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DOCTOR EASY - Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System KIT

DOCTOR EASY – Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System KIT

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of DOCTOR EASY – Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System KIT.

  • EXPERT EAR CLEANING UP IN YOUR HOME – Developed by a doctor, the Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System was created to offer expert level ear wax elimination for easy to utilize in- house use.
  • REMOVE EAR WAX – Ear wax accumulation and clog can trigger partial hearing loss and basic pain, it is even the top reason for listening devices failure. The Rhino Ear Washer is a fast, reliable treatment for excess ear wax accumulation that can be carried out in- house.
  • EASY TO USAGE – Fill the bottle with an ear cleansing option, twist on a non reusable pointer, and squeeze the trigger manage to spray the option into the ear canal. The consisted of basin effectively gathers excess run.
  • ONE HANDED OPERATION – Quickly position and run the Rhino Ear Washer with a single hand, enabling you to utilize your other hand for an otoscope or other instruments.
  • COMPLETE EAR WASHER KIT – Each order consist of the Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System with 3 Non reusable Tips, one Ear Basin, and a bag of 20 extra Non reusable Tips.

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Cost: Starting from $49 per bottleCost: Starting from $69.95 per bottleCost: Starting from $69 per bottle

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More Info:

Here are some more information on DOCTOR EASY – Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System KIT.
Doctor Easy Rhino Ear Washer – Ear Wax Eliminator System Doctor Care Gets Back Developed by a doctor, the Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System was created to offer expert level ear wax elimination in your home. This easy- to- usage system has whatever you require to get rid of ear wax accumulation and its associated pain without the threat of placing cotton bud or other foreign items into the ear canal. So safe it can utilized on kids 12 years and up. A Natural Service to a Natural Issue Easy to Utilize Easy one- hand operation. Fill the bottle with an ear cleansing option, twist on the non reusable pointer, position the pointer into the ear and squeeze the trigger manage to spray the option into the ear canal. Tidy and Practical Location the consisted of basin under the ear to gather the run throughout usage to help in reducing messes. Total System Consisted of in this kit is one trigger manage spray bottle with 3 ear ideas, an ear basin and a plan of 20 replacement ear ideas (for an overall of 23 ideas in this plan). Read more Safe, Effective, Doctor Recommended In addition to the elimination of ear wax, this ear wash system works in dealing with numerous ear problem signs. Discomfort, pressure and sensation of fullness in the earFeeling like the ear is pluggedPartial loss of hearingRinging of the earItching and discharge Check out more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on DOCTOR EASY – Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System KIT.

Question Question 1

Where Is It Made?

our plastic bottle is made in Philly, PA by Delta markets. The other parts do not have any marks on them regarding where they are made

Question Question 2

Do You Have Replacement Tips ?? Are They The Like The Elephant Design???

Yes, the replacement ideas are the very same for both the Rhino Bottle and Elephant Bottle.

Question Question 3

What’S The Size Of The Bottle? Bottle Measurement? Thank You.?

we put in 2 oz proxide. then we put in water approximately 1 cup that includes the proxide. The bottle approximately the leading mark at 1 3.4 cup. we utilized the 1 cup for both ears at 98-99 degrees. Any warmer than that will burn your ears and less will not fill good on your ears.Again 1 cup is for both ears. we do this every 4 months. Make we put in 2 oz proxide. then we put in water approximately 1 cup that includes the proxide. The bottle approximately the leading mark at 1 3.4 cup. we utilized the 1 cup for both ears at 98-99 degrees. Any warmer than that will burn your ears and less will not fill good on your ears.Again 1 cup is for both ears. we do this every 4 months. Ensure your sink is tidy so that you can see if any scrap (redish for us) comes out of your ear. Its generally at the last few pludges that it appear.

Question Question 4

Is This Medical Gadget Registered And Authorized By The Fda? If So, What Is Your Business Registration Number?

That is a question for the producer. we can inform you this is the very same product we utilized in the center for our nursing clinicals. It works terrific.

Question Question 5

What Sort Of An Option Do You Utilize In The Bottle To Rinse Ears?

we have the bottle markedto do 2 ears. The entire bottle is excessive. then we marked the bottle for 2 products. 4 oz Hydrogen Peroxide and 6 oz water. Temperature of water need to be 98 degrees to 99 degress. Warm the water and after that include the peroxide. It ought to have to do with98 The very same temperature as your body temperature. In this manner you put on; t bu we have the bottle markedto do 2 ears. The entire bottle is excessive. then we marked the bottle for 2 products. 4 oz Hydrogen Peroxide and 6 oz water. Temperature of water need to be 98 degrees to 99 degress. Warm the water and after that include the peroxide. It ought to have to do with98 The very same temperature as your body temperature. In this manner you put on; t burn your inside ear. we utilize half with our head slanted to the left and the other half slanted to the right. Little redish areas comeout Perhaps one to 2 of them. we do this every few months to keep our ears quite tidy. our bottle is The rhino ear washer size.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on DOCTOR EASY – Rhino Ear Washer Bottle System KIT, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We do not have any gross images to publish, as that is not our sort of ear wax. We have actually suffered for years with scratchy, peeling, ears that have a continuous damp secretion that dries to extremely flaky peeling ear canal skin. Hydrogen peroxide just assists alleviate the itch for a short while, and has actually made our condition even worse. We likewise have consistent ringing in the ears, and extremely bad hearing and am continuously asking everybody to duplicate themselves. Medical professionals after physicians and rx after rx, our maddenly scratchy ears just worsened. The other day, we heard fox news promoting a product for scratchy flaky ears for individuals with ear discomfort and ringing in the ears as an outcome of ear wax we believed “what. ?. ?. ?? this misery could be from earwax?. ?. ?” we were so thrilled for a possible even minor remedy for any part of this torment, that we stopped working to get the appropriate name of the product to buy it. Nevertheless, we are prime member, and we instantly searched for early wax, and a myriad of products appeared. We saw the rhino ear wash, and check out the most remarkable evaluations in addition to numerous safety measures, and we heeded the encourage of those who had excellent outcomes, and duplicated just what the effective individuals did. Something that corresponded of lots of people with remarkable outcomes, was to soften the ear wax with drops from 30 minutes to 3 days with numerous applications previous to flushing the ears. In our enthusiasm to buy the rhino, we stopped working to consist of the ear drops, so we found some at an organic food shop, and utilized the drops last night while anxiously waiting for today’s shipment. We utilized the drops numerous more times today, and them our order got here. They actually sent us the elephant ear wash by error, however we didn’t care, as by now we had actually checked out all of the favorable evaluations for both products and was very carefully delighted about seeing if it might assist in any method, any method. One constant piece of excellent info duplicated by numerous pleased customers, was that it might take numerous days and numerous bottles, with warm water to start to accomplish outcomes, following earwax drops. These pleased customers, frequently consisted of some quite remarkable, albeit gross images to reveal their outcomes. In the meantime, the drops alone were doing something, however our ears still felt extremely complete, extremely scratchy, and our ears hearing actually felt even worse. However we had actually checked out numerous evaluations that specified this might take place as an outcome of the earwax melting and topping the eardrum, and we were wonderfully delighted that we were onto something. We filled the bottle with hot water alone, as we stopped working to acquire the advised hydrogen peroxide for a 25% hp mix to 75% water, and we likewise wished to see what simply the warm water would do. We have actually now utilized it simply as soon as, and not even the entire bottle and simply over the sink given that we just have 2 hands and our hand that wasn’t running the elephant wash was hectic pulling our hair back. As we do not think that we have the chunky yellow earwax (actually we didn’t even understand that we even had ear. Wax), we didn’t see anything gross in the sink. We began extremely carefully and the hot, well shy of warm water, which felt so excellent irrigating deep in our ear, that we quickly went to town flushing away at various angles. At. A sluggish however complete trigger pull. It ended up being clear how to continue after a few pulls on the pump. So after one usage, we enjoy camper. We can still feel that there is more to do, so we will have another go this evening with not warm water, however as warm as we can endure, because that obviously is extremely crucial. The relief in our ear is a sense of peace and the infuriating itch is down. We actually have actually needed to inform individuals to are utilized to speaking loudly to us to decrease their voice. We turned the television on to examine out our hearing. So, one usage for us, with great deals of ear wax drops and hot water did some great work. We know that there is more to do, as the itch level has actually gone from a 10 to a 3. Our hearing is much better, although not as sharp as our other ear. We are anticipating doing our ideal ear and duplicating the left. Our left ear is much even worse than the ideal ear, although the signs remain in both. A constant remark is the cost of this product. For the outcomes that we have actually had, we have no problems. We are glad for an incredible product, and we are providing it a standing ovation. Shipment fasted and we had the ability to track it.

Our pediatrician’s workplace utilized the elephant ear to water our child’s ears and we were extremely amazed. When we found the producer makes a single- handed variation, the rhino ear, we were offered. One suggestion: our child discovers the ideas that feature the product extremely unpleasant. The doctor utilized a convenience pointer in their workplace. We found them online: bionix otoclear ear ideas. They connect well adequate to the rhino ear and do not leakage. It made a huge distinction.

We utilize the “elephant” ear wash system in the centers we operate in and we wished to have among these for your house. While the elephant system is terrific, there are times when attempting to control the hose pipe, correct the alignment of the ear canal out, and so on, is hard with simply 2 hands, so we figured the straight end would be simpler to utilize. And it is. We choose the rhino over the elephant, however that’s our individual option through our experience of cleansing ears daily.

We initially saw a comparable ear cleansing gadget throughout our child’s doctor check out. She had ear wax in her ear and they flushed it out extremely rapidly. A couple years later on our more youthful child failed her ear test throughout a doctor’s check out. They informed us to put ear drops in her ear and return. We kept in mind the rhino ear from looking into. We instantly bought the rhino ear kit. It got here in a few days. We utilized it on our child’s ear and it was remarkable how the jam-packed ear wax rapidly cameout It was pain-free and she actually believed it was enjoyable. We line all the other kids up (4 in all, plus our other half) and cleaned their ears too. It is an incredible system and we are so grateful we acquired it. We want we had actually purchased it 2 years back. Oh yes. Our child returned to doctor and passed her ear test with no difficulty.

We can’t think how well this product works. We were anticipating shipment to take a lot longer than it did. Kid, we were shocked when it was at our door when we got house from work. We opened it, and like everybody else appears to understand, it does not look all that outstanding. However all you appreciate is if it works right? excellent. Let us continue. Initially, it didn’t get to appear any lead to the tiniest. A bit of ear wax popped out, and we did feel reasonably better however it appeared simply by feeling that we had a lot more stuck in there. What did we do? we utilized wally’s ear wax elimination and believed that their brand-new redesign implied that they likewise altered the formula. That’s due to the fact that unlike our previous episodes, our ear didn’t clean up in minutes. In truth, it didn’t clean up at all. We waited about an hour simply hoping it was at least softening up whatever was within. Oh man. We got a bit annoyed, chose to offer it one more go and ensured the plug was at least * in * the ear canal however not too far. Boom. The flood of water with the correct amount of excellent pressure sent out whatever out in a few blows. It was gruesome. We lived to see the fear however the day was won. There was a lot more than we wished to see, however it was lastly gone. We can hear once again.

This works very well. We are so delighted with the outcomes whenever we utilize it. We have actually constantly thought twice to do the entire cotton bud thing and going to the dr workplace for this simply does not interest me. This is extremely easy to utilize and the option you utilize to clean could not be more cost-effective. As long as you have white vinegar and water, you’re set. We personally utilize this in the shower just given that we are not collaborated enough to utilize the container if we were simply hanging out in a chair or something. Can’t talk to how well or not the container works however we can inform you the bottle & cleaning option work and worth the cost given that the expense of the product is the comparable to 2 co- pays to go to the dr workplace.

We purchased the complete kit, bottle with pump, ear basin and pack of additional ideas. It got here well within time and in excellent condition. It was despatched very same day as the order. For what you get it is rather costly however it works effectively undoubtedly. The pump provides a great volume per capture of the trigger at relatively low pressure as the nozzle pointer opening is broad enough to enable that. The nozzle ideas are effectively created with ends including a long and extremely soft and extremely versatile tube. Since of that insertion in the ear is extremely mild and easy. Any excess pressure you attempt to apply lead to the the nozzle tube flexing and no excess pressure can be sent to the ear. The style is rather smart. We utilized it on ourself and found that we didn’t require the ear basin as it was simpler simply to hold our head over the sink and because method one handed operation of the pump was easy. Our ears revealed no external noticeable indications of wax and on very first usage of the pump extremely little strong matter cleanedout Then we had a 2nd go and was stunned at what originated from deep in the ears. It had actually been softened by the very first usage. Our hearing is much enhanced as we can see from the lower volume settings on our television and radio. We plan to utilize the washer on our relative who is extremely handicapped and for her the ear basin is needed as she is being in a chair. We enjoy with the provider and with the washer. It was costly however the style is smart and it works effectively and is comfy to utilize. The provider was hightidehealth by means of. Hightidehealth emailed us simply after the order was positioned to examine our address as it looked weird to them. We verified the address and the washer was published the very same day. We would buy from hightidehealth once again as they take care with order processing.

This kit is terrific. Its precisely like the one we utilized at our nursing clinicals at a center. We purchased this for our papa so he does not need to go in so frequently and have his ears flushed. It works terrific and got here ahead of time. We extremely advise this if you can’t go to your doctor’s workplace whenever you require your ears flushed. Easy to utilize on yourself with the brief tubing, get the one with the long tubing if somebody will be assisting you. Fantastic product.

We need to state we were a bit hesitant about the product however the evaluations made us choose to offer it a shot. We have a teen who has dreadful difficult wax ear issues. Our journeys to the doctor were constantly distressing and his hearing would constantly suffer due to the fact that of the wax construct- up that never ever appeared to come out by itself. This product spent for itself on it’s very first usage. Our doctor utilizes a pricey ear wash system with suction and it generally takes numerous sees to get it all out – each check out is $20 co pay. We did utilize colace to soften up our boy’s wax accumulation initially and within minutes this cleaned it idealout We did acquire an ear scope to assist us see, and we have actually never ever utilized one prior to however it was extremely easy. After the very first significant usage of it, we have actually had the ability to utilize it about every 3 weeks for a basic wash that takes 5 minutes and keeps his ears tidy. It’s rather merely, among the very best products we have actually ever acquired and its conserved us appts, dr journeys and cash. We can’t state enough terrific features of it.

Our boy has persistent hearing issues and we where informed that cleaning his ears out might assist. This beats out the ear syringe everyday. We have actually utilized it on our ears and it’s easy enough for someone over a sink and does not develop a substantial mess.

This is a fantastic product and is extremely is effective. It clears wax out of ears extremely rapidly and conveniently. We are doctor that takes a trip to homebound clients to clear wax from ears one day weekly. We had actually been utilizing an energy syringe on 6- 8 clients ears each day. Our fingers would injure us a lot by the end of the day, we were thinking about stopping supplying that service. This product does not injure our fingers. We are grateful we acquired it and offered it a shot.

This is the very best product we have actually acquired and did better than what we anticipated. Well worth the cost and extremely advise this seller.

Our doctor utilizes this on our boy. He has small ear canals and this thing truly flushes out the nasty. A little on the costly side, in our viewpoint however our company believe it will deserve every cent. Our boy stated it does not even injure, which is a substantial bonus offer.

This works as explained. It’s a little uncomfortable to utilize on ourself however do- able. Conserves cash by no longer requiring to go to the doctor’s workplace to clear and flush wax. That stated, it is still extremely costly for what it is.

Our boy has an issue with wax construct- up that impacts his hearing. This is what the physicians workplace utilized the last time we existed to examine his hearing (that’s when we found out it was a wax issue). So the next time he began having an issue with his hearing we chose to buy one for your house and conserve the duplicated journeys to the doctor. This worked completely, similar to at the physicians. It takes more than a few sprays to tidy out the ear. We needed to spray his ear 20+ times, rapidly so it was nearly a continuous stream entering into his ear. Initially simply little pieces came out, then the huge piece was removed. Ewwww. Is all we can state. However it works and we make sure we’ll be utilizing it once again in a few months.

Functions similar to in the center.

Love them.

Worked terrific. Extremely advise. Better than what is utilized at center.

We saw our pediatrician usage this on our boy. It works truly well for him as he has difficult wax that tends to load down in his ear canal.

Product works as expected. Easy to utilize and reliable.

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