33 – Which Is It? Huge Distinction. Thanks.?

HI, Thanks for your query.The field says 33dB NRR.Appears to be like to us just like the title is off.PLease tell us if there’s anything that we will do for you.Don

Question Question 16

The Advert A Says 70 Pairs, However The Merchandise Packaging Says 55 Pairs.Where Do The Extra 15 Pairs Come From?

No concept why the advert says 70. our bag says 55. They’re reusable so its fairly a big amount regardless.

Question Question 17

Which Flents Is Better For Blocking Talking Voice And For Learning, The 29 Or 33 Nrr? We Need Them To Block Talking Voices And Keyboards Sounds.?

we have now solely used the 29 so we’d anticipate the 33 May match better as a result of the 29 muffles sound doesn’t utterly elimate sound.

Question Question 18

Can Child Use Them?

we do not assume so

Question Question 19

Are These Reusable? And How Many Nights Can You Reuse Them? Thanks.?

Properly, they arrive in such a giant bundle of them for such a cheap pack that we did not really feel a have to reuse them – besides for one time after we stayed in a single day at a buddy’s home. we wereed ’em off and used the pair once more – appeared nice to me. we’re positive you would not need to proceed to reuse them, nonetheless. It says on th Properly, they arrive in such a giant bundle of them for such a cheap pack that we did not really feel a have to reuse them – besides for one time after we stayed in a single day at a buddy’s home. we wereed ’em off and used the pair once more – appeared nice to me. we’re positive you would not need to proceed to reuse them, nonetheless. It says on the bundle that they are for one utilization solely. However in a pinch, they need to be okay.

Question Question 20

Is The Plugs Reusable?

These didn’t work for us and so they weren’t returnable. we ordered from the identical firm Flents Ear Plugs, 50 Pair, Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, Loud Noise, Touring, Concert events, Development, & Learning, NRR 29. White cylinders. They’re nice. May be reused a number of occasions.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based mostly on our personal expertise after buying and utilizing the product, or based mostly on some research work) on Flents – Ear Plugs with Case, Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Snoring, these could be helpful for better understanding.

We bought these ear plugs as a result of we endure from one thing referred to as annoying neighbors syndrome. We aren’t totally sure of their actions, however we’d liken the sounds coming from below and throughout from our condominium to that of an auto store or a development website, maybe even an airplane hanger. It is notably horrendous within the night. Subsequently, we have now resulted to ear plugs to make sure we get a considerably worthwhile night time of sleep. The contour capabilities of these ear plugs make them extremely comfy to put on and the lime inexperienced shade is especially trendy, if seems to be are vital when you sleep. After inserting the ear plugs and permitting them to regulate, silence befell our bed room. We had been in a position to sleep free from the obnoxious noises that encompass our condominium. Our solely grievance is maybe these ear plugs work a bit too properly. We missed our alarm. By an hour and a half. For a full 90 minutes our cellphone alarm was ring-dingling away and the ear plugs blocked each little bit of noise. After the preliminary panic of being late for work wore off, we had been barely amused that our neighbors needed to take heed to our alarm whereas i, for as soon as, slept by means of their douchbaggery. These would be the solely ear plugs we put on any further. And we’re contemplating a louder alarm, so ideas could be useful.

We weren’t positive about flents contoured earplugs, and was pretty comfortable with flents quiet time ear plugs, however determined to take an opportunity on them. In spite of everything, we have now offered containers of 49-out-of-50-pairs of earplugs that did not work previously on that public sale web site all of us love, and the contoured form of the brand new ones appeared well worth the danger. However now the times of rigorously shaping earplugs a number of occasions to get them within the good spot are over, as a result of all it takes to get flents quiet contour ear plugs in is rolling them between our fingers so the interior half is slender and the flared outer half is folded outward, sliding them far sufficient within the canal to get the bulge inside, and frivolously holding it in place whereas the bulge expands, which takes perhaps 5 seconds. In our case, at the very least a part of the bulge will get previous the slender a part of the canals in each ears, blocking out all noise besides the sounds we have to hear whereas preserving the earplug from coming out by itself, and the earplug is lengthy sufficient to be simple to take away however not lengthy sufficient to stay out and rub towards our sheets or pillow. As if at all times getting our earplugs in on the primary attempt weren’t sufficient, the contour plugs work properly for not two, not three, however 5 or 6 days. Granted, we have now to push them in a bit after the froth expands after the primary three days or so, however there is not any more indignant jamming issues in up to now that our ears damage by morning. We suspect this design may work for a wider vary of individuals than straight or tapered earplugs, particularly if they arrive in two or three sizes, however perhaps we’re simply fortunate. If that’s the case, allow us to want you the perfect of luck discovering an earplug that works for you. Now for the caveats:this may not be welcome information to many, however the exterior a part of our ears is sort of as distinctive as our fingerprints, so there isn’t any such factor as an earplug that matches everybody. The outer a part of the ear canal is made from cartilage which varies extensively, adjustments form after we transfer our jaw, and continues to develop and alter as we age. And that signifies that until you are very fortunate, you are going to need to attempt a variety of earplugs earlier than you discover one thing that works properly. We do advocate flents quiet consolation earplugs as a place to begin, however you could simply need to attempt totally different varieties and types earlier than discovering the suitable ones for you. Additionally, your intercourse, top, construct, and the dimensions of your outer ear will not let you know how lengthy or broad your ear canals are. We’re feminine, 5’2″, and our outer ears are small and close to our head, but slim earplugs designed for women are too short and narrow for us.

We are very sensitive to sound. Chewing, loud breathing, neighbor’s barking dogs, it all gets in our head far too easily and drives us crazy. As you can imagine, we are constantly wearing earplugs, both to bed and whenever we are stuck around irritating noise. We are plugged up more often than a physician would probably recommend. We have gone through a lot of earplugs as a result, and many different brands. Flent’s quiet contour is the most functional one yet. We used bullet-shaped plugs for the longest time (mack’s, hearos, etc), and they would always leak readily whenever we would make facial expressions or tilt our head, especially in our left ear. The bomb-shaped flent’s stay exactly where they’re placed, very comfortably, and really fill up the ear canal. It takes deliberate contortion to make them leak. We think the fit contributes heavily to the noise reduction, as well. Anything below normal speaking volume is basically imperceptible, and louder sounds are heavily suppressed by what feels like more than half. Save for urgent or low-frequency noise, these can purge problem sounds from your awareness, entirely. Their suitability for hearing preservation in ultra-loud environments is patently obvious. We haven’t found a quieter brand of plugs. Our singular complaint is that since they are bright green and have large tails, they’re extremely conspicuous, and we can’t imagine them going unnoticed in anyone’s ears. This isn’t a strike against the product by any means, the green is obviously meant to make them easy to locate, and they’re a good bit less gross-looking than flesh color; it’s just a consideration if you’re a weirdo like us and plan on wearing them in common spaces. Overall: fantastic. Would subscribe if we could.

We are chronic ear plug user. Two things we learned:1- if they hurt then they are too big2- if your ears start itching – its time to get new ears plugsthese fit our ears perfect (we are female). No pain and blocks out sounds great. Comes in a big tub so that we always have new clean ones on hand when the used ones are too old. Did not come with a travel case as pictured. We will be buying these again.

Definitely our favorite earplugs. We have ordered 2 other brands that come in 50 pair bottles thinking we would get more value for our money. We ended up wasting money. This is the perfect earplugs for us. It s a good size, other brands are smaller in length and width. We also love how comfortable it feels. The contour is perfect and feels very soft. It s so easy shape and fits well. Doesn t hurt our ear after all night use. We wear earplugs everyday so comfort is very important.

Everyone’s ear holes are unique, but these are the most comfortable earplugs we have ever worn, and we have tried over two dozen types (not joking). We use these to sleep, concentrate on work, and on the shooting range to back up our muffs. They are rated nrr 33 (among the highest rating available), so they effectively reduce normal conversation to a barely-audible whisper. Although these are intended to be single-use disposable, we can get about three uses out of each pair before the plugs become uncomfortable (body oil from your ear canal will build up on any foam plug during use). The plastic jar packaging is perfect for keeping on our nightstand, and creates less waste than the individually wrapped variety. Note: these earplugs are rebranded version of moldex meteors, so if you come across a good volume discount on those, know they are identical products.

Very comfy, block noise well enough that our husband and we still enjoy sharing a bed. We sleep with earplugs literally every single night, and these are dream. They block a high level of noise and they’re very comfortable to have jammed into your earholes for several hours every night. We can, however, still hear our guard corgi if he borks to alert me, or the smoke alarm goes off, or something. So that’s good.

These are super soft and when new are really easy to fit. It takes time to figure out how to put them in, squeeze them down to a little tube shape and then quickly put them into your ear canal. Hold your finger over the ear opening until they expand. Sound disappears. It takes a little practice, you want it really deep in your ear, not sticking out the canal. Use the same pair four or five days or more just fine. You can tell when they start to get old, wax will build up and they will feel a little “chalky” or dry or something. Toss em out and use some new ones. Cuts out the noise of your partner snoring very well and sleep is so much better.

We have used this brand before, and initially wasn’t a fan because they were more bulky than what we were used to, but they do cut out more noise, which is helpful and we of course eventually got used to them. So now this is our go-to. We use them for sleep because we wake up so easily from noises. It doesn’t completely cut out all noise by any means, but it dampens sound down. (some sounds more than others).

First of all these fit really comfortably. We have worn a lot of earplugs over the years as an aircraft mechanic and these are probably the most comfortable yet, and they block out the sound about as well as you can ask for. We wear these to bed because we are pretty light sleeper. They stay put, are soft, and don’t put any awkward pressure on our ears, even when sleeping on our stomach/side. If you have problems with rude neighbors, trains, planes, boats, rivet guns, vacuums, air conditioners, slappy ceiling fan pull strings, dripping faucets, crying babies, barking dogs, howling monkeys, screeching birds, nagging spouses, adult responsibilities, elevator music, gum chewers, race car ya-ya’s, blenders, drills, mouth breathers, squeaking doors, buffalo stompers, ringing phones, or any other noise nuisances then we recommend these earplugs with utmost zeal.

Yes, there is a chemical smell. We believe the culprit is the container since the 10 pair bag we have bought at the store doesn’t have this problem. Reminds us of a mix between a permanent marker and a new shower curtain liner. We have tried so many ear plugs. Just recently we bought 50 pair of the macks dreamgirl ones, and now that we have found these in bulk we wish we would have spent it on these instead. The dreamgirls are the most comfortable we have ever tried, but these are also comfortable and they actually work. If we don’t beat our husband to sleep first, we can’t fall asleep without these in. Mine came sealed in two layers of plastic and fulfilled by , so we are feeling pretty confident that these were never used or tampered with. They’re about twice the price of the dreamgirls but worth it. They run about $3 for ten pair at the big box store so buying in bulk is more about convenience than savings. If you have smaller ears and find other brands are too big and painful, and you sleep next to someone who sounds like they’re dying when they’re sleeping, we suggest these. You need to squeeze the ends til they’re thin enough to be inserted deep enough into the canal that they don’t fall out (when we fail to do this, they almost always fall out), and once in they’ll expand to block out most noise.

Ahh, these fit nicely in our ear and they work. We don’t know if we have big ear canals or what, but some ear plugs fit a little too loosely in our ears to be as effective as we want. We stay away from any that state that they are great for small ear canals– this one didn’t expressly state that, so chose these based on that. We bought a small package to try out before we bought a big package. We are relieved that these fill up our ear canal, fit perfectly snug, yet aren’t so expansive that they hurt. They stay in all night. We make sure to smoosh/roll them as narrow as we can then slide them into ear canal. One in place, we hold them there and let them slowly expand. No matter the brand, we typically change our ear plugs out after 3-5 nights of use. Maybe weekly, at most. But that’s a preference. We noticed that we have the best experience when the ear plugs have that contoured flare at the end, like these. The foam is medium soft, and we can tell the difference in sounds being reduced or blocked within several seconds, as they expand. We use them primarily at night to reduce the sound of snoring coming from our husband and two labradors. We often carry a set with us in our wallet, as we are super sensitive to sounds and sometimes need an auditory break from the world. We haven’t any complaints about these, so now we can comfortably purchase more knowing that they work as we need them to. It’s one of those things, you have to try a variety of brands until you find what works for your ear. These come with a tiny plastic snap container to store one pair in.

We have used ear plugs for many many years. We just got whatever was on sale at the local drug store. It took us awhile to get used to them and now we can’t ever sleep with out them even when there is no noises. We got so used to the vacuum feeling you get and complete silence. The last ones we bought were the only bulk ones on sale and they were ok until our new husband started snoring louder due allergies, etc. So we decided to research ear plugs for the highest decibel rating not even thinking comfort was an issue. So we found these and the heros and read the reviews. We figured we would do a side by side comparison. At first we did not like the flents as we didn’t get that vacuum seal feeling and preferred the heros until they were hurting our ears. We noticed with most of the ear plugs we have gotten they would eventually hurt our ears. So we decided to go back the flents. Now we can’t live with out these. After getting over the vacuum feeling we noticed it was still quiet and these were so soft and have yet to hurt our ears and we have been using them for 6 months now. No ear plug will completely drown out the snoring spouse but these definitely do not make us wake up in the middle of the night and make us want to go sleep on the couch. And no more sores in our ears from uncomfortable ear plugs. Ps we are using our husbands account :).

We live in a basement where the upstairs turns into a dance studio half the weekdays. We work nights, you can see how this is a problem. Lots of earplugs out there, you can stab these into your ears and dull the world just enough to pass out. They tend to be mildly uncomfortable and sometimes we wake up and pull them out or they loosen and fall out from tossing and turning. Poor reusability if you’re trying to save money, they spring back too quickly after one or two uses so you gotta shove in new ones. We also learned that our ear canals are different – left is basically straight in, right is at an angle. You may need to use a q-tip to figure out how to best insert these. Roll them tight between your thumb and point, pull your ear out and forwards, and push them in until they hurt – this is the only way to be sure you’ll stop hearing anything. They will not deafen the world around you, but they should work well enough to stop hearing bass-like sounds, stomping, and neighbors yappy dogs.

These earplugs are perfect. Loud ass room mate doesn t get to sleep until around 1:00 at times, and when he is up he makes a ton of loud noises. Talking to girlfriend on speakerphone, yelling in conversation, high volume on t. V. , screaming and cursing when he dies in video games, etc. These ear plugs are perfect. It doesn t 100% get rid of all noise, but it is enough so that we can get to sleep. Thanks so much for these comfortable ear plugs. We would have probably strangled our roommate by now if we didn’t have them.

We used this for the bar exam in february 2020. Was skeptical due to others’ comments about it being a bad fit. But for $3 for 10 of these and a case, it seemed worth it. First, we didn’t cut or modify these to fit, but we probably easily could have, and experimented with this since they gave us 5 pairs when we only needed 1 pair or 2. For me, at the test, everything had to be perfect including these earplugs. They got the job done for us, albeit, we had to somewhat jam them into our ear and use a little twist technique to make sure they screwed in snugly. For those who have sensitive ears, this may be a problem for you, but again, you may be able to trim these earbuds to your liking. Definite noticeable difference of sound-blocking with these on. Would recommend.

We bought these because we have noisy neighbors. These do a really good job of blocking out the loud music and they expand to fit our ears perfectly. We also suffer from anxiety issues and sound sensitivity, and we were surprised that these even make us calmer. We tried another brand of earplugs with a higher decibel rating, but they were awful. They didn’t expand to fit our ears well, caused itching, and didn’t block out nearly as much noise as these do. We are sold. We will be ordered a larger quantity.

Working night shift, good ear plugs can be a lifesaver when you’re trying to sleep during the day. Reusable ear plugs aren’t comfortable for hours of use, unfortunately. However, these are easy to mold, and we can usually get a few uses out of them before they get nasty enough for us to throw away. They block out plenty of noise, but not so much that we don’t hear our alarm clock or other noises that we should wake up to.

It s pretty much exactly what you would expect. Nothing crazy just exactly as advertised. Got them in 2 days. Package was intact. They fall out of our ears sometimes and we will lose them in the bed in the middle of the night but that s fine. All ear plugs fall out of our ears over the night. Our cats find them tho and chase them around and we are hoping they don t eat them or choke on them so make sure if you have kids and use/lose them in your bed often or nap next to infants that they don t pick them up while your still asleep and choke on them. We only say this because our sister took a nap next to our niece and she uses them but one fell out in the bed and she didn’t realize and thank god nothing happened but just be aware we felt like we had to say that because it s not always something we realize could happen or if you think they can t fall out. Overall great product tho. Especially for price.

We have always had a hard time sleeping at night, and tried these when we had more noise than usual outside that was keeping us awake. Now we are sleeping like a baby. They’re very comfortable so we don’t even feel them. The noise cancellation is perfect for sleeping: it cancels out annoying noises, but we can still hear the dogs bark or when the alarm goes off. We gave it 4 stars on “noise cancellation” because other people might prefer ear plugs that block out all sounds, but these were great for us. We gave 3 stars on “consolation”. We squeeze them to place them in our ear, and so they slowly develop out to slot in. However they develop a bit an excessive amount of, making them slide out of our ear. They’re nonetheless in sufficient to cancel noise, however they stick out sufficient that, generally, we will roll over and knock them out of our ear.

Last update on 2020-09-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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