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Banish The Noise And Recapture The Silence – The Tinnitus Solution

Banish Tinnitus is a guide authored by Paul Carrington, who was also previously suffering from tinnitus. In this 36-page guide, you will discover a secret 3-step formula in which Paul has accidentally stumbled upon that help to put an end to his entire “ringing in the ears” problem permanently.

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Is the maddening ringing in your ears driving you insane? We know exactly how it feels, and how desperately you want something that really works to stop all the ringing.

Banish Tinnitus is a guide authored by Paul Carrington, who was also previously suffering from tinnitus. In this 36-page guide, you will discover a secret 3-step formula in which Paul has accidentally stumbled upon that help to put an end to his entire “ringing in the ears” problem permanently.

This formula in which you are about to discover in the Banish Tinnitus guide does not require ingesting any of those harmful drugs or creakingly expensive vitamin pills, nor does it require any of those “audio therapies” or painful and dangerous surgeries.

Banish Tinnitus is a web-based home remedy E-book, which means that once you’ve purchased it you’ll receive direct access to the eBook that you can access from any computer with an internet connection.

What You Get:

36-page Banish Tinnitus eBook

The 3-Step Approach That Directly Cures All 3 Root Causes Of Tinnitus!

What’s Inside The Banish Tinnitus Guide?

Basically, this Banish Tinnitus guide consists of a total of 3 sections, and they are:

Section #1 – Background Information About Tinnitus

Before Paul goes into the “how to” of getting of tinnitus, he first talks about the main difference between “ringing ears” that is a result of tinnitus, as well as “ringing ears” that is not because of it. It is only by finding out whether or not you really have tinnitus will this guide be able to help you (if you indeed are suffering from it)

Section #2 – Simple Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Immediately See An Improvement In Your Tinnitus Condition

In the second section of this Banish Tinnitus guide, Paul goes on to talk about some simple lifestyle changes you can make – which includes making some changes to your dietary habits (for your information, there are some foods that will aggravate your tinnitus condition with which you must avoid), as well as regular exercising, that will allow you to almost instantly see a drastic improvement in your tinnitus condition.

In fact, for mild tinnitus sufferers, this section alone can help them to eliminate their tinnitus problem completely.

Section #3 – 3 Homeopathic Recommendations To Completely Remove Tinnitus

And finally in the last section, you will discover 3 homeopathic recommendations that Paul has personally used to help him effectively get rid of all his tinnitus problems permanently.

Of all the tinnitus remedy products I’ve read, Banish Tinnitus is the shortest in length. It offers a number of basic remedies including a handful of dietary changes such as limiting certain foods that have been known to aggravate tinnitus, and adding other foods that are known to lessen tinnitus symptoms.

It also recommends regular exercise as a way to help blood flow and overall health, and gives some detail as to which medications to avoid or limit if possible. The dietary, lifestyle and environmental aspects of the book are consistent with recommendations we found in other tinnitus eBooks.

What makes this product unique is its focus on the author’s top 3 recommended homeopathic remedies, which he refers to in detail on his web site. These are the core of Paul’s program, and he does a good job explaining why these 3 homeopathic methods should work for you, where you can buy them, and recommended dosages.

Pros & Cons About The Banish Tinnitus Guide


  1. You’ll be much better informed about tinnitus
  2. Very helpful knowledge to have when consulting your physician
  3. eBook helps you rule out other medical causes of ringing ears
  4. Easy-to-read – book is written in plain language
  5. Easy-to-follow diet, lifestyle, and environmental recommendations
  6. Includes Common sense explanations that support the recommendations
  7. Paul includes clear instructions and dosages of his 3 homeopathic remedies


  1. This E-book may not provide enough information for some
  2. No email support, outside resources or community

Readers’ Feedback About The Banish Tinnitus Guide

Moving on to the readers’ feedback about the Banish Tinnitus guide, we found that most of the feedback posted by the readers (who have bought, and followed through the entire guide) has been positive.

Some of the comments include – Even though the entire guide is very short, as well as simple, but many readers pointed out that it is working in helping them get rid of their tinnitus problem in just a couple of days.

Not only that, some of them said that the secret 3-step formula does indeed help them to keep tinnitus out of their life – In that, it has been quite awhile since they have followed through the formula and they have not just successfully gotten rid of all the ringing in their ears, but also the problem did not come back again (even after close to a year).

“Paul, I can’t start to tell you how thankful I am for your lifesaving ebook. I’ve got to admit I was very sceptical when I first came across your website having tried what I thought was everything in the past, but I figured at my point I have nothing to lose.

After putting these steps into action I can only say that I am Shocked, Utterly Shocked! It’s been 6 months and the ringing still hasn’t come back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Josh Upton – Syrcacuse, NY

The Value

Banish Tinnitus is a bit on the short side. The information is solid, but for those who want more information we recommend checking out our Tinnitus Miracle Review instead. Tinnitus Miracle has over 200 pages of helpful and interesting tinnitus information, and we prefer the approach that Tinnitus Miracle takes.

That being said, for those who don’t want to have to sort through 200 pages of information, and would rather get started curing the ringing in their ears right away, Banish Tinnitus is an excellent, concise, and straightforward product.

Product Is Right For You If:

You have ringing in your ears that you’re pretty sure is tinnitus, and remedies you’ve tried so far haven’t worked. Also, if you’ve gone to the doctor and have been told you need expensive, painful surgery, or have been prescribed medication for your tinnitus that you’d rather not take.

Final Verdict

We feel that the Banish Tinnitus guide is one fairly straightforward, as well as to the point guide that does what is promised… Which is to help you get rid of tinnitus, as well as keeping it out of your life.

This Banish Tinnitus guide is one where we will recommend to those who want a proven to work, as well as safe cure to their tinnitus problem. We will also recommend this guide to those who just want a “straight to the point” guide that gives them a solution to this medical problem that they have, instead of having to sort through hundreds of pages of information.

However, if you are those who is looking for a guide where you will learn about the entire tinnitus problem inside out, then this guide is probably not for you.

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Banish the Noise and Recapture the Silence The Tinnitus Solution

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