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Fender - Musician Series Ear Plugs

Fender – Musician Series Ear Plugs

Where To Buy?

Find out the relevant products below and buy Fender – Artist Series Ear Plugs.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Fender – Artist Series Ear Plugs.

  • Bundle consists of one set of ear plugs
  • 27- decibel noise-reduction ranking
  • Washable and multiple-use
  • Hassle-free bring case
  • Created for artists, wedding rehearsals and gigs

Better Alternative:

We found these products are better alternative or related to Fender – Artist Series Ear Plugs.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Fender – Artist Series Ear Plugs.
Play all night without struggling with uncomfortable morning-after ringing in the ears. With a 27- decibel sound decrease ranking (when utilized correctly), Fender Artist series ear plugs supply high-volume hearing defense developed particularly for artists best for wedding rehearsals and efficiencies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Fender – Artist Series Ear Plugs.

Question Question 1

How Are These Various From The Fender Touring 12 Earphones?

we never ever attempted the Fender Touring 12 earphones. However, the earplugs we purchased were exceptional for sound suppression which is what we purchased them for.

Question Question 2

Will These Fit Children 10 Years +?

Most Likely, however for a 10 y/o kid, we would buy corded ones, simply for security.

Question Question 3

Do These Have The Little “Round Piece” Inside The Black Earplug, Or Is It Entirely Hollow Within?

Yes. They have blue insert pieces within the hollow ear plug. These are great for numerous usages. we utilize these every night when we sleep. we clean them after each usage and they last us around 6-8 months prior to they get truly stiff. we hope this assists.

Question Question 4

Can This Be Cleaned After Utilizing?

we were mine by hand under the faucet with a drop of hand soap. Beware since the blue stems might come out so make sure to have a strainer in the drain.

Question Question 5

Are They For Actual Headphones Or Simply Ear Plugs To Cancel Sound?

Simply ear plugs

Question Question 6

Does It Counteract Bass?

we are not an artist, however desired these for ear defense in performance settings– did not cancel bass however not extremely comfy to use.

Question Question 7

What Product Are They?

we do not understand the chemical term for the product they are made from however it is some sort of plastic or vinyl or rubber. Soft and flexible however. They are made by Hearos and work effectively however we liked the older design better as they didn’t have the stick protruting out of the center of them which now makes them difficult to we do not understand the chemical term for the product they are made from however it is some sort of plastic or vinyl or rubber. Soft and flexible however. They are made by Hearos and work effectively however we liked the older design better as they didn’t have the stick protruting out of the center of them which now makes them difficult to utilize while using a motorbike helmet which we do. Most likely obstructs of some earphones too. we wager they altered the style, which was best for us, since some moron could not eliminate them after they put them in too far into the ear.we are suprised that they do not featured a caution sticker label stating “Do Not Consume”

Question Question 8

How Is Singing With Them?

Uncertain given that we do not sing. The earplugs didn’t lower the music enough for us. Wound up having actually custom-made earplugs made. Love them.

Question Question 9

Are These Ideal For Someonr With Little Ear Holes?

for ourself, it felt tough & uneasy for our little ear holes

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Fender – Artist Series Ear Plugs, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

These are certainly not as visualized at the time of our evaluation. We have actually consisted of images of the authentic fender tiered/ribbed 27 db nrr plugs we got offered by. Keep in mind that 27 db is a great deal of sound decrease. The clear fender 12 db plugs are typically enough for our band. If you’re visiting with 100+ watt heads relied on 11, then these might be better matched to you (we are not a physician).

We are utilizing our mom’s account to compose this evaluation. We are senior in high school, who is a guitar player and operates in a store every day. We have actually been utilizing these for a bit now and they work exceptionally, following the guidelines about opening the ear canal prior to putting it in lead to a comfy suitable for our fairly huge ears. We utilized them throughout our store duration and heavy power tools were being utilized. As an artist, our hearing is extremely crucial, so we put these in and they lowered the volume considerably, nevertheless we might still quickly interact at typical levels with our schoolmates and instructor, this is a great product and we would extremely advise them to any artist who requires to keep their hearing in check.

As a show videographer and we have actually attempted numerous alternatives, like the foam kind that do not work, this has a little pressure to it, however with the stem, it makes it much easier to place and pull, simply beware of the pressure as it resembles placing a little plunger, however minus that pain, it works for sound dampening.

Functions to cut sound volume without information loss better than foam, however still too huge for those with little ear canals and being black they are lost permanently if you drop them in a club. On the plus side. You do not desire hearing loss, specifically if you like music, which is probably why you are seeing this product. We would state for those with typical ear canal sizes this most likely is great.

In our specific volume level. Putting them all the method in in both ears takes out a little excessive of the noise of our guitar so we just hear bass and drums. Can be difficult when practicing a tune or sound check however terrific for runthroughs and efficiencies.

Product packaging was a bit banged up however they re simply ear plugs. Easy to get them in however if it’s too far they were tough to take out, that’s our own fault though. Sound cancelling appears great.

We have actually attempted numerous earplugs and these are the most convenient to utilize, fit the very best, and cut the correct amount of sound for us. We utilize them when riding our motorbike, they make a big distinction. They enter flush to the ear so that there is no issue with our helmet.

Bought these since we stand beside the drummer and he is eliminating me. The expandable foam plugs make you deaf. These bring the cymbals to a bearable level. Now have actually an embeded in every guitar case.

These earplugs worked all right, however we were anticipating higher sound decrease from utilizing them. Nevertheless, our bro likes the set we got for him.

Fits well and easy to put in and takeout We work performances and these make the music still sound excellent and we have the ability to still bring on discussions when we require to without taking themout We advise them.

We have a hearing tiredness issue since of the environment we operate in. We acquired these as a compromise, wanting to conserve our hearing. In between that and visiting live bands, we required something that would obstruct simply enough regarding not harm our ears however likewise allow enough so we might still hold a discussion. These are perfect.

Little tough to get in.

This is our second set since we believed we lost our very first set. Great for carrying out. Secures ears without keeping you from hearing low and high. We utilize them when going to performances too.

We like that they are multiple-use over the foam type simply rinse. Nevertheless they are not as sound obstructing as the foam.

These are bar none the very best earplugs we have actually ever utilized. They obstruct out more sound then any thing else we have actually ever utilized. We attempted them with the television on and we could not hear a thing. We are probably going to order more, and usage these specifically. We can not wait to attempt them at the health club.


We utilize them at band practice and they work terrific. Can still hear what we are playing and not have our ear shouting by the end.

Okay, comparable to the other ones we acquired. Up until now so excellent.

No surprise they have actually been around for so long. Perfect and an excellent simple fit.

These earplugs really are video game changer. As a drummer, playing a program, or perhaps practicing can end up being ear slaying. Calling a drumset loud is an understatement. Integrate that with acid rock and heavy metal music, and you’ll be deaf prior to showtime. These earplugs, nevertheless, are best. They do not stifle the noise, like traditional earphone displays or headsets, nevertheless it still considerably reduces the general volume of the music. You can still plainly hear every note, however without the throbbing headache the next early morning. Can’t state the exact same for the next-door neighbors, however.

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