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Cara – Bulb Syringe Luxury

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Cara – Bulb Syringe Luxury.

  • Cara bulb
  • douche syringe
  • recyclable bulb

Better Alternative:

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Cara – Bulb Syringe Luxury.
BULB SYRINGE LUXURY CARA 28 Size: LUXURY, this product has the bulb syringe luxury cara with size of 28 inch

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Cara – Bulb Syringe Luxury.

Question Question 1

Why Is It Cone Shaped On The Nozzle?

uncertain, however it does the job.

Question Question 2

Can This Be Utilized For Colon Enema?

we would not advise for that function. Enemas typically have a much smaller sized in size insert.Otherwise this is a high quality product.

Question Question 3

Just How Much Liquid Does It Keep In Ozs?

It holds 12 ozs

Question Question 4

How Do You Tidy (Decontaminate) It Prior To Recycling?

we do not. Why would a douche bulb require sanitizing prior to every usage? Simply empty bulb and let air dry, no issues.

Question Question 5

Does This Contain Latex?

box does not offer this info however it most likely does have some latex.we have actually published a question on likewise to findout Sorry we could not find response yet.

Question Question 6

It Appears That Unless It Fill It Really High With Liquid Absolutely Nothing Launches When Squeezed. Any Tips?

we constantly fill to top prior to utilizing, however to get it all out, we squeeze it and after that sort of roll the bottom of the bulb up, like a tooth paste tube.

Question Question 7

Are The Holes On The Nozzle Pointing To The Side Or Pointing Directly?

our relative states to the sides at the top of the nozzle.She states they work.

Question Question 8

Exists A Return Stop Valve?

No return stop valve.This is bulb type douche bottle with a screw on tip.Very simple to utilize and simply as simple to keep tidy for your next required use.we are really happy with this product and have actually utilized this product for a variety of years.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Cara – Bulb Syringe Luxury, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

It’s ok. We do not understand what it is with douche makers though that they all appear to believe the nozzles need to be big. We have actually attempted the tinykit and the cleanstream and they are the exact same method. The main distinction is that this one is ivory, and the nozzle’s base is altered, so that it covers the top of the bulb. It is a bit more challenging to screw in than the tinykit or cleanstream. They have to do with the exact same size. We see in some of the evaluations that some individuals had ‘sharp’ holes on their nozzle, however my own was great right out of package. It featured a plastic bag that was, in our viewpoint, quite worthless. It was practically too little- it was tough to repair the products in the bag, and as soon as they remained in there, it was still quite apparent to see what they were. This one’s bulb is a bit much easier to squeeze in our viewpoint, which we like since it efficiently provides more fluid. These are great to conserve cash with, and we choose to make our own service up, and it’s great to constantly have the ability to have one on hand without needing to buy them. We typically simply leave my own cleaned out & dried with the nozzle turned upside down in the bulb- we tossed that ridiculous pouch away. Our huge problem is that the nozzle is too huge. If it were a tampon, it would be incredibly duper plus, and we never ever buy even the supers.;-RRB-.

Soft, comfy plastic. Not simply smooth, actually soft and a little squishy. We utilize it routinely after intimacy and issues that have actually happened in the past like yeast infections and vaginosis are no longer a problem. We want somebody had actually taught us about products like this in sex- ed or something. This need to remain in every welcome- to- womanhood bundle. As soon as we begin doing those. It’s long lasting sensation and simple to tidy, dries rapidly and it smell complimentary after 10+ utilizes.

We were happily amazed at how great this douche bulb was. Our main enjoyment came when we understood the plug actually screws into the bulb part. It makes it a lot easier to prevent leakages. In general the style of this bulb is really enticing. It is a quite shape, the spout enables a fair bit of water to travel through at a time, and the bulb itself can hold a fair bit of water. We utilize this for anal douching and it works completely, even for much deeper cleaning. The only possible drawback for someone( not for us though) is the color. There most likely will be a little staining with time, so if that’s a thing for you perhaps opt for a darker colored douche bulb. Other than that, no problems, just a pleased tush. Thanks a lot.

We like this thing. No more purchasing the discard products, when we can clean this one and make our own solutions. The bulb is big and soft, it holds about 10-11 oz of fluid. The syringe part is bigger than the non reusable ones, however not uneasy. It appears to be well made and the 2 parts quickly thread together. There is a little an odor when you initially open it, however leave it air out for a while and it will go away, although, it hasn’t completely disappeared for us yet. The rate is respectable too, considering it will spend for itself in about 8 usages.

The curved end is simple to generate, specifically when you currently offer a little a capture so you oil with the washing fluid. We concur with some examines that it is tough to utilize all of the fluid because the bulb is tough to entirely compress. Television and bulb are getting in touch with a little friction – initially we believed it wasn’t linked all the method however it works well sufficient to get the fluid up. The storage bag is a joke. Zipper or other closure than simply the breeze would be great. Perhaps even a plastic container would make it better. We will continue this product, mainly since we can fill up sometimes so it is not a huge offer that we can’t clear the fluid the entire method. We can see that some smaller sized ladies find the curved end a bit much.

We were expecting a travel size product, and this while little sufficient to load, does not fold down, or collapse. It is a good product and we provided it 4 stars since we were searching for a collapsable product and this does not. Other than that it is an outstanding product.


Sweetheart attempted it the day we got it and enjoyed the soft versatile nozzle, the movable guard and the great sized bulb. A quality bulb douche syringe.

We understand all the negatives about douching, however the reality stays that our body appears to require a little assistance in doing its task. We simply utilize plain water, however sometimes we have actually utilized echinacea and apple cider vinegar for brief durations. We like the style and find it simple to utilize and tidy.

Needs To have if you wish to douche and blend your own mix. We do not like pre- blended douches. We had among these for 20 years and the plastic bulb lastly solidified and was tough to squeeze so we purchased another one. It’s ideal and you will get years of usage out of it.

Have 2 of these now. We utilize it everyday for douching candida albicans yeast infection. We can make our own mixture for exterminating the yeast and it works completely for us.

Fantastic quality, looks great, simple to utilize. Easy to save and features an unique bag of it.


This is the very best cleansing tool a female can have. We assure.

Keep away from summer seasons eves products; this is the very best healthiest non harmful path to require to remain tidy down there.

We enjoyed to find a re- functional product and this one satisfied it’s function correctly. The holes in the nozzle had sharp edges that injure us when we utilized it the very first time. We utilized a nail file to blunt the sharpness of those edges and it worked better for us after that. We like a re- functional product so we can fill it with pure water and not need to utilize some scented business mix. The building appears durable and the storage bag, although made from thin product, fits correctly. The bag is just to deflect dust, so it’s not like it needs to go through luggage claim. Just 4 stars since we needed to submit off the sharpness left from production.

We truly liked this product. We had doubts about getting it however it truly amazed us with the quality and the how simple it is to utilize. The cleansing after utilized is likewise quite simple. Im delighted we purchase it. Delivering was likewise truly quick. Thank you.

This seams like a well made product and in reality better than anticipated. We checked out other evaluations and do not see what the bad evaluations are speaking about.

No issues at all precisely as we anticipated.

We got this so we might make our own natural douches in your home and we like it. The plastic bulb is soft enough to squeeze quickly and the nozzle is a great length. We are so delighted we do not need to buy any more of those hazardous chemical douches from the shop. We extremely advise this to all ladies.

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