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EarTekPro – High-Fidelity Concert Earplugs, Reusable Noise-Reduction Ear Plugs Set

Where To Buy?

Find out the relevant products below and buy EarTekPro – High- Fidelity Concert Earplugs, Reusable Sound- Decrease Ear Plugs Set.

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of EarTekPro – High- Fidelity Concert Earplugs, Reusable Sound- Decrease Ear Plugs Set.

  • SOUND LOWERING EAR PLUGS: Our earplugs decreases the sound (NRR 19 dB) without modifying the sound clearness.
  • IMPROVE THE SATISFACTION, DECREASE THE THREAT: Deal your ears a major defense versus sounding ears, when listening to loud music at a concert, a rave celebration, a musical or a celebration
  • COMFY AND SIMPLE TO PUT ON for all artists and music enthusiasts.
  • 2 SIZES CONSISTED OF: This set includes both routine and little size silicone earplugs. Merely select the set that fits you finest.
  • FREE ALUMINIUM CASE CONSISTED OF so you can quickly bring your hearing defense all over with you and have it all set to utilize whenever required.

Better Alternative:

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More Info:

Here are some more information on EarTekPro – High- Fidelity Concert Earplugs, Reusable Sound- Decrease Ear Plugs Set.
Concert Ear Plugs Set for High Fidelity Sound Decrease. Minimizes the sound approximately 19 dB without modifying the sound clearness. Set Material: – 1 set of earplugs with filter (NRR 19 dB)/ Routine size – 1 Set additional earplug shells/ Little size – 1 Aluminium case Suitable for Artist and Music Enthusiast. For shows, live band, musical, celebration, rave celebration, hifi music, acoustic or electronic music,

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on EarTekPro – High- Fidelity Concert Earplugs, Reusable Sound- Decrease Ear Plugs Set.

Question Question 1

Exists A Photo Of These Filters?

The filter is the black part displayed in the bottom set

Question Question 2

Where Are They Made?

Made in China

Question Question 3

What’S The Filter For?

the filter is the part that decreases the sound level. Hope this assists:–RRB-

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on EarTekPro – High- Fidelity Concert Earplugs, Reusable Sound- Decrease Ear Plugs Set, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are among those individuals that are truly conscious sounds like individuals chewing gum, and so on. We normally have ear plugs in our handbag. However we truly like these – they aren t apparent you have something in our ears. There are 2 sizes which was great. They are self included in a little container you can contribute to a keychain and so on. Or little sufficient to put in a pocket. The aren t entirely sound cancelling however work excellent when you consumed sitting beside the person crunching popcorn in your ear at the films.

Used these to a concert, we remained in the 10 th row, off to the side and straight in front of the speaker and amplifier stack. The music sounded remarkable, despite the fact that it was attenuated down to a reasonably safe level. Benefit, we might have a discussion in a regular voice with our date. We did pull out the plugs at one point and the music was so loud it was a wall of sound. Plugs in, it seemed like an exceptional high-end music system at an excellent volume. We will be using these to every concert we go to.

We purchased these for marching band practice session and efficiencies. We originate from a big band of practically 500 members. It can be very loud when we play and discover drill on the field, in a practice session space, or in the stands. We required to be able to plainly hear what the director was stating however likewise block out as much sound as possible to secure our ears. We got these in exceptional time and have actually liked utilizing them. We have had them for practically 2 weeks now and have found that they work completely. They fit easily in our ear and won t fallout It likewise assists that they include 2 additional external shells that are smaller sized size. The earplugs obstruct out some noise however not all of it, we can hear individuals talking quite plainly however when the band begins playing and getting truly loud it obstructs out sufficient sound that we can easily hear each part in the music. We have actually begun using them whether we are playing or not. The mic on the director is loud so these assistance keep the sound down while likewise having the ability to hear what he states. In general we have actually fallen for these and will continue to utilize them to assist secure our hearing.

These work incredibly well, sand we are extremely delighted they include 2 sizes of “shells” right off the bat. Our very first order never ever came, however these are excellent replacement. We utilized them for a concert that was very loud, despite the fact that we remained in a terrace in a civic center. We might hear the music and words well, while these reduced the deep bass and any screechy quality to the greater notes that can harm delicate ears. We likewise purchased a set for our child who will be working a great deal of rock shows as an emergency medical technician, so she can hear individuals near her who are talking, however not harm her hearing from music she does not always wish to hear anyway.:–RRB- the bring container is a best size for at front trousers pocket, and suddenly screws shut to remain closed, instead of simply snapping shut however popping open quickly and getting the plugs covered with lint or pocket garbage.

Our spouse and we like to do yard seats at regional shows with buddies and we simply having fun listening to music laughing and talking. We purchased another set formerly and our spouse actually wound up taking them so we wished to get ourself a set and we wished to attempt a various brand name to see if there was any distinction. We found these actually canceled out the sound better since we do have extremely delicate hearing and we typically get pounding headaches after the shows over and these truly assisted profoundly. So delighted we purchased them.

Our college age child often visits shows and had actually attempted 3 various kinds of these earplugs this year for her and her sweetheart. We purchased these as a present for her considering that none of her other purchases had actually fit her extremely well. She stated these fit completely and the case is practical. The product they re made from offer a comfy fit. Pleased she can take pleasure in shows and secure her ears.

They worked relatively well. We didn’t have sounding ears at the end of the concert we went to with our child. “disturbed”.

Went to decadance this year and broughtthese We have actually been to alot of programs and never ever utilized ear plugs and felt the rage after the concert and the next few days. However we understand our hearing has actually suffered so we gotthese We utilized these at decadance, we resembled 2 individuals back from the rail for 3 sets and it was astonish balls. We were even more back, sounded simply as excellent. These let the bass through without the hearing loss and we are mf here for it.

This is a good bundle with 2 sizes to attempt. We felt the smaller sized size worked better for us. We have actually utilized the m a few times currently and they work perfectly. As an artist and instructor, there are some environments where excessive volume can aggravate our nerves. These soothed, and we were extremely delighted with the cost after thinking about more costly comparable products.

So comfy we forgot we were using them, we got the vibes from and they were stiff and unpleasant and our ears still sounded after a program, with these ear tek professional ear plugs no ringing, so comfy we frequently forgot we were using them, we kept examining to see if they fell out however never ever did. Love these and extremely advise them.

These work as anticipated. The only factor we are stating 4 stars is since the bring case cover has that “metal on metal” feel, and the product is a bit stickier than we had actually anticipated (more like a really soft rubber than the silicone earplugs we have actually utilized in the past). Absolutely nothing at all incorrect with it, and still a strong product. We purchased it for sensory processing factors, so we believe the product feel is very important to be knowledgeable about if the user is “picky” about textures along with noises.

Used these to a breaking benjamin celebration recently. We heard each band plainly and wonderfully. Better than any concert we had actually been to previously. Afterwords we had no ear ringing and love these plugs. Will be using to every concert from now on.

Liked the size choices which they weren t obnoxious looking. Didn t seem like they were going to get stuck in our ears either. Truly great for our very first rave, was stressed over sounding ears the next day however thankfully we didn’t have anything. Even invested 2 hours right in front of the speakers.

We like the plug it self extremely well, it did an excellent task. The case is an afterthought however it was irritating since the plugs would get stuck in there and be tough to take out.

Didn t fit our ears.

Though to get out of our ears.

Functions well.

Just recently utilized these at a concert and it was the very best sounding concert of our life. Our gf utilized the old design of ear plugs and stated she could not hear anything.

Our spouse simply talented us with a pistol and we utilized these earplugs to shoot with. They worked excellent. We need to conceal them from our kids. Love them they are so convenience.

Worked excellent, extremely comfy as consume plugs go. Case to toss on crucial chain exceptionally practical.

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