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EarAngels - High Fidelity Ear Plugs for Women

EarAngels – High Fidelity Ear Plugs for Women

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of EarAngels – High Fidelity Ear Plugs for Women.

  • Likewise readily available in a pack of 4, 50, or 100.
  • Ear Plugs that connect to your earrings – Safeguard your hearing without missing out on a beat.
  • Improve your experience at shows, celebrations, car racing and more.
  • Special earplug style permits you to hear your music AND your pals.
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on EarAngels – High Fidelity Ear Plugs for Women.
Size: 1 Set|Color: Clear Practical little earplugs that connect to your earrings. Just press the barrel onto your earring (deal with posts AND hooks.) and let them hang. When the music begins (or race engines, shouting kids, snoring partners, and so on) carefully press the earplug into your ear. After the band you can let them hang out while you delight in never ever once again having that after- performance ringing in your ears. These extremely soft earplugs are so comfy, you can use them all night. The distinct style drops general decibels without jeopardizing the quality of the noise comparable to costly artists earplugs. And unlike foam earplugs that cut out excessive noise, you will still have the ability to hear your pals while using them. 100% Made in the U.S.A. Sound Decrease Ranking: 23 Decibels CARE: Choking threat. Avoid babies and kids.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on EarAngels – High Fidelity Ear Plugs for Women.

Question Question 1

How Do You Tidy Ear Wax Stains Off Of These?

we soak mine in rubbing alcohol once a week to keep them tidy however they are still a little blemished.

Question Question 2

Do These Have Little Holes In The Center Of The Plug That Makes Them Great For Live Music?We Can’T See In The Photos.?

They do not have little holes that we can see, however they are fantastic for live music. we utilize them at every performance we go to and they lowered the volume substantially.

Question Question 3

We Have Extremely Little Ear Opening.Will These Fit And Be Comfy?

Definitely. These were made by women for women. Women tend to have smaller sized ear canals than guys. They fit our ears well and easily and are simple to eliminate.

Question Question 4

Are These Excellent To Utilize To Stifle Out Snoring?

Hello Maureen, EarAngels are not constructed particularly for snoring however lots of people state they are rather comfy and simple to oversleep.EarAngels have a NRR of 23 and were created to make loud occasions much safer for the user however to still permit the user to experience the music or occasion they’re attending.Snoring earplugs hav Hi there Maureen, EarAngels are not constructed particularly for snoring however lots of people state they are rather comfy and simple to oversleep.EarAngels have a NRR of 23 and were created to make loud occasions much safer for the user however to still permit the user to experience the music or occasion they’re attending.Snoring earplugs have a NRR ranking up in the 30 s like 32 and 33 db. Earplugs for snoring are attempting to obstruct almost all sounds.we found a fantastic description of the characteristics of an excellent snoring earplug, it went over the difficulty of not just obstructing the airway into the ear however had some technique of attempting to lower the sound moved by bone resonance to the eardrum.we hope that was valuable, ideally you’ll have other factors to attempt out EarAngels quickly.

Question Question 5

Has Anybody Attempted These With Gauged Earrings? We Use 10 -8 G And Wondering If They Ll Stretch To Fit.?

The holes are little- they just fit on our routine earrings. The plastic is quite thick so if you attempted extending them over a larger gauge the hole may break.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on EarAngels – High Fidelity Ear Plugs for Women, these may be helpful for better understanding.

These. Are. Incredible. Our partner snores like a freight train. Thwarting. Onto gravel. Reviewing a cliff. You can hear it in the next space with the door closed. Our next-door neighbors upstairs may be able to hear it. He requires to see a physician, truly. We utilized these last night and didn’t hear him at all. We likewise didn’t hear the alarm however he’s the one that needed to get up for work so. Winning. The dangly bit that is possibly indicated to connect to earrings is unusual, however we can see the worth in it if you’re using these to a performance or something.

We purchased 2 sets, one for our relative and one for her buddy who frequently goes shooting with us. Both of them concur that these are much more comfy than numerous other kinds of ear plugs that they have actually utilized. Our relative has small ears, so it has actually been hard to find something she actually likes. Neither had calling ears from our 9mm handguns or. 223 rifle which is great since our relative needed to double up (muffs over plugs) with other types to be able to endure the rifle. To be truthful, we initially purchased these since both of them kept losing our other ear pro, so we figured these may not get lost as simple if they were connected to the earrings haha. As an included advantage, both felt they were a really thoughtful present, so it was genuinely a win- win. We have actually done 3 variety journeys up until now and they have not gotten lost yet which is respectable since it normally just took as soon as. Our relative likewise utilized them the other night when our pet felt the requirement to continually bark at definitely nothing and they provided both enough sound decrease and comfy fit that she was then able to get an excellent night’s sleep after putting them in. We have yet to evaluate them at the racetrack( we make sure they will work fantastic there also), however likewise are much more hassle-free for her at our store when we begin running air tools and so on since she does not need to go looking for them. All in all, we have had a fantastic experience with them, trigger shipping, cost was right, all that jazz. Would absolutely suggest.

These folks held a kickstarter project where they attempted to raise financing for a sound decrease ranking. Since this evaluation, we have actually seen that the majority of the authors of the other evaluations for this product compare with the names of individuals that the owners thanked on their kickstarter page. What this indicates is that they are most likely pals and/or household and as such we would take their evaluations with a grain of salt. Keep in mind: this might have altered given that. As for us– we have actually had these earplugs for about a month and have actually most likely utilized it as soon as a day half that time. Among the stems is currently broken. Considered that they are so thin, we are not shocked it has– you would most likely need to be extremely cautious about the method you pull these out if you were considering having them for a while. This is most likely the most significant marketed function of these earplugs, so if you buy it for that, change your care and expectations appropriately. The earring function wasn’t so essential for us though and we still utilize these as typical earplugs. We need to state that we like the container and the earplugs have actually served us well on the airplane, through snorers, and so on. We likewise value having the ability to clean them and we get the very best outcomes after leaving them to take in soapy water for some time. It’s just been a month however, so we wish to see how these carry out with time.

These are the very best since the very best earplugs are ones that are constantly with you and do not get lost in a celebration. We provide to all our pals since we wish to whisper to them when we’re 80 years of ages. Our plan got lost – most likely vacation burglars – and their customer care was incredible. Responsive and valuable. Thank you, ear angels. You understand we will be back.

Attempted these out just recently in prague to see system of a down. Worked fantastic. We might delight in the music and hear the lyrics without the loud hum that in some cases occurs as the performance advances. These will end up being a long-term part of our future performance experiences.

We have actually purchased 2 sets and these things are incredible. They obstruct out sufficient noise to be best beside speakers in front of the phase however still leaves sufficient noise to delight in and feel the music. Extremely suggested. These are some of the most comfy earplugs we have actually used and we constantly get favorable remarks about them when we are at shows. Easy to put in and out in between intermissions, and you do not even need to fret about losing them.

We delight in the benefit of these ear plugs. The case is simple to open & close and keep in our bag. Considering that they re clear and hang on to our earring posts, they re discreet when we require to obstruct out interruptions or sound.

These earplugs are the very best. They are extremely comfy, healthy completely in our ears and simple to put on to the back of our earrings. We likethese The customer care of earangels is outstanding. We utilize the earplugs daily at work at a factory.

We utilize these mainly in the evening. They remain in effectively and do not fallout We did utilize the earring accessories as soon as while playing the drums, and they work well. They are little heavy to simply hold on your ears, however. However no more than a set of strong earrings.

Excellent concept so you do not lose them if they fall out however they do not drown out as much sound as they could. Loud snoring can still be heard. A minimum of they did smother the sound a little.

These are not the very best earplugs worldwide, however when we pick to use these out it indicates we constantly have our earplugs on me, so we actually put them in when we require them. Love love love.

Yay. An ear plug that fits our little ear canal and actually produces a seal. Our partner snores and with these, we have the ability to sleep. Thank you.

Great for shows etc and not stressing over losing them as they connected to your earrings.

Utilized them at a performance and they worked fantastic. Nobody saw them, either. However we boasted on them and informed our music- caring ladies to getsome (most likely need to have begun using them 30 years earlier, though. ).

Finest up until now.

Love them. Our partner snores and these are the only ones that obstruct any sound in the evening. Can’t sleep with out them.

We purchased these earplugs to use throughout group workout at the fitness center, they play the music so loud we constantly entrusted to calling ears. These are fantastic, the clear color is extremely discreet, you can hardly see them in and the earring post hole is good in case they fall out while we are leaping around they do not touch the flooring. And most importantly we are maintaining our hearing and no more ringing ears.

We purchased these for a celebration and enjoyed it. If your pals are talking with you throughout a program, you most likely will not hear them. However it allows the correct amount of music in.

We got these at a performance and provided to our sweetheart. She put them on her earrings and popped them in. She might still hear us at the program, however the next early morning regardless of the hangover, she pointed out that her ears felt better than typical and stated that she ‘d use these once again and once again, since she might still hear the music, her pals, and they weren’t dorky. She appeared quite thrilled about it. Completely worth it.

These are wonderful. We were type of hesitant however they surpassed our expectations. The earplugs hooked quickly onto our earrings and were so light-weight, we didn’t discover them hanging. When the performance began, they were simple to take into our ears. We didn’t lose any sound quality with these at all, which was a substantial surprise. We likewise didn’t have the inform tale ringing in the ears after the program. Ladies, buy yourself a set or more.

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