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earDlite – Earring Support Patches

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of earDlite – Earring Support Patches.

  • Eases tension when using heavy dangle earrings
  • Spot safeguards harmed ear lobes by decreasing earring slippage
  • Functions with post or fish hook type earrings
  • Medical grade, hypoallergenic clear adhesive product
  • Thin and light, essentially unnoticeable, vanishes behind earring backs

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More Info:

Here are some more information on earDlite – Earring Support Patches.
Size: 60 Count An ear lobe support spot made from clear medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive backed product. It is quickly connected behind ear lobes to avoid earring slippage and to support earring weight. Just position earring post or fish hook high up in the piercing slit, push to permeate the spot and protect the support. For optimal effectiveness, skin needs to be dry without any moisturizer present. Include earring lifters to avoid earring droop.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on earDlite – Earring Support Patches, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Seriously. 5 star times a million. Our earlobes and awfully ripped however we feel naked without earrings so we simply handled the drooping of our earrings (as long as we had a big back on the earring- little backs would simply make the earring fail). We have actually attempted a number of products from unique strong earring backs to backs that appear like rectangular shapes and absolutely nothing worked. However lastly. We didn’t have very high expectations even if the majority of products wear t work well for this function and likewise since we seem like the principle is so easy how could nobody else have marketed this prior to? however kid, they are incredible. They adhere to the backs of our ears actually for more than a day which is great and our earrings are so perky in our ears which is something we utilized to covet. Our earrings are not very light or little, we would state they re medium. We make sure little will work best with this spot and they appear strong enough to support most big earrings also. We expect if the earrings are really heavy, you might double them on the back of your ear. However these are really a video game changer. Yay.

These are terrific for heavy earrings. Extremely suggest if you use long earrings or have long hair where it might get one yank at the earring. These are should have.

Resolves the issue of drooping ear lobes, specifically because we tore one and earrings tend to take down. These offer support and balance.

These utilized to be tough to find. They work terrific. Our sibling teased us about our long, hanging, hole in our ears while we were purchasing quite jade and pearl earrings. It actually did diminish their appeal. We purchased the earrings anyhow, found these on and issue fixed. Now we can use posts. It s been years.

Functions and sticks well to back ear.

These work terrific. They sit tight throughout the day, often even through our shower and the next day. Earlobe needs to be dry when using to stick effectively. Love having the ability to use heavy or dangling earrings once again. Keeps our stud earrings from pointing down. Perfect.

We enjoy these, our piercings are extended from using big heavy earrings and with these we use post earrings just now.

Very first time attempting ok, however our ear lobes are smaller sized than typical so on one ear that has a small split the product reveals a little. However no allergy.

Bought these for our 12 year old child who’s earring holes are a little ripped. Up until now they have actually worked terrific and she has the ability to use earrings without them hanging off the really bottom of her ear lobe.

They do work. We ripped our earring whole and they aid with the weight of the earrings.

We enjoythese Not able to fine them, in any shops now. Somebody informed us to take a look at. We fine these and they work terrific. We purchased some for a pal for her birthday. Terrific valve.

These are the very best things ever. Absolutely a should- have.

These were advised by a pal and the very first time we attempted them, we had the ability to use heavy earrings without any issue. It is a bit challenging to “pierce” the sticker label however that is why they work. We enjoy customer.

Our ears are torn all the method from riding our bike with earrings. Nevertheless, if we utilize these we can still use earrings. These work.

Product works terrific however is challenging to use if you have smaller sized ear lobes.

We were searching for something to aid with our left earlobe which just recently tore?? these have actually been so useful and we use one daily now to support our preferred set of pearl earrings.

Amazing. We can use nearly any earrings now. Completely altered our earring collection.

This product worked well for our torn earlobe. We have the ability to use our earrings once again.

Perfect if you extend your ears/wear evaluates and likewise wish to use your fav hoop earrings or diamond studs.

Terrific product.

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