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Annie Plastic Ear Cover

Where To Buy?

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Annie Plastic Ear Cover.

  • Comfy Elastic Edge
  • Water & Chemical resistant
  • Strong vinyl product
  • Expert hair salon usage
  • Usage for Hair cleaning, Coloring, Perming, Treatment

Better Alternative:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Annie Plastic Ear Cover.

Question Question 1

We Simply Got This Product Wish To Know Is This Great To Utilize Under A Hair Clothes dryer?

Yes, i used them a few times under the clothes dryer. They work great.

Question Question 2

Would This Safeguard Your Earrings From Getting Snagged By Hairstylist?

While we do not utilize them for that, and presuming your earrings would fit within, we do not see why not.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Annie Plastic Ear Cover, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We just recently had ear surgical treatment and was disappointed since absolutely nothing worked to keep water out of our ear. The ear cover worked. It took a number of shots however it worked. We found if we put cotton in our ear and after that positioned the ear cover on our ear with a thin layer of vaseline over the cotton along with around the border of the flexible on the ear cover it safeguarded our ear from water.

It’s much like a shower cap & satisfies of keeping the water from entering our ears. Obviously, we put vaseline on a little cotton ball & cover the entry to our ear canals, then put this plastic cap over our ear. We had ear surgical treatment so this actually keeps water from entering our ear canals.

Could not get our ear damp after surgical treatment. These worked excellent in the shower. Needed to utilize some good sense – it’s not going to secure it if your disposing your head in water, however if you make sure, it ensures that your within your ear does not get loaded with water.

We buy these for our mother. She definitely enjoys them. Even her hair stylists would like to know where she got them, since they wish to buy for their store. Our mother utilizes them in the shower too. They fit conveniently and do a great task keeping water out of her ears. We will be purchasedmore Terrific cost.

We have persistent ear infections, and we go to the hairdresser every 2 weeks so we do not require our inner ears getting damp. We utilize this consistently and it has actually made such a distinction.

We attempted a great deal of things and found these to be the very best method to keep ears dry in the shower.

Dream we would found this years earlier. We utilize black hair color so getting it on our skin is a discomfort in the back. Securing our ears is beside difficult. Till we found this product. Genius. We dislike coloring our hair. This makes it a little simpler. Thank you annie.

Better fit than most that we have actually purchased in the past. Worked well for post operative treatment of the ear. Certainly offered us the comfort we were searching for.

We had ear surgical treatment and can not get water in our ears. We begin with a cotton ball, vaseline, then put theses covers over the top. Our ears are dry, dry, dry after showers. Thank you.

Our child dislikes to get water in her ears. A buddy of mine suggest these and they actually work. They loose the flexibility after a number of usages however that s typical.

We had ear surgical treatment and needed to keep it dry for 6 weeks. These ear covers sealed out the water while taking showers. Great product.

Terrific product.

++ excellent seller.

Great. We work drive thru and throughout shift alter the headset at some point are nasty and sweaty so we utilized these children.

It covers you ear as best as it can. Some water entered however we believe it simply depends upon how well it’s placed on.

We utilize these ear caps to keep hairspray off of our ears. We rewash them numerous times prior to tossing them out.

Bought these to avoid extreme water entering our ears throughout shower. They work as anticipated. They do not obstruct the ears from the water totally however enough for it not to enter of our ears. The elastic band is tough. Great quality.

This product runs a huge for us however if you have bigger ears they would be okay for you.

Utilized after ear surgical treatment with some tape. Efficient at keeping water out.

They re not tight enough.

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